Tumhari Pakhi 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 29th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman and Pakhi talking over lunch. Pakhi asks him how did you think to have lunch with me. He says actually I got this idea from you, I thought to… She says thank you. He says I m going to keep a dinner at home, for the business associates. Pakhi says its really nice. He says I thought to give you the responsibility. Lavanya used to do this, but this time you do it. Pakhi says don’t worry, I will see everything. Anshuman says let me tell you, many big people will be coming, so the food has to be of good standard, tell me if you can’t do this. Pakhi laughs and says I m happy to do this, you don’t worry. Anshuman discusses the cuisines and desserts. She makes it specific and names few dishes. Pakhi says fine as you say. Anshuman was trying to scare her with the dishes but is shocked to see her so much with ease.

Pakhi gets tensed and thinks how should I keep the big party with so much less money. She says I have to keep up his respect and pride. She thinks what to do and how to. She thinks of some idea. Lavanya tells Anshuman that Pakhi will not be able to manage, maybe she will run away, its impossible. Girish hears them talking and says some shayari. Anshuman says what do you think, I m getting fun to do this, I don’t have a choice, she won’t leave me and won’t give me divorce easily if I don’t do this. Girish says tell her the truth, she will go herself. She will not blame herself for this divorce. Lavanya says the truth is something else. Lavanya says we will be insulted infront of the guests if Pakhi fails.

Anshuman says I have made the dinner arrangements and Pakhi will definitely fail. Maa ji and the servants are discussing about Pakhi in the kitchen. Pakhi calls Maa ji and asks her what they do in the business parties. Maa ji tells her about themes. Maa ji asks why are you asking. Pakhi says its a business dinner tomorrow and I m responsible for her. Pakhi says I have arranged the dinner for the whole baraat in my place, but I don’t know about business party, will you help me. Maa ji happily agrees and talks to the servants. He says Anshuman always gave us one week for arrangements but gave only one day to Pakhi. Maa ji asks the cook what to tell to Pakhi.

Pakhi comes to them. Maa ji says don’t worry, Ramesh will cook whatever you say. Ramesh says I will make continental. Pakhi says it will be good, you decide the menu and tell me what you need, the food should be tasty that people praise it. Pakhi talks to Maa ji about decorations and cakes. Maa ji smiles thinking Pakhi won’t manage easily. Pakhi orders cakes. Anshuman looks at her and smiles. Pakhi thinks about her budget. She prays to the Lord to make everything fine. He asks did you do the arrangements. She says when did you come. He says you are doing much work in less time. He says I trust you and want Lavanya to see and change her thinking. Pakhi smiles.

He gives some money to Pakhi and asks her to keep it and he will take it when he wants. She asks how much is this. He says I did not count. She sits and counts the money. Anshuman sees her counting money and thinks she will take the money if she needs and can become a sinner, the part will need money and you will take money from this and I won’t keep you in this house if you do so. Pakhi gets under the bed to catch the notes which flew by air. Her hand gets stuck and she calls Anshuman. He comes in the room and asks where are you. She says I m here, below the bed. He says what are you doing under the bed. She says my hand is stuck.

He also comes under the bed and looks at her back. She asks where did you stop. He says yes…. and comes to take out her hand. He holds her hand and she says slowly, I don’t want to be hurt easy please. He says yes, you are saying as if I do this daily. He tries to take out her hand and she looks on. She says I m getting hurt. He finally relieves her. They both come out from the bed. Pakhi falls on him and hugs him. Bairi jiya…. tumpe piya….. Bol dil se….. plays…………. while they have an eyelock. She says it looks like you do this daily, I was not hurt and even the bangles did not break. Anshuman looks in her eyes holding her.

He says what were you doing under the bed. She shows him Rs 1000 note. He says you mean you went after it, its only rs. 1000. Pakhi laughs and I got stuck because of this, but it is your hard earned money, it means lakhs and crores to me. Anshuman looks at her honest reply. She says you sleep, I have work about tomorrow’s arrangements. She leaves from the room.

The next morning, Pakhi is seeing the budget for the party and making the list. She sees Ayaan’s photo and says you don’t know how much I m waiting for you. She says come soon, we will have lots of fun. She laughs and keeps the photo back. She gets milk and laundry bill and says its last day of the week, I will bring the money. She sees that the breakfast is not ready and gets worried. Maa ji comes and says we got a big problem, the cooks went on leave. Pakhi says why, you know we have a business dinner at home, why did they take leave today. Anshuman smiles hearing this. Maa ji looks at Anshuman. Pakhi gets tensed.


Anshuman asks Pakhi not to disappoint her. Maa ji says we will call some other cooks or order food from hotel. Pakhi decides she will make the food. Maa ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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