Tumhari Pakhi 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi asking Anshuman to steal a toffee from a shop. Anshuman agrees and gives her a stick to save him if he gets caught. Anshuman goes to steal the toffee. He comes to a shop and looks at Pakhi. He makes the shopkeeper busy and takes the toffees. A boy looks at Anshuman. Anshuman smiles and shows the toffee to Pakhi. Anshuman gives a toffee to the boy and sends him. A man gives a rose to Pakhi and says its peace day, so we are distributing rose. Pakhi says how sweet and takes it thanking him. Anshuman looks at them and is jealous. Pakhi says happy peace day to you too. Anshuman takes another toffee. The man sees Anshuman stealing. Anshuman runs. Everyone catch Anshuman and Anshuman comes to Pakhi.

They run with the toffee. The hide behind the car and laugh. He says you know Pakhi, I don’t know when my childhood passed. My mum left, then my dad, I was alone with Lavanya, I always felt everything will be fine and then I will live my life again well, but there was always problems. He says I also wanted to do all this mischief. He says I m afraid that if I ask my happiness, but now I know I should live life. He says thanks Pakhi. They both smile holding hands. He says when you get your first earnings, its given to someone special, so take this, this is my life’s first stolen earning. He gives her the toffee. He says no one is more valuable to me more than you. She hugs him.

He says look at me, Anshuman Rathore is sitting on the ground and I m liking it. He asks who gave you this rose. She says leave it, lets eat this toffee. Saiyyan………………..plays……………….. They make each other eat the toffee. They enjoy it and laugh. Anshuman says its the best date of my entire life. He says lets give the money to the shopkeeper. She says I have already given him the money. I was kidding, I won’t ask you to steal. He says I also want to give you a surprise. She says I have enjoyed my life to the fullest. He says there might be something.

They leave from there. Anshuman hears the guy’s name is Rohan and is shocked. He thinks Pakhi’s boyfriend can’t be here. They come home laughing. He kisses the toffee wrapper. She says give it to me. He says I won’t. I will keep this safe. She says I will keep it safe. He says no way. They have a laugh. She says its late now, I should go to my room. He says don’t go. She smiles and says rules are rules, we are girlfriend and boyfriend so we will sleep in different rooms. She says have a good night. They want to be together and keep on talking something or the other. He says stay here, we will talk, I miss you, I don’t like this room without you. She says I have to go, finally good night.

Anshuman stops Pakhi looking at the wrapper and asks her to get it. He says go under the bed. She says you go and get it. He says I m big, you can go. They argue. She says I feel suffocated. He has the wrapper and asks her to get it. She says you get it as you are the boyfriend. He requests her to get the wrapper. She laughs and goes under the bed. She says if I don’t get it, then you get it, I will try. She looks for the wrapper and says where did it go. He has it in the hands and says find it well, you will get it.

Anshuman also gets under the bed. She says its not here. She looks at her back. She says its not here. He says where will it go. He looks at her and music plays……………….. Jitna hun mai bandhun khudko…………….plays…………… They have an eyelock and are very much closer. Bol dil se………………..plays………………….He says I will find it. She understands he has it and holds his ears. She says I got it. He says you can’t get it as I have it. She looks at her angrily.

Pakhi tells Anshuman that she will not kiss him. H?e challenges him. They do skates and she is about to kiss him..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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