Tumhari Pakhi 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman crying taking Pakhi’s name as she left the house. Ayaan comes to him and says dad…..Anshuman looks at him. He cries and tells him that I m sorry, I took away your mum from you. Ayaan says you are not bad. He talks about Pakhi and that she asked him to take care of Anshuman. Anshuman hugs him. Ayaan tells that Pakhi loved him a lot and he too loves him. He asks Anshuman to go and apologize to Pakhi accepting his mistake. He says you should say sorry till when she forgives you.

Lavanya comes to him. Anshuman cries saying I m sorry. Lavanya says Pakhi was the shine of this house, she came to give love to us, I will not forgive you till she forgives you. She holds his hand and says bring her back, she is our Pakhi. Anshuman signs yes. Anshuman comes Chittor and comes to Pakhi’s house. He tells Ayaan that he came to take Pakhi here. Ayaan says all the best, you know what you have to do. Anshuman says yes, I will try to apologize till she forgives me. Ayaan says I love you dad. Anshuman says I love you too, bye. He opens the gate and sees Pakhi in the balcony. Bol dil se………………plays…………..

Her dupatta falls on his face. She sees him and is surprised. He smiles seeing her. She says you came, did you come safely. Anshuman is shocked seeing her cool reaction. Anshuman thinks why is she talking like this, she is annoyed with me. Bhaisa meets Anshuman and says we asked Pakhi not to come, but she got worried hearing about Tau sa. Its good you came, Tau sa will be happy seeing you. Anshuman says it means Pakhi did not say anything to them.

Bhaisa welcomes them. Lavanya takes care of Ayaan and Naina. Girish comes and she shows him the house which is looking as the playground. He says its looking so good. Lavanya says call Anshuman and asks him to bring Pakhi soon. Girish says he won’t come soon as Pakhi will not forgive him soon, there are only two kids, people have nine kids. She says I m tired. Girish says I will take care of them now. Anshuman greets Tau sa. Tau sa blesses him. Tau sa asks Pakhi to come to him.

Tau sa is happy that Pakhi got Anshuman’s love and respect. Pakhi thinks how Anshuman insulted her. Tau sa says I m happy seeing you both like this. He makes them hold hands. He asks them to be always together. Pakhi takes her hand back. Tau sa asks Bhaisa to make everything good for Anshuman. Pakhi leaves. Anshuman goes after her and apologizes to her. He says forgive me once, talk to me, I know I did a mistake. She sees Bhabhisa and acts saying I told you Tau sa is fine now but you still came leaving your work. Bhabhisa talks to Anshuman. Pakhi leaves. Anshuman looks on. He says I promise I will take you from here and keep you happy always.

Pakhi says she will sleep in Tau sa’s room. Anshuman says me too. Pakhi and Anshuman sleep in Tau sa’s room. Anshuman goes to her moving under the bed and tell her to listen to him and be quiet else Tau sa will get up.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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