Tumhari Pakhi 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anshuman asking Tanya to come with him sitting on his knees. Tanya agrees. Anshuman brings him to Prachin’s house and Prachin is not there. Tanya does not believe him. Anshuman sees the door locked and breaks it. The house is empty. He says I swear I saw his wife going in here. She says you can’t probe anything. He says why will I lie, lets ask the people outside. The man says no one stays here, there is tolet board out. Anshuman says what are you saying, this is a big game, your life is in danger. Tanya says what happened to you, what are you trying to prove, leave all this.

She says you proved me wrong by doing this, I m warning you to be away from me. She leaves saying get out of my life. Pakhi talks to Deepika about the difference in her life and Anuja’s life. She says I want to give her a chance to meet her children, then let her do what she wants. They try to find out if they can get anything related to her children. Deepika says we did not get anything. Pakhi gets a locked box and opens it with a pin.

They get a letter in the box. She reads it. Pakhi cries. Deepika asks whose letter is it. Pakhi says maybe her last letter for her children. Anshuman meets Prachin. Anshuman talks to Tanya and tells about his long affair with Tanya. Anshuman says Tanya and I were very close, we used to live in same home. There was nothing hidden between us and then you came in between us and how to tell you Tanya is a difficult girl, you can’t handle her. They drink wine. Prachin asks what more about her. Anshuman says don’t feel bad, she promised to marry me and now she is marrying you.

He says she does not love you, she is marrying you for your money, Prachin laughs and says money really matters and tells about 100 crores. Anshuman asks what, bring one more drink. Prachin says 100 crores is a big amount, if I get it, this is for it. He gets much drunk. Anshuman says tell me come on. Prachin sleeps. Anshuman says tell me more. He thinks he has something which he is hiding. Pakhi says maybe Anuja read this long before, don’t know she posted or it came back. She says we will write a letter from Anuja to her children.

Pakhi makes Deepika write the letter to Anuja’s children. She asks her children to come back to take Anuja, who is alone and loves them a lot. Pakhi says I will keep this and puts it in envelop. She asks Deepika to write her phone number in it, as Anuja can deny to meet her children. Pakhi asks her to write the address. Deepika says I can’t understand. Pakhi says if Lord wishes, her children will get the letter. Pakhi keeps the old letter in it too. Anuja comes and they are shocked seeing her. Pakhi hides the letter. She lies to her. Pakhi decides to post the letter.

Pakhi tells Anuja that she posted the letter. Anuja slaps her and says I will never forgive you.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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