Tumhari Pakhi 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi in a state of panic as she comes to know that the cooks left. Maa ji says they left as someone dies in their family. Anshuman hears all this and smiles. Maa ji laughs as Pakhi does not know how much will be the flowers bill. Pakhi comes to her room and sees Anshuman. Anshuman calls Pakhi and she comes to him. He says actually, I want you to make me wear this tie. She says I will be busy all day as your special guests are coming, but nothing is important to me than you. He asks her about the party saying everyone would like to see how you arrange your first party. He says I hope you don’t disappoint Lavanya. She ties the tie and he thanks her and leaves.

Pakhi is worried about the party. Maa ji says we will ask the agency to send the cooks or we

will order food by a hotel. Pakhi says no, I will make the food. Maa ji is shocked. Pakhi says people eat the hotel food as norm, but today they will get to taste something different. Pakhi says I don’t know how to make continental food. Lavanya comes to Pakhi and Pakhi is happy to see her. Lavanya says I came to see how you are managing. She asys the cooks are not here, I heard you are making the food. Pakhi says yes, I made everything ready.

Lavanya says its impressive that you are making continental food, but don’t bring disrespect to our family. Pakhi says I will take care. Lavanya intsructs Maa ji and tells Pakhi that if you fail in your attempt, then you will not be able to live in this house. Pakhi is upset with Lavanya’s taunts. Lavanya leaves saying all the best. Lavanya talks to Maa ji and says Pakhi should not succeed in her attempt and Pakhi should fail, do anything you like, but make her fail. Pakhi is seeing the recipes online and starts cooking.

Maa ji thinks what to do. Pakhi says I decided to make Thai food. Maa ji says suddenly. Pakhi says yes, the cooks left, we should make what we know well. Maa j gets an idea and takes Pakhi with her. Maa ji asks her to wash the crockery in dish washer. Pakhi agrees and says I don’t know how to use it. Maa ji says I will teach you. Maa ji plans to fail Pakhi.

Lavanya talks to her client giving her a designer show. She asks her about Girish. Lavanya says he is fine. She says I saw Girish with a girl. Lavanya is shocked and says yes he meets many people for work purpose. She says you are super cool, you trust your husband a lot. She asks Lavanya to be alert and says Girish is in between beautiful girls. Bua comes and takes Girish’s side calling Girish a diamond and taunts that lady. She leaves.

Pakhi sees Anshuman at home. He speaks sweetly to her and says I came home to have food. She says I m busy and won’t be able to have food with you. He says no matter, I will wait for you. Pakhi smiles. Maa ji calls Lavanya and tells her plan to her about washing the crockery in dish washer. Lavanya says Pakhi should fail at any cost. Pakhi have lunch with Anshuman and says I finished, I have work now. He says no way, first food, then the preparations. Maa ji tells the servants what they have to do.

Anshuman asks whats the party menu. Pakhi says it would be a five course dinner. She names the dishes and Anshuman is shocked. He says will you be able to make it, where did you learn all this. Pakhi says I went to many restaurants and saw the cooking and I like the food. Its like Indian food and I thought to make it. He says are you nervous. Pakhi says I m very much afraid. Anshuman gets happy.

Pakhi says I need a favour. He says tell me if you want me to order food. She says hold my hand please, he says what and holds her hand. Bairi jiya…. tumpe piya….. plays………. He looks at her puzzled. She closes her eyes and gets strength from him. She opens her eyes and says now I m feeling good, my fear vanished, now there won’t be any problem. She says I will go now, everythong will be ready till 7pm. Anshuman is tensed seeing her confidence.

Maa ji comes with the crockery and says I will put it in the dishwasher. Pakhi sees the procedure. Maa ji is happy and says makes Pakhi more busy. Maa ji keeps a silver spoon in the dish washer. Pakhi asks Maa ji where is Dal chini. Maa ji is tensed and guides her. Pakhi puts the crockery in the dish washer. Maa ji asks the servant to take Pakhi her and he insists. Pakhi goes with him. Pakhi asks the servants to arrange the flowers in good style. Maa ji is keeping the plates in the dish washer. Pakhi goes back to the kitchen. Maa ji asks her to on the dish washer and is happy. Pakhi goes to switch it on and the screen freezes on her.

Pakhi sees that the crockery broke, Pakhi is shocked. She thinks of buying crockery from a mall and looks at the money Anshuman gave her.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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