Tumhari Pakhi 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 28th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lavanya getting irritated by Bua and Naina. Girish says its not Bua and Naina’s fault. He says any kid would cry at night, even if we had a kid. She says don’t taunt me, I know it very well that I can’t give you a child. She gets upset and says I understand everything that you talk to some girl on phone. He says its nothing like that, I don’t think there is something in you. She says I know you love kids, I told you that we can get the child through surrogacy, but you don’t agree with me.

Girish holds her hand and supports her. He says I got married to you because I loved you I don’t want a child through surrogacy, we will get a child if the Lord wants to give us. She says let me handle this girl first who is my life. Lavanya smiles. He asks her to sleep. Lavanya holds his hand and asks is there no one in your life. He says no one. Lavanya smiles ad hugs him. Naina cries and they laugh.

Maa ji comes to Anshuman with the newspapers. He says whats this. Maa ji says Pakhi is cutting the budget, so we have only this much newspapers. Anshuman gets angry and calls Pakhi. Pakhi comes and asks what happened. He says I can’t compromise with newspapers. He says I need them for my business, how dare you cut down my newspapers. Pakhi says tell me what newspapers you read. He names a few and she gives him those. He is stunned. She gives him the newspapers and says OI have cut down those which you don’t read which are hindi newspapers. Anshuman finds her move smart.

He looks at Maa ji. He says I m getting late and leaves. Pakhi laughs. Maa j is annoyed seeing Pakhi’s smartness. The servants talk about Maa ji. Pakhi comes to Maa ji in the kitchen and says i want tea. She says I will make it myself. Pakhi sees Elaichi less in the jar and asks Maa ji about it. Its Maa ji who took the elaichis for her family. Maa ji says no, I did not take it. Pakhi says I filled it yesterday, its 50gm less now. Maa ji says I don’t know. Pakhi asks the servants about it. She says I filled the ration yesterday and I know what is where. Maa ji gets tensed. Maa ji always steals the ration from the house. Pakhi says I know everyone are helpless sometimes, you can ask me the things, and I can give you it, but this is not good to steal things like this.

Pakhi says I m going out for ten mins, keep it back in ten mins, I don’t want to know who took it and why. Pakhi gives them a speech and leaves. Maa ji gets angry and looks on. Pakhi comes back to the kitchen after ten mins and finds the elaichis back in the jar. Pakhi smiles. She asks who will have the elaichi tea. Some servants say we will. Pakhi makes tea for everyone. Pakhi instructs the servant to make food for Anshuman. Anshuman calls Pakhi and asks did you make the food. He says I have a lunch meeting today. He says ask me with whom. She asks who. He says with you. Pakhi is shocked. She tells him I m not used to hear this news, so I m shocked.

Anshuman says will you come for having lunch with me. Pakhi says are you serious. He says yes. She says fine, I will come to your office in one hour. He says fine. Pakhi tells the cook not to make anything as she is going out with him. The servants are shocked. Pakhi gives the tea to Maa ji and leaves to get dresses up. She gets ready and smiles seeing Anshuman’s photo. Music plays….. She calls Girish and tells him that she is going with Anshuman on lunch and needs his advice. She asks what flowers does Anshuman likes. He says red roses, but why are you asking.

Pakhi says this is the first time he is taking me out. Girish says Pakhi…. nothing, all the best. Pakhi says thanks and ends the call. Girish thinks today again it might be Anshuman’s plan to let down Pakhi. Pakhi comes to meet Anshuman. She gives him the red roses. She says this are your fav flowers right. He thanks her. She says tell me who is more beautiful, these flowers or me. Bol dil se….. plays while they have an eyelock. Pakhi smiles looking at him. Anshuman says actually….. She laughs. She says let it be, lets go. Anshuman says yes. She asks how am I looking. He saays you are looking fine.

She says you can tell more of it. He says shall we order now. She says yes, you order as your choice is good. He orders the food. Anshuman and Pakhi smile looking at each other. He thinks no one can save Pakhi from losing, as he won’t let her win.


Anshuman tells Pakhi about the dinner he wants to keep for his business associates. Lavanya says Pakhi can’t manage.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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