Tumhari Pakhi 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi asking Veer not to over act. She comes to Ayaan and talks to him. She asks him to go and play. Ayaan says no, I have to go. She insists and sends him out. Ayaan finds it odd as she is saying the opposite thing. She says no, playing is also important, your mind will be refreshed. He asks are you fine, please let me study. Veer asks him to go and show the bike to his friends. Ayaan goes. Pakhi says where is Riya. Riya comes to meet Girish and gives him flowers. They have a talk. She thanks him for helping her so much. He asks her to sit.

Girish asks Riya to see how children smile. Riya says children know who loves them. She says the one who have loneliness, how can they love someone. She asks him to give the baby. He says fine, and gives his daughter. Riya takes the baby and talks to her. Girish says you look young but you are mature. She says she is not interested in pubs and hanging out, its good to live together and spend time. He smiles. Girish talks to baby and says he is missing Lavanya, lets call and ask why is she late. Riya gets angry seeing Girish and Lavanya’s pic. Lavanya is in meeting. She gets Girish’s call and ends it.

The client talks to Lavanya and says he need 24 hours, can she give so much time. She says yes, I will do hard work. He says think again, the contract papers will be here, if you think you can, sign the papers. She thanks him. He leaves. Her secretary says how will you manage this assignment, you have two small kids. Girish calls her and asks when is she coming. She says she will be late and ends the call. Riya smiles. Girish says I love you and miss you. Riya says Girish has love and she wants love, he can complete her incomplete life.

Riya comes home smiling. Anuja asks did she meet him. Riya asks what. Anuja smiles and says don’t; hide anything from me, I know your secret. Riya says nothing. Anuja says your first life with married man, books won’t help, take my help. Riya thinks yes, she is right, Lavanya is her daughter and Girish liked her, she does not know my love is Girish but her advice will help. Anuja prays Riya stops her. Riya stops her and says you won’t ask me the name. Anuja says naughty girl, tell me till where did this matter go. She says no, he does not know, I went to meet his kids.

Anuja says what, he has kids, it means he loves his wife, you want to take her place or…. She says I know he loves his wife but she does not care, he loves his kids a lot. Anuja says simple, you win his kids and he will like you. Riya says you are right. Anuja thinks Riya will run with his man, and Pakhi’s name will be spoiled. Riya smiles and thinks she is helping me in breaking her daughter’s home, the day she knows, she will be shocked. Pakhi asks Veer to throw the fan. He says ok and throws. She shouts.

Everyone come and see Pakhi and Veer arguing. Veer says he is not irresponsible and don’t threaten me. He says women don’t care, they always take advantage. Pakhi says don’t start gender biasing. They argue a lot and he asks her to mind her business, and lets break up. She says fine, how can you end this fight so soon, what do you mean, if fans don’t work, I will change them. They turn. Ayaan comes to them and sees them annoyed. He asks whats going on. He says this woman…. She says whom are you calling woman. He says you are.

Ayaan says what happened to both of you. He asks the servants to go from here. Veer and Pakhi sign. Ayaan asks Anuja to leave as its her yoga time. He says Riya that they teach me sharing is caring and not fighting, what are they doing now. Riya says yes and leaves. Ayaan asks them whats their problem. Ayaan makes them hold each other’s ears and say sorry. Veer asks him how did he come. Ayaan says he did not take bike’s keys. Veer gives him and Ayaan leaves.

Veer smiles and says everything went right. She says he overacted and being over intelligent, you ruined everything, I have to think a topic again. He says you fight awesome. She says this was fake, see next time. He worries and says he is feeling uneasy after fighting. She says she has a solution and asks him to try. He says fine. She leaves. Riya applies the cream and tells Ayaan about the glow. Ayaan applies all the cream and she scolds him saying its girl’s cream, you will look beautiful, not handsome. He says how to get glow on my face. She says I have one trick, you go to terrace and stand facing moon light, then see the glow. Ayaan believes her but says if he does not get glow, he won’t return the cream. He runs.

Riya says she will try a dress to impress Girish. Veer sees Ayaan doing the stupid trick. He also tries it and asks Ayaan what. Ayaan says it brings glow on face and guys get handsome. He says what, someone told me if you stand like this, the body heat after fight get released. Ayaan asks who said. He says your Maa. Ayaan says then might be right. Veer asks who said you. Ayaan says Riya. They have a talk. Veer asks for whom is he doing this. Ayaan says for Avni. Veer smiles. Ayaan asks him to keep the secret. Veer says no way and asks more details. Ayaan says promise me you won’t say Maa. Veer promises him. Ayaan tells in his ears and Veer laughs.

Riya dresses like Lavanya and looks at the mirror. She says Girish will like me now. Pakhi comes and is shocked seeing her. Riya turns and Pakhi looks at her dress. Riya gets tensed.

Veer and Pakhi promote the show’s new timing on 8.30 PM from 6th October. Veer and Pakhi fight again on food and Riya looks on. Pakhi asks Riya is this right. Riya says don’t expect. Anuja asks Riya to win her love by food. Riya asks why is she helping her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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