Tumhari Pakhi 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 28th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lavanya and Girish talking to Ayaan. Lavanya and Girish argue. Ayaan asks did you both fight, it looks. Girish says sorry to Lavanya to make everything fine. Lavanya talks to Ayaan and asks what will you have in breakfast. Tanya thinks of making Ayaan’s truth come out. Tanya asks Lavanya to have breakfast at the table. She says I will take care of Ayaan, you go please. Lavanya says I will come later Ayaan and leaves from his room. Tanya sends the servants too. Ayaan is unhappy with the VIP treatment he is getting, he is fed up of acting. He messages Maa ji and asks Tanya to play game with him. Tanya thinks your playing time is over dear.

Ayaan insists. She asks him to have food first. Anshuman and Pakhi are together. She sees flowers. He says lets go,

we are getting late for the charity function. She says I have not seen such flowers ever. Anshuman’s pant gets torn by a nail. He is shocked and sits on the bench. Pakhi laughs. She says lets go, we are getting late. He says no, I have not seen such flowers before. She sits by his side and says lets see the flowers. A couple sits on another bench. The man tries to make up his wife’s mood who is annoyed. They ask Pakhi whose mistake its always between husband and wife. Pakhi asks Anshuman. Anshuman says I don’t make mistakes, I m perfect. Pakhi tells this to them.

The couple is fighting. Pakhi looks at Anshuman. The scene is funny. The man holds his ears and says sorry to his wife. She hugs him and they leave. Pakhi thinks I know Anshuman is worried about Ayaan, but you have to say sorry. Pakhi talks to him and asks him to say sorry. Anshuman is called for the function. Pakhi says if you say sorry, I can give you an idea. Anshuman is stubborn. She says do you doubt on my intelligence. He says I m sorry. She asks him to say again. He says I m sorry holding his ears. She says how cute and laughs.

He thinks I should have not got angry on you really. She gives her saree and covers him with it. He holds her. Saiyyan………………. plays……………… They walk together. Tanya challenges Ayaan for a game. Ayaan accepts her challenge. She smiles. She keeps a recorder so that she can bring out Ayaan’s truth out. Ayaan says I can’t play, I can’t walk. She asks him to try. They play the game and Ayaan says you know I can’t get up. Tanya thinks Ayaan will get up to win the challenge. Ayaan loses the game. Tanya gets angry. She leaves from his room to get juice for him. Ayaan smiles.

Tanya thinks Ayaan is very clever. She thinks of doing something else. Pakhi and Anshuman come back home. Lavanya asks whats going on, you both walking together. Girish looks on. Pakhi says I saved his respect, his pant got torn Everyone laughs. Anshuman says it can happen with anyone. He looks at Tanya and goes to change. Pakhi asks whats Ayaan doing. Lavanya says he is sleeping. Maa ji leaves Naina near the stairs. Ayaan gets out of his room and sees Naina going near the stairs. He is shocked. He thinks what to do, either save Naina or get his truth known to everyone. He comes back to his room.

Ayaan calls Maa ji but she does not take his call. Pakhi asks Tanya and Lavanya what will they have. Girish says Lavanya will have coffee. Ayaan looks at Naina and shouts Lavanya and everyone. He says Naina will fall, someone look after her. Lavanya hears him. Ayaan runs to stop Naina from falling. Everyone runt to Ayaan. Tanya smiles and says Ayaan is fine, look. Everyone look at Ayaan. Ayaan’s truth is out. Anshuman is shocked. Ayaan says I……. m sorry. She walks and falls. He gets hurt and Anshuman runs to him. Pakhi panics. They take him to his room.

Anshuman calls the doctor. Ayaan says I don’t want to go to hostel. Pakhi says no one is sending yoy to hostel. Anshuman says what did he do, we have to send him to hostel, he will lie, cheat and will become a criminal. She says can’t you see how much hurt he is. Ayaan names Tanya saying she told him that hostel is a good place. Girish scolds Maa ji for leaving Naina near the stairs. Tanya is happy and takes Maa ji with her. Lavanya taunts Girish. Anshuman comes and says Ayaan is better now, the doctor might be on the way. He says Pakhi is with him, don’t worry.

Girish says we are fine. Anshuman says go home. Lavanya says inform me. Tanya talks to Anshuman and speaks against Ayaan. Pakhi says enough, don’t say anything against my son. Pakhi scolds Tanya for bringing negativity in her home. Anshuman is shocked and looks on. Pakhi asks her not to interfere in her home and stay out. Anshuman says Tanya is my friend, is this the way to talk to her. Pakhi asks her to stay away from Ayaan and be in her limits. Pakhi says there is no relation more greater than parents. She asks Tanya not to come. Anshuman says but Pakhi…. Tanya says I did not tell Ayaan anything, I was talking to someone else and maybe he overheard.

You can ask Ayaan about this. She says what if I did, whats wrong in this. Pakhi gets angry. Tanya says today’s hostels are good with amazing facilities. Tanya argues with Pakhi. Anshuman talks in Tanya’s defense. Tanya says I know how to deal with Pakhi. Tanya says sorry and says its my mistake. She says I m your well wisher. Pakhi calms down and says I don’t know how to tell Ayaan that we don’t want to send him to hostel. Ayaan gets up. He thinks what to do now.

He gets the recorder and checks it. He sees Pakhi in it and looks on. Tanya comes home upset and angry on Pakhi. Mr. Rana asks what happened. She tells him what happened at Anshuman’s house. She says only two days left now. In two days, she will know what I m. Ayaan looks at Pakhi. Pakhi comes to him and smiles. She says you scared everyone. She talks to him. She says friends? Ayaan looks at her.

Ayaan thinks about Pakhi. Ayaan agrees and she says now you rest. She looks at him and leaves. Ayaan looks at the video once again and deletes it.

Ayaan asks the servants to become his parents and attend the interview. Tanya and Anshuman are deciding about their engagement. Pakhi comes and they are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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