Tumhari Pakhi 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riya thinking to impress Girish. Pakhi comes to Ayaan’s room and sees Riya. She tries to make Riya know how to arrange her hair. Riya is unable to do her hairstyle. Pakhi checks her Ipad for new hairstyles and says girls can make many hairstyles. She says she is going and asks Riya does she need her help. Riya looks at her. Pakhi says not you, Ayaan, Riya won’t need my help. Pakhi says your hair is so beautiful and talks to her. Riya says its my natural hair. Pakhi says if you don’t mind, can I brush it. She praises Riya’s features and her skin. Riya says its natural. Pakhi says you might have gone on your mum. Pakhi tells about her mum and dad, who died when she was small. I saw my mum’s pic and I look like her. Tell me your childhood stories.

Riya scolds her and asks her to get out. Ayaan asks Riya not to talk like this with my mum. Riya says why, what will you do. They starts fighting. Ayaan shouts on her. Pakhi asks Ayaan to talk with respect and not argue with elders. Pakhi says sorry Riya, I did not wish to hurt you, just help. Lavanya says she is leaving for meeting and asks Anuja did Riya do anything. Anuja says yes, Veer and Pakhi will kick her out. Girish comes and Lavanya ends the call. She says she is preparing for the exhibition. He says he will always support her. She says you told me we can have different opinions.

He says it means you were talking to mum. She says no, I was not. She leaves. Pakhi and Girish have a talk. He asks is everything fine. She says no. She says I need time to manage Riya, I wanted to know her heart, why does she hate Veer. She says maybe my way, she did not like. He says even he tried to ask, but she was upset. Pakhi says Riya worked with Lavanya, and was busy, now she goes to college and stays free. She says she is energetic and I want to keep her mind in good work, she will get positive if she stays busy. He says yes, I saw her designs, impressive. She says fine, we will encourage her. He says good idea, Lavanya is keeping exhibition for his clients, I will ask her to allow Riya too.

He says Riya will be appreciate and I m sure her way to see life will change, happiness makes a person forget the hatred. She says right, how to convince Riya. He asks shall I talk to her. She says no, I will talk to her, I know I have to say her the opposite, thanks, I feel this will workout. Riya gets ready and praises herself. She asks Ayaan for ipad. Ayaan says he can’t give. Riya takes the ipad ad checks the hairstyles. Ayaan says oh, copying hairstyles. He takes the ipad. She scolds him. She takes back the ipad and he snatches it. They fight for it,

The ipad falls and breaks. Ayaan gets angry seeing it broken. He says what did you do, how will I do my project. He says you are very bad. Veer comes and asks what happened. Ayaan says Riya broke my Ipad and cries. He says dad gave me this ipad, scold her. Anuja comes and looks on. Veer asks Riya whats this. Riya says yes, I broke it. Veer scolds her. Riya argues and says she is not afraid of anyone. Ayaan says she misbehaved with Maa too, punish her. Riya says I will see who harms me. She leaves. Ayaan tells Veer to see how she talks. Why did you not tell her anything, this is not fair. Veer says sometimes we have to be calm in life, I know Riya misbehaved, but she is new here and will need time to adjust.

He says he will buy a new version for him, and till then he will give his laptop. Ayaan says I m done. Veer says I will get the new one. Veer sees Anuja and leaves. Anuja smiles. He comes to Ayaan and acts sweet to him. She fills his ears against Riya and Veer. She says I got the welcome card in dustbin and shows it. Anuja thinks she will win the case, Pakhi will beg to me and free Aryaman, Pakhi will lose from all ways.

Pakhi comes to Riya and tries to make her work on her designs and make her busy, She says Veer will help you and buy the ipad for Ayaan. She says you don’t earn anything, as you go college, you don’t have any job. Riya says she will get the ipad and don’t want Veer’s help. Pakhi uses reverse psychology and smiles.

Ayaan and Riya fight. Anuja thinks to make Ayaan and Riya hate each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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