Tumhari Pakhi 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anshuman and Pakhi together. Anshuman fills her Maang and Bol dil se………….plays……….. Anshuman tells Rohan that he will help Pakhi. Rohan taunts him and leaves. Anshuman shouts as he got hurt in his bum. She laughs and says I will remove it. He says no. She runs after him. She removes the needle making him busy. He shouts. They make the katpulis together. Anshuman smiles seeing her. She asks him to make the beard up of Dhola. He asks why. She explains him of ego. He says no, men should have not ego, it increases love. She says he was proud of their love. He says lets keep him shaved, like me. She laughs and says peeled potato. He says you mean, I m peeled potato. She says no, do this work. Anuja comes to Lavanya and says come with me on walk. Lavanya says Girish will be tensed if he sees me not here. She says he wants me to be with him. Anuja says I m with you. Lavanya says Girish feels if he does not see my face, his bad will be bad. Anuja says we will come before he wakes up, come. Lavanya goes with her.

Girish wakes up and says where did Lavanya go. He calls her name. Ashok says she went out in garden, shall I call her. Girish says its ok. Pakhi and Anshuman have an eyelock. Saiyyan……………plays…………. She asks what. He says nothing. She says tell me. He says I was thinking we both should keep our thing, lets keep his beard straight. She laughs. She says I will do it myself. She says I said this to make you smile. She says fine, bring the pearls please. He helps her. It falls. She holds her head. She says what did you do, you are increasing my work. Anshuman picks the pearls. Bol dil se…………..plays………….. as their head strike. She smiles.

Girish tells Lavanya he has a party at Mr Bhalla. She says but you said you won’t go. He says yes, but now Anuja is here with you. She says shall I come with you. Girish says but you, you can’t. She says I m bored at home and will feel good. She says I want to be with you, I m fine. Girish says Bhalla will flirt and I don’t like it. She laughs and says jealous husband. She says sorry for morning. He says lets go fast, and then come home. She laughs and they leave.

Pakhi and Rohan do the puppet show. Rohan praises her for making them so real. He says we will win. Pakhi feels sad and looks at Anshuman. Rohan says Anshuman is also to be praised, good concept, puppet show, we can make them do whatever we want. Rohan taunts Anshuman indirectly and says the lovers should be apart. Anshuman gets a call and leaves. Anuja takes Lavanya with her which upsets Girish. Anuja scolds them for going in party.

Anuja stops Girish from saying anything and scolds him for not taking care of her. Lavanya says its not his mistake. Anuja says you should take my permission if you want to take her. Girish says sure. Anuja hugs Lavanya. Pakhi brings a incense stick. Anshuman comes there with sindoor and applies to her. She smiles. Saiyyan…………..plays………….. as he puts a mark on calender. The sindoor falls. He says its good sign, it does not need any date, see its all over dates, like it will always be in your Maang. They have an eyelock.

She says I m scared. He says you say Lord always does for our good. She says but I don’t want to leave this on him, we can just pray that he decides in our favor. Anshuman smiles. Rohan sees the Dhola Maru together and keeps a purse in between saying I will not let them unite so easily. He leaves separating them. Pakhi lights the incense sticks and prays to the Lord to help her in deciding, Anshuman has really changed now.

The fire alarm rings. Anshuman takes Pakhi out. Pakhi says the kalputlis are inside Anshuman goes to bring them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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