Tumhari Pakhi 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pakhi comes to veer and goes close him, he is seeing Pakhi’s picture on his ipad, pakhi says the one who is close to you will be around you even in pictures, veer says this is truth, don’t know from when did I started liking you, it was imagination of veer, pakhi is not there, veer says don’t know pakhi will accept my love.
Pakhi says to Girish and Lavanya that I still love anshuman and veer loves keerti, lavanya says to pakhi that you made my brother alive, I am thankful to you. veer thinks will pakhi ever accept my love? otherside Pakhi says to lavanya that I will never love again, my love for anshuman will not go ever, our love doesn’t depend on time and togetherness, I will love him whole my life.
in house, nandini(relative of veer) gives gifts to servants, servants are happy, nandini tries to ask servant how pakhi and veer got married, servant says actually it was aryaman.. she then stops and goes from there, nandini smirks.

Scene 2
Riya and Ayan are fighting on game, Ayan says you did cheating, kumo(servant of jiji comes there, Riya ask her to come in, she says this is our room, kumo says its nice, Riya ask her to play game with them on ipad, Kumo says I don’t know how to play, Ayan says I will tell you, he makes her learn how to play racing game on ipad, Kumo plays it well and wins, Riya says you are sharp, you learnt it in one time and made Ayan lose it, if you get right direction then you can do many things, kumo is called by jiji, Ayan says to Riya that jiji is bad, riya say don’t say like this for elders, actually she is very bad, ayan laughs.
kumo comes in kitchen, servant says you work for jiji only, kumo says jiji brought me from orphanage so I do work for her only, servant says ok, now you will sleep with us only, we will watch movies, jiji comes there and says if rotten fishes are there in pool then new fish cant be put in that pool, she says kumo will sleep in my room only, she goes with kumo, servant says she is destroying her life.

Scene 3
Pakhi is completing painting project of ayan with him, Ayan shows her painting, pakhi says its very nice but color is not going, she changes color, Veer is admiring her, Ayan goes from there, Veer comes to pakhi, he plays with her hairs, its imagination of veer, in actual he is staring at pakhi, pakhi ask what? he says I was blank so I just stared you.
in morning, Pakhi is getting ready, she is matching earrings, Veer opens online shopping store in his mobile and tries to buy earrings for her, he tries to see what kind of earrings is pakhi wearing to know her choice, he falls on floor in process, pakhi ask what happened, he says nothing, he buys one from online store but doesn’t know if she will like it or not, he thinks to see what kind of earring she is wearing. Veer comes to pakhi and says jhumkas look good on you, they are hidden by your hairs and increases your beauty, pakhi removes her hairs from one side of ear and ask veer to select earring for her, veer smilingly looks at her, Veer puts different earrings, he comes closer to her and selects one for her, he says every earring looks good on you, Pakhi says whatever you bring with love looks good on me, its all imagination of veer, Pakhi is goine from room, veer says I cant do anything, he finds jewelry of Pakhi, veer is seeing jewelry of Pakhi an says its very difficult to find choice of girls, pakhi comes there and ask what is happening, veer gets afraid and jewelry falls from his hands, veer stammers and says actually I was… pakhi says i will collect jewelry, veer says I will collect it, they both bend to clean it and their heads strike, veer says you do it, pakhi sits to collect jewelry, veer bends and tries to see her earring again, Pakhi ask him what happened? he says nothing, Pakhi ties her hairs, finally veer sees what kind of earring she is wearing, he says the earring you are wearing are really suiting you.

PRECAP- Pakhi falls from stool, jiji comes there and takes her to room, jiji says from now on I will take care of you as I know you are pregnant, pakhi is shocked. Pakhi says to veer that we should tell truth to jiji, she thinks that I am pregnant, veer is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Anybody noticed ye Iqbal khan ka 3sra show he Jo inho ne quit kya he 1st karam apna apna,choona he asmaan and then tumhari pakhi or ye 3no serial star channel se related hen..somebody know why he quit the show?

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