Tumhari Pakhi 29th August 2014 Written *Maha Episode* Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer confronting Ayaan why did he lie and challenged the boy and his dad to trouble Pakhi. Ayaan says yes, to make her realize that I need a dad. Veer scolds him saying they were not good people, its good I came here, else that man would have hurt your mum, you are mistaken your mum will agree in pressure. He says she will agree when she realizes this herself. He says every thing has two ways, right and wrong, and Ayaan did wrong. Anuja comes and asks what happened. Veer says he made big mistake and leaves. Anuja talks to Ayaan. Ayaan says he is right, Maa won’t agree. Anuja says she will agree, you have to convince her.

Girish comes to meet Pakhi and says one more trophy of Ayaan, great, I m seeing you are doing his good upbringing. She says some people don’t think so and they have put it in Ayaan’s heart so well, that he is not understanding me. Girish says Maa and Veer. Pakhi says they are doing wrong in Aryaman’s love. Girish says Ayaan is smart he has accepted his dad’s death, I don’t think he is influenced by anyone. I m not talking about Aryaman, but maybe he is really missing his dad. He asks her to think once and leaves.

Its morning, Bhaisa and Bhabhisa come to meet Pakhi. She hugs them happily. She says its good surprise. Bhaisa says its six months that Anshuman is gone, and we were missing you as you were alone. Pakhi says she is glad seeing them, and she feels there is still truth is this liar world. She asks them to have food. Bhaisa says Ayaan called us here by calling us, we don’t want to lie. Ayaan called us to explain you. Pakhi says he is a kid, he is having strange request, don’t worry. Bhaisa says but he is not having wrong request, he is missing his dad. Pakhi says I would have agreed if he asked for any toy.

Bhabhisa says he needs a father, as both parents are like two eyes, by which a child sees the world. He got unwanted changes and he wants a wanted change now, please agree for marriage. Pakhi is shocked and upset. Bhaisa talks to her and says I did your upbringing like father, not brother, I feel you are so alone here, life is long, silence makes much noise that its hard to bear. He explains her that Pakhi can’t lose to any winds, atleast for Ayaan. Lavanya comes and says Aryaman said yes for Ayaan, who does not have relation like you have with Ayaan.

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Lavanya asks her to think again, as they worry for her a lot, they chose Aryaman as Ayaan sees Anshuman in him. She says you promised Anshuman and trying to keep it, but we also promised him that we will keep his Pakhi always happy. Pakhi says she can’t give Anshuman’s place to anyone in her life. Bhaisa says time changes everything. When Anshuman came to take you, what he said. She thinks of his words that he needs her to manage his son, and he has lived his married life, he does not want a wife, but a mum for Ayaan.

Pakhi says he gave me place in his life, but I can’t give place to anyone. I promised Anshuman that I will live always for him. I m his Pakhi, I love Ayaan a lot and can die for him, but Anshuman’s memories are my life. She leaves crying. Ayaan hears this and leaves. Bhaisa says how to balance, one side is Ayaan and other side is Pakhi. Pakhi comes on the road and walks. Bairi jiya tumpe piya……………… plays………………… She thinks about Anshuman and her sweet moments. Bol dil se ………………….plays…………………

Ayaan brings a big carton and removes all pics of Anshuman. He says he will remove everything that reminds Maa of dad. Lavanya calls Anuja and Veer. Ayaan says MAa said she can’t make dad away from her heart, so I m doing this, then she will marry Aryaman. He puts Anshuman’s clothes, and belongings in the carton with his pics. He says sorry dad, I can’t let you be here, I love you a lot, but you have to go. He says till you are here, Maa won’t find her life partner, I will miss you dad. Ayaan asks Maha ji to keep this items in store room, with his old mum’s things, as dad went to her and will stay with her. Veer hugs Ayaan.

Pakhi sits on the bench on the road and thinks about Ayaan’s words. She comes home and sees Anshuman’s pics gone. She is shocked. She checks drawer and cupboard and says who dared to touch Anshuman’s things. Ayaan says I did it. Pakhi asks why. Ayaan says I want you to forget dad. Pakhi says Ayaan……….. Ayaan says you will miss him till you see all that, so I removed everything. She asks him to get all things back. He says I won’t, as I want my happy family, I want a new dad. She says I told you no one will come in my life, I m your mum and dad. Ayaan says you can’t be both.

Everyone come and see them arguing. He says I want mum who spends time with me. She says this is not possible. Ayaan says why, dad also gave himself second chance, forgot my mum and gave you a chance. If he can do this, why can’t you forget dad and marry Chachu. Pakhi raises her hand to slap him. She stops her hand. Everyone is shocked. Ayaan runs out of the room. Everyone leave. Saiyyan……………….plays…………………..Veer comes to her and says I feel to make a temple on your name. He says you are so great, you are tangled, you don’t even realize that you are becoming Anshuman, the old one.

