Tumhari Pakhi 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Girish praising Lavanya’s collection and hugging her. Riya comes and Lavanyaa avoids her. Girish says show me the designs and likes it. Riya smiles. He says I can’t believe you made these designs, as beautiful people make beautiful designs, you have a great future. She thinks with you Girish. Veer comes to office and sees Anuja sitting on his chair. He says you here. She asks will I take your permission to come in my son’s office, I have to keep an eye if it goes in other’s hand. She says she has to check accounts, and asks about gifts and car he bought. He opens his laptop and asks her to see the company’s balance sheet. He says I m a lawyer, I take hearing’s high amount that I can buy a car, you know me, we belong to same family, I m also rich, I don’t need company’s money to buy small gifts.

She says fine, then take your wife and daughter, just leave. He says yes, I would have gone with Pakhi, Riya and Ayaan, you stopped me. He tells a case about inspector and thief. He says judge got bored about the thief running many times and inspector catching him. The inspector says he is bored so he leaves the thief and catches him again. Anuja says what a joke. He says if you will be bored here if Pakhi and I go from here, so I staying here, the story is over now, you can leave. She leaves.

Lavanya presents her exclusive designs. She sells the shoes for 74000rs. They ask about Riya. Lavanya says she is new, I gave her chance to present her catalogue, I m just helping her. They say you have a big heart. Girish talks to the ladies and says I think its very expensive. I want an affordable one, and takes them to Riya’s designs. Riya hears him and smiles. Riya sells her design for Rs 15000 and is glad. Lavanya looks on as Riya gets amny orders. Riya thanks Girish and he smiles. She goes to Girish and says I got 12 orders and 15000 each. Girish says congrats. She says all because of you.He says no, its your hardwork.

Girish calls Pakhi and says Riya’s shoes are selling soon, she is getting 15000 for each pair. The ladies taunt Lavanya and say they like Riya’s designs, she is very talented, don’t let her go, her time has started. She asks her to keep Riya’s shoes next time and she has sold just one pair today. Pakhi comes and is glad seeing Riya. Pakhi says I m very happy, its first day and so many people praising you, how many orders you got. Riya shows the order paper. Pakhi says 23, amazing. I m so proud of you. She says when you smile, you look lovely.

Lavanya comes being angry and scolds Pakhi blaming her for all this. She says first you ruined Aryaman’s life, my mum’s life, and now after me. She says why did you come here, to see my friends not liking my designs, you did not come for my exhibition and did not praise me, you came to say congrats to Riya to show me down right. Girish says listen to me Lavanya. Pakhi says no, I came to encourage Riya. Lavanya says you are ungraceful, backward village girl for me. Pakhi gets upset. Girish takes Lavanya. Pakhi asks Riya to come out, she will wait there.

Riya thinks to see Girish and Lavanya’s fight. Girish asks Lavanya is she mad, how can she say this to Pakhi, why is she angry, as her designs are not liked and Riya’s designs are liked. Lavanya says she is not angry on Riya, but on Pakhi, she did not come in any event. Girish says I called Pakhi to encourage Riya. They argue about her. Riya smiles. Lavanya says you care about Riya and Pakhi, not your wife. She says do you know what happened with me. Riya thinks fight more and make Girish away, so that he can come close to me, keep fighting Lavanya.

Riya and Pakhi come home. Pakhi asks her to freshen up, she will send food. Ayaan greets Riya. Riya scolds him. Ayaan asks her to repair her skateboard. Riya says let me go, I don’t care. Ayaan says how will you go to room, I have the keys. She says give me keys. He says first my work. She says she is tired, don’t mess with me. Pakhi smiles. Riya helps him. Ayaan says I love you Didi. Anuja talks to Lavanya and asks why did you let Riya come in exhibition, she will be determined and lose focus on Veer. Anuja sees Riya and Ayaan together and is shocked seeing them happy.

She sees Ayaan and says got an idea. Riya calls Girish and asks about Lavanya’s mood. She apologizes to him. He says no, its not your mistake. He asks her to concentrate on her orders, as she has to deliver on time. She smiles and ends the call. Pakhi cooks food for Ayaan and Riya. She says its celebration for Riya today. Ayaan shouts Maa and she runs to see Ayaan fallen on the ground. She shouts Ayaan. The servants take him to his room. Lavanya also comes. The doctor treats Ayaan and says his eye would have gone if the wound happened below forehead.

Veer comes home asking about Ayaan. Anuja stops him and blames Riya for Ayaan’s accident. He asks what. He says you won’t meet Ayaan. Pakhi asks what is she saying. Anuja says don’t you know, Riya has fixed wheels in Ayaan’s skate board and this accident happened. She says Riya wants to kill Ayaan. She asks him to kick out Riya. says you want to become Ayaan’s dad, think and decide, who will stay. Riya or Ayaan. Pakhi looks on.

Veer packs Riya’s bag. Riya asks what is he doing. Veer asks her to go. Riya starts leaving. Ayaan stops her.

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