Tumhari Pakhi 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lavanya and Pakhi getting into an argument. Lavanya taunts Pakhi saying you accepted Anshuman but not his child. Pakhi is hurt by Lavanya’s words. Girish feels bad for Pakhi. Anshuman asks his secretary to give him the list of boarding schools. Lavanya comes to him and asks him about his decision. Anshuman says Ayaan is getting so indisciplined, its necessary to send him to boarding school. Pakhi is restless at home and prays to the Lord to show him the new way. Anshuman says let me send Ayaan away, then I can think how to get rid of Pakhi.

Its night, Anshuman came home and is thinking about Ayaan. Pakhi comes to him and says I m trying to talk to you since morning. Anshuman says I don’t want to talk about Ayaan, I made the decision. Pakhi says Ayaan

won’t go anywhere. Anshuman looks at her. She says he will be with us in our home. She says please, I will do his upbringing and will take care that he becomes the one you want to see him. She says you asked me about my wish. She says I wished I can become Ayaan’s mother. She says you told me in Chittor that you need your child’s mum more than your wife. She says I did not become a mum, but a step mum.

She says won’t you give me a chance, I will try my best. He says Ayaan is very smart, but its destructive, if he uses his mind at the right place, he can change the world, but it can be destructive if used negatively, he won’t accept you as his mum. Pakhi says if I make a space in his heart and make him call me mum, then will you not send him to boarding. Ayaan is talking to his friend on phone and says Pakhi is his step mum. His friend suggests him to throw out Pakhi from his house. Anshuman tells Pakhi its impossible. Pakhi says yes, I know Ayaan is very intelligent, its not late, I can mend him in the way we want, but if we make him go away from us, it will be late.

She says I will take care of him, I will make everything fine, give me 15 days. Anshuman smiles. Pakhi says if I fail, you can send Ayaan anywhere you want, and I will also leave this house forever. Anshuman is shocked and happy. He looks at Pakhi. Pakhi says I came here as a wife and a mum, what will it be if I become a step mum, I will also leave forever, so tell me will you give me 15 days? She gives him her hand to hold. He looks at her hand and she asks him to promise to her. Anshuman thinks and holds her hand agreeing to her wish. He says fine, I have given you 15 days only. Pakhi smiles.

Anshuman starts leaving and makes an item fall. She holds it with him. She says this way we both will take care of Ayaan. Music plays………………. Anshuman leaves. Pakhi wipes her tears. Its morning, Lavanya is reading the horoscope. Bua brings Naina to her and smiles seeing Lavanya. Lavanya sees Naina crying and goes to her. She says don’t sit on the ground Naina and taunts Bua. Bua reads the horoscope and laughs reading it to Lavanya. Lavanya lifts Naina in her arms and makes her eat breakfast by her hands. Bua smiles seeing this. Lavanya says now Naina will be with us, she says we need Naina’s parent’s death certificate, without i I can’t adopt Naina. Bua says no one knows this in village, I will ask them to make it.

Lavanya says give me the address, I will make it. Bua says I will manage. Lavanya and Bua talk via the maid. Lavanya says I need the phone number and address soon as I want to adopt her as soon as possible. Bua thinks about Lavanya’s wish to adopt Naina, but she thinks she can’t give the address of the village else everything will be ruined. Pakhi brings the sindoor box and asks Anshuman to fill her Maang. He does and music plays…………….. Pakhi smiles.

She stops Anshuman and says I brought something, I did not tell you, wait. She shows a remote car and asks how is it, I brought this as a gift for Ayaan. He says fine. She says I thought to start the day with a gift, I will go, I m excited. He says go. Pakhi comes to Ayaan’s room and asks Ayaan to open the door. Anshuman is watching this. Ayaan throws a bucket on water on Pakhi. She is shocked and looks at Ayaan.

Ayaan scolds Pakhi and asks her not to come in his room. He says I hate you, you are my step mum, go from here. Anshuman smiles seeing this and leaves. Pakhi is stunned. Pakhi comes to Anshuman and cries. Anshuman asks what happened, who did this, you are drenched. Pakhi goes in the washroom and cries. She sees her sindoor has spread and makes it fine. She thinks about Ayaan’s words and feels hurt by them. Pakhi changes and comes out of the washroom. Anshuman says I m sure Ayaan did this, I told you we have to send him to hostel.

Pakhi stops Anshuman and gives him the sindoor box. She looks at him stiffly and he fills her Maang once again. She holds his hand and says I have waited for 18 years, you married me again to make me Ayaan’s mum, but I become a bad step mum. She says a woman becomes a mum when she gives birth to the child after nine months, but I have only 15 days to prove my love to Ayaan, to become his mum from a step mum. She says I will be keeping this relation only for 15 days. She says I m freeing you from every promise, if I fail in these 15 days, then I will not even be your wife, I won’t have any right to stay in this house. Anshuman looks on.

Ayaan makes a plan with Maa ji and pushes Pakhi. Pakhi asks Anshuman do you want mt to go from here after 15 days, Anshuman says yes. Pakhi says yes?

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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