Tumhari Pakhi 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan talking to Maa ji. He is upset that he is not going to Hong Kong with Pakhi and Anshuman. Pakhi hears him talking and smiles. Pakhi talks to Bhabhisa and tells her about her Hong Kong plans. Tanya comes to tell all the best to Pakhi and Anshuman. She says you are going on honeymoon right. She asks Anshuman to make Pakhi’s dreams true. Pakhi smiles. Tanya says its Pakhi’s right on you, I got a gift for your Pakhi. She gives it to Pakhi. Pakhi opens it. Its a sindoor box. Tanya says I know how much important Sindoor is for you. Tanya asks Anshuman what gift are you giving to Pakhi. Anshuman looks on. Tanya smiles.

She says go and finish our work, after all you have to leave in evening. Anshuman leaves. Tanya talks to Pakhi and asks about the surprise. Pakhi says I can’t tell you, its a private thing between husband and wife. Tanya says you will be surprised, Anshuman is sending you to Chittor, he does not love you, but now he hates you. Pakhi explains the servants the work they have to do in their absence. She asks Maa ji to take care of Ayaan. Tanya says poor Ayaan, I was thinking I will take him with me. Pakhi says its important for him to practice according to hostel’s routine, its for his own good. Ayaan is annoyed and leaves. Tanya says no, look at him, please let me take him, let him enjoy.

Pakhi disagrees. Anshuman gets angry. Pakhi talks to Anshuman and says only two hours left. Ayaan says you are very bad, I hate you, you are sending me to hostel and going on vacation, you don’t let me do anything, always make me study. Pakhi is shocked. Ayaan says I don’t want to go with anyone I don’t want to go to hostel too. Pakhi smiles and tells Anshuman lets go to explain Ayaan. Anshuman scolds Pakhi for the first time. He says what do you want to explain him that he should stay with the servants here and we should go on vacation. He says stop acting to be good. He calls her a step mom of Ayaan.

The servants are shocked. Anshuman misunderstands Pakhi. Tanya smiles seeing this. He says you told me that you came here to become a mum, and acted for sindoor and marking on calender, and saying you will leave the house if Ayaan goes on boarding, let me tell you Ayaan is my son, you are nothing infront of him. He says I won’t go with you anywhere. He is shocked to see the bags empty. He looks at Pakhi. She says I just wanted that Ayaan does not go to hostel. She says I just wanted he realizes that he will be happy if he stays with us, we were not going anywhere, it was all fake. I did this to show Ayaan.

Anshuman says why did you not tell me. She says I thought you also want to make Ayaan jealous that he tells he does not want to go to hostel. She says I thought thats why you talked about holiday. She says I did not know you were testing me. She says you were seeing I love Ayaan or not, that I leave Ayaan and go with you. You were checking that I really love hi or is it just a show. She says I thought when Ayaan says he won’t go to hostel, we will show him his family drawings. We will tell him that we won’t let him go anywhere She cries.

She says I asked you 15 days that I will make Ayaan call me mum, now I feel what Ayaan calls me, I don’t even deserve that because my husband does not trust me. Pakhi leaves. Anshuman is angry that Pakhi has made him look so small infront of everyone as she has become great. Tanya says I m sorry I did not know Pakhi. He says its my mistake, she could easily told me, but she did not tell me that, she was saying I did not support her, I will look small for not trusting her. He gets angry.

He says whats in Pakhi that she does everything, all this is rubbish, I m changing, my life has become boring and only around Pakhi. Tanya says she wants to change you. She says Pakhi is different. She shows him a cactus plant and says for Pakhi, its not a cactus, its a plant for her. Pakhi is a tribal girl who can see beauty in everything, so she can’t see anything bad. He says fine, so you are impressed by her. She says yes, she deserves, you were also praising her, she is really one in a million and so we have to understand her. He says I don’t want to, Ayaan will hate her more and the 15 days are almost over, she will leave and that day we will be engaged. Tanya smiles.

Pakhi argues with Anshuman about her rights. Tanya fills Ayaan’s ears against Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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