He says I know how was he, afterall we are cousins, he loved only one thing, his image. He says very surprising, you made him come out of it, and got caught in it. She says its my personal matter. He says your son is something to me too. He says you worked hard to bring Ayaan out of this situation, I think everything is getting back to old time, he is becoming like before, I feel his tears are genuine, decide you want to give him happiness or you can bear his tears. He leaves.

Anuja comes to Ayaan and asks him to apologize to Pakhi if he is feeling bad. She tells about Aryaman, and says he did not make any mistake, but your mum is not forgiving him. If she forgives him, he will get your dad. Ayaan asks how will Maa forgive him. Anuja says make her realize that everyone makes mistakes, if you do any mistake, she forgives you, even she can forgive Aryaman too and guve him second chance. She asks him to explain this to Pakhi. Ayaan thinks. Anuja asks what are you thinking. Ayaan says he will explain and thinks if Maa forgives Chachu, then she will get ready to marry him. He leaves.

Pakhi asks Sukhi is Ayaan in his room. Sukhi says yes, I saw him going in his room. He comes to Ayaan’s room with a big sorry card. She says I m sorry and realizes Ayaan is gone. She is shocked and says where did he go. Ayaan rides his cycle and thinks of Anuja’s words. Ayaan steals a man’s wallet seeing police there. He gets caught and acts like crying. The man leaves him saying he looks from rich home. Ayaan says he will steal again and again. The man catches him and says I will call your parents. Veer says Ayaan is not outside. Sukhi says I think he went out on cycle. Pakhi worries and cries. She calls all his friends.

Pakhi says he is not at friend’s homes. Veer and Bhaisa go to see. Anuja scolds her and says why are you crying now, you raised hand on a child without father, whats his fault, he wants a normal life, if anything happens to my Ayaan, then you see what I do, my house is breaking because of her. Pakhi gets a call from police station and comes to know Ayaan is there. She is shocked. Everyone come to the police station. The inspector says he is caught stealing. Pakhi says no, this can’t happen.

Veer says I m Veer Pratap Singh, I m her lawyer, we will do formalities. The inspector says we did not make his file, as this can ruin his life. Veer thanks him. The inspector asks Pakhi are you Anshuman Rathore’s wife. She says yes. He says kids do complex things after losing father. Veer says he will talk to him and sends Pakhi to Ayaan. Pakhi sees Ayaan and says lets go home. Ayaan says it means you have forgiven me. She says lets talk at home. He leaves her hand. He says he won’t come home and will stay here. Ayaan argues with Pakhi and says why are you forgiving me, if you can’t forgive Aryaman.

He says if you can give me second chance, why not to Aryaman. Veer says lets go and takes Ayaan. Pakhi is in shock. Everyone leave. Bhaisa says Pakhi come. They come home. Anuja sends Ayaan to his room. Anuja talks to Pakhi infront of everyone. She says what upbringing you did of Ayaan, you knew when you needed money, he risked his life, when you did not give him time, he said he is fine, and today when he could not win, he did this. She says its not Ayaan and Aryaman’s fault, as Aryaman did not get good upbringing. She says rules for Ayaan is different, even when he did a mistake.

She says Ayaan will become Aryaman, not Anshuman, the way you are doing his upbringing, as Aryaman is in jail and Ayaan reached there. She scolds Pakhi a lot, and says you won’t understand motherhood as you did not give birth to Ayaan. Pakhi is stunned. Anuja says I know you love him a lot, but till Anshuman was alive, not now, see what happened today. She says you are not thinking about Ayaan now. Anuja asks Girish to explain Pakhi. Girish says Pakhi made Ayaan close to Anshuman saying a child needs mum and dad’s both, he is incomplete without a father, I know its impossible to forget Anshuman, but you can’t live all life with his memories, decide what you want to do.

Bhaisa asks Pakhi to agree and think about her and Ayaan. He says Ayaan needs a father. Pakhi goes to her room and thinks of everyone’s words and Ayaan. She says they all have manipulated my innocent son’s heart, they are using him, they are showing Ayaan’s need, its their need. Ayaan feels they are right. She gets angry and goes to Ayaan’s room. She sees Ayaan upset. She says do you want dad. She holds his hand and says come with me. Bhaisa talks to Anuja and says I know my Pakhi, she can even die for her loved ones, she will agree, I will talk to her. Pakhi says you don’t have to worry, I made my decision. Everyone look at her.

Pakhi says she is ready to marry. Anuja is very happy and says Aryaman is coming home, and asks them to bring Aryaman home. Veer looks at Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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