Tumhari Pakhi 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi talking to Rohan and defending Anshuman. A phone rings and they see Tanya calling on Anshuman’s phone. She says it means Anshuman is still in touch with Tanya. Anshuman comes and takes his phone. He leaves. Rohan smiles and says what do you think of the result. Pakhi says he could have talked to her infront of me. She says I will just come. She goes to hear Anshuman. Rohan says Anshuman got a call and she went. Anshuman and Tanya have a video chat and they talk like friends. Pakhi hears them talking. Anshuman says I will find a best guy for you. Tanya says I know, you always wanted good for me, you have forgiven me, I was marrying a wrong guy Prachin, but you saved me from him and my life too, I owe you so much.

Anshuman says stop it now. Tanya says Prachin was killing me for my money and you saved me. She says you taught me the power of love. You have forgiven me. Pakhi hears this and feels proud of Anshuman talking about Pakhi. Tanya says Pakhi knows you changed, let me talk to her, I will tell her how much you changed, I tried to make you apart, I will do everything for you guys, if she does not listen to me, I will give her warning, if she rejects you, I will say I will come in your life. Pakhi says Anshuman has changed Tanya’s hatred into goodness.

Anshuman closes the door and Pakhi hides. He says Singaporean chor and walks to see who is it. He holds her and they fall on the bed. Saiyyan……………plays………… He says Pakhi, you……… What are you doing here, I saw you in your room. She says Tanya, you…. Phone….. He says it means you are jealous of her, no, yes, no, yes. She says no yes whats this. He says it means I m thinking right. He laughs. She says jealousy is always there if love…. He says it means you were jealous. She says it means you were not jealous when you knew I was with Rohan. He says no. She says you might have. He says no way.

She says it means you don’t love me. He holds her. Saiyyan…………plays……….. He says I love you and completely trust you. She smiles. Girish sees the baby scan images and talks to Lavanya. Lavanya smiles. He says I want to feel his first step. He says he loves the baby a lot. Pakhi calls Anuja. Pakhi says she is very happy and did not see its late to call. She says you said to listen to heart. She says I feel my heart and mind are saying the same, because of Anshuman. Anuja asks why. She says Anshuman has trusted me today and got my lost pride and self esteem back.

She says the same time, same question came infront of me. She says he has passed in this test, he trusts me. Anuja says calm down, he has hurt you once, don’t trust him easily, think wisely and decide. Pakhi says maybe you are right, but I m feeling to believe him. She smiles and ends the call. Anuja sees Anshuman’s pic and says I m proud of you, come back soon, I wait to welcome you both here.

Rohan says lets go for result. Pakhi says yes, lets wait for Anshuman he helped us a lot. Rohan says the result will decide Pakhi’s fate for next 18 years. Anshuman prays for Pakhi’s victory. Pakhi smiles and joins him. Rohan says lets go Pakhi. They go out and talk on the way. Anshuman laughs on Rohan’s filmi lines. They get to know they won and are in finals now. Anshuman and Pakhi hug and Rohan feels bad seeing them. They think of the 18 years gap if she wins the finals.

There are three gifts in it. Rohan gives one to Pakhi, one to Sarah and takes one taunting Anshuman, to pack his bag and go. Anshuman says I have always seen Pakhi win, I want her to win, I know she does not need my help, I helped her as I wanted to be near her, this 8 days with her is my right which no one can take from me. Lavanya feels the baby movements and calls Girish. Girish is very happy and says I m coming. He runs to meet Lavanya. Anuja hears the movements first and Girish comes there being sad that Anuja took his place.

Anuja talks to the baby. Lavanya sees Girish upset and understands. Girish leaves sadly. Sarah says I did not understand the clue for next round, its emoticons. Rohan says its about emotions, entertainment, art, acting, performers. I think we should make a skit. Anshuman says right, I think we should represent our country, so we can do puppet show, Katputli show. Rohan says no way, nonsense. Pakhi likes Anshuman’s idea. Rohan agrees when Pakhi says this. Anshuman says we should do it on love story and says it should be on Dhola Maro. Pakhi is stunned and says no and suggests others. Anshuman gets close and whats the problem in this. Sajan savan beeto jaye……………plays…………..They have an eyelock. While Rohan looks on.

Pakhi talks to Rohan. Anshuman talks well to Pakhi. Rohan says I won’t let you both meet so easily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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