Tumhari Pakhi 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 18th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi crying in the car and Anshuman looking at her. Pakhi thinks of her family and cries a lot. Anshuman plays some songs and makes Pakhi smile. They come somewhere to a Dhaba and he tells her I will make a call and come. Pakhi says you use my phone, everything is activated on it. He takes her phone and thanks her. Anshuman talks to Lavanya and talks about him bringing Pakhi with him. He says I could not do anything, the situation was worse. Lavanya says you should have called me, where is that girl now. Anshuman says she is with me, this is her number. He says she will come with me, send two cars, I have to go to the award function and I will send her home. Lavanya says will she come home. Anshuman says yes. He ends the call and gives back the phone to Pakhi thanking her.

They start the journey again. Anshuman makes her sit in the car and music plays…… Pakhi is happy seeing his concern. Lavanya tells Girish that Pakhi is coming home, what will I say to Mr. Rana. Girish says some shayari. Lavanya gets angry on him. He says I m trying to say Anshuman did a mistake, he is bringing trouble with him. He says when Anshuman’s plane lands, the Cm is also coming, the media will be there, if media sees him with Pakhi, what will happen. Lavanya panics and tries to call Anshuman.

Anshuman and Pakhi reach the airport. The media sees them and asks is this your first wife, you are getting an award today, will you introduce her today. Anshuman does not answer them and leaves with Pakhi. Pakhi smiles and says congrats, you got the award. Anshuman says thanks. He says Lavanya should have told me about the media. Pakhi looks out for her phone. She switches on the phone and gets Lavanya’s call. She gives the phone to Anshuman.

Anshuman talks to Lavanya. Lavanya tells him what happened by the media. He hears the news on phone. Anshuman is being asked to introduce his wife at the award function. Lavanya says Mr. Rana would have known this by now, I m worried. Anshuman says meet me outside the hotel. He thanks Pakhi and gives the phone back. They reach the hotel and he meets Mr. Rana before Lavanya.

Lavanya and Girish are shocked to see Mr. Rana. Mr Rana says congrats looking at Pakhi, see you in the party. He leaves. Pakhi greets Lavanya and Girish. Lavanya says what are you wearing Anshuman. Pakhi hugs Lavanya. Girish says its confusion, she is beautiful, should I hug her and say hello. Lavanya takes Anshuman with him and says will you tell me what will you say everyone. Anshuman says don’t worry, its good for us, for my image, you take care of Mr. Rana and she should not know about Tanya. Lavanya says you don’t worry, change your clothes first.

Anshuman brings Pakhi to the room and says you change here, I will change inside, knock the door when you are ready. Anshuman gets well dressed in a white suit and waits for Pakhi. She comes to knock the door and he opens the door. She falls on him and they get closer and have an eyelock. Bairi jiya, tumpe piya….. Bol dil se….. plays….. He looks at her. She smiles. Anshuman leaves. Lavanya explains to Mr. Rana. He says its fine, don’t explain, I did not want Anshuman to go there, as I knew this was going to happen, but Pakhi is no match to Tanya. He says I will send the divorce papers to you, I m going to London for one week, till then everything should be fine here.

The award function starts and Anshuman comes there with Pakhi. Pakhi smiles getting the wife’s right. Everyone clap for them. Anshuman gets the Businessman of the year award. Pakhi claps for him. Anshuman is praised for keeping up his words. Anshuman thanks everyone and says about fulfilling his commitments. Everyone ask him about Pakhi.

Anshuman introduces Pakhi as his wife. The light comes on Pakhi and everyone claps for her. Pakhi smiles and looks at Anshuman. Anshuman says I m happy to bring her back. The reporters ask some question to Anshuman and he answers well. Dipti’s mum comes and says I have a question for Pakhi. Anshuman is shocked to see her as she can ruin his image. Pakhi looks on and stands up. Dipti’s mum asks how does it feel to come back to someone who married you and left you, are you helpless as a respected girl cannot bear this. Dipti’s mum tells her that Anshuman has a child and his second wife died, and he came to you after her death. Pakhi looks at Anshuman.

Dipti’s mum says tell us come on. Pakhi takes the mic and says do you know the difference between pride and ego. My husband Anshuman did not come me for so many years, but I did nit go to him to get my right, that was my pride, but today he came and told everything true to everyone, so I felt he came to take me, there should not be any ego between a husband and wife. Girish claps and says well said. Anshuman also claps for her and smiