Tumhari Pakhi 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer coming to see Ayaan. Pakhi says he went to school. She shows him Riya’s designs. He likes it and says she is so good. He says my daughter is an artist. She says she made it working all night, she is so dedicated, if we support her, she can go a long way ahead and become a good person. Anuja tells them that a call from Ayaan’s school came, I m worried. Pakhi and Veer go and meet the principal. Anuja joins them to add fire. The principal says this won’t work in our school, its not acceptable. Pakhi asks what happened. He says the cigarette boxes in Ayaan’s bag. He says Ayaan got this to school today. Anuja says no, this is impossible. He says parents are responsible if a kid gets into bad company, talk to Ayaan.

Veer says we understand and we will check this matter, thanks. Pakhi says how did this cigarette packet get into Ayaan’s bag. Ayaan cries and says he does not know about this, I got punished. Anuja says I know who did this, Riya. Anuja says when they fought, Riya has threatened him. Ayaan says what, did Riya do this. Pakhi takes Ayaan. Veer asks Anuja to stop it, as Riya can’t do this in revenge. Anuja says the lighter has R written on it, R for Riya, you won’t say as she is your daughter, but don’t forget Ayaan is my blood, my grandson, I will talk to Riya, I can’t bear if Riya does this, not done. She leaves.

Pakhi tells Ayaan that she will talk to teacher and hugs him. Girish sees Lavanya master her designs and wants to make the exhibition world’s best. She asks her assistant Sunidhi to do all the work. She says she will give personal invitation to my clients. Girish talks about Riya to exhibit her designs too in her exhibition, she will be encouraged, I hope you don’t have problem. Lavanya says yes, I don’t have, but she may have problem, as I m old and have exclusive designs, she is new and can lose her confidence.

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Anuja comes home angrily and scolds Riya. Riya says calm down, why are you shouting. Riya asks what did I do. Anuja asks did you keep this cigarette and lighter in Ayaan’s bag. Riya says she did not. Anuja says I know girls like you. Riya argues. Pakhi, Veer and Ayaan looks on. Anuja insults Riya. Riya looks at Veer. Anuja says Riya has done wrong. Pakhisays ask her once, don’t blame her. Anuja says Ayaan is my blood, Riya has come in my house. She asks Riya not to look at Veer and taunts her. Riya says yes, I kept it in his bag, I m very bad, fine.

Riya says what people think about me, I care a damn. She leaves. Anuja says see It old you she did all this. Veer asks Ayaan to go. Veer tells Anuja that kids were here, so I did not say anything. He says there was no need to blame her. Anuja says she accepted it. She asks will you go and ask her again, tell her I will kick her out of this house. Riya comes in her room and throws things around. She asks Veer why did he come now, she told she put the cigarette, I m the worst girl in this world.

He asks do you use cigarette, have it. She says fine, and smokes to prove it. She coughs and he takes it back. He leaves. Veer says Riya did not keep it in Ayaan’s bag, she does not smoke, who kept it, I will find it out, when I know. I will not leave that person, don’t talk to Riya about this matter now. Anuja looks on. Its night, Pakhi comes to Veer and gives him coffee. He thanks her. He asks do you feel Riya did all that. She says no, if you think she did not, then she did not do this. He says I did not tell anything to Riya, no one should feel I m favoring her.

She says the father who favors, kids are not annoyed. We don’t know why she behaves like this, but you should have not ignored his mistakes, you should not say yes always, you should give good values and I know you understand. She says Ayaan was blamed first, I knew Ayaan did not do this, as I understand him well, like you understand Riya. He thanks her. Ayaan comes to Ayaan and says Riya will take your mum, Veer and everyone, you have to fight against her. She fills his ears against Riya and says you have to take revenge by spoiling her designs, its your fight, no one will help you. Ayaan burns Riya’s designs.

Ayaan tells Pakhi that Veer does not love her and even she is scolding him taking Riya’s side. He gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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