Tumhari Pakhi 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 1st May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman coming to Lavanya’s house and drinking wine. He says I got dad’s fate in me. Lavanya asks him what happened. He talks to his mum who left them for her lover. Lavanya says tell me what happened and where is Pakhi. Anshuman laughs. He says Pakhi…….. He says Girish always told me that I m heartless, I m shrewd business who can’t love anyone, I need to lighten in life. He says I don’t like love. He says you convinced me and told about Pakhi being best for me. He says I fell in love with Pakhi. She also loved, but not me, but someone else. Lavanya and Girish are shocked. Lavanya asks what. Anshuman says your pure Pakhi is pregnant. We don’t have anything between us. Lavanya says what is this nonsense.

He says I m saying the truth, I saw her report. He says she told me about her Chittor boyfriend, I have seen that man many times with her. He came in my house and met Pakhi behind my back. He says Pakkhi is of bad character who acts to be the purest. Lavanya slaps him and says I m warning you not to tell anything against her. She says I m sure dad was wrong, dad blamed mum to be characterless and threw her out of the house, he wanted to justify himself, you kept dad alive in you. She says about Pakhi, I was against her always, but if she is not in that house, then its nothing there. Anshuman says you are a woman thats why you won’t understand. He asks Girish you can understand me and woman can do anything for her selfish motives. She waited for me 18 years to take revenge, she is my wife and got pregnant with someone else’s child.

Girish says I m not angry on you, I pity you. He says you were very small when your dad made you a part of his mentality. He says its true that Anshuman Rathore is a big businessman but is so weak in relations. Relations need love, trust and respect, you don’t trust your wife and you don’t respect and love her. Girish scolds him for doubting on Pakhi. Girish says you got mistaken, it can be anyone’s plan against Pakhi. Anshuman is shocked.

Girish says you also played big games to get rid of Pakhi, you brought her to save your name. He scolds Anshuman and says you are calling her bad character, she did so much for your family, she was going and she stayed here when I told her about your parent’s story. He says she wanted to give you love and stayed here. Girish says a woman can bear anything, but not if anyone points on her character. She took all the blame of herself infront of the media to save your image. He says she trusted you blindly but you did not trust her. She was fighting with your fears and weaknesses and she lost. He says you were wrong as you did not understand love, you did not change, you are the same who thinks only about business.

He says you lost a diamond today and I feel you are like a beggar now. You don’t have anything now. Lavanya cries. Girish says one day you will realize, it will be very late then. Anshuman gets a call and says they found about Rohan. Anshuman says I m coming and runs. Rohan gets Tanya’s message to leave the city. Anshuman comes to Rohan and he gets tensed. He tries to run but Anshuman stops him. He asks why did you come back, you are Pakhi’s Chittor’s boyfriend. He beats her and says how dare you touch my wife.

He says I did not do anything, trust me. Anshuman runs after him and beats him. A girl comes and says why are you beating my Prithvi. He says I did this for money. I will do anything if you give me money, I don’t know your wife, I did this for Tanya. Anshuman is shocked.

He says Tanya gave me money and I did what she said. The reports were fake and Tanya made the doctor confirm. he shows him the money and says I needed money. He says Lavanya told Tanya about your past life about your dad and your servant Suresh told Tanya that Pakhi teases you with Rohan’s name, so she made me Rohan and sent to you. He says I mixed the medicine in her pizza so that she gets stomach pain. Anshuman is shocked. He says Tanya told me everything how to get in and get out of your house. He says I will call Tanya if you don’t believe me. Anshuman takes the phone and hears. Tanya asks what happened Prithvi, did you go from here or not, don’t come infront of Anshuman, don’t do any mistake now. Anshuman gets angry.

Anshuman comes home and calls out Pakhi. He hears the recording that she loves him a lot. I love you Anshuman. Anshuman looks around in the house and does not get her. He says no….. He thinks about how he insulted Pakhi and calls her bad character. He thinks about Lavanya and Girish’s words about Pakhi. He sits and cries.

Anshuman says sorry Ayaan I took away your mum with you. Lavanya asks him to bring Pakhi back. Anshuman comes Chittor and smiles seeing Pakhi..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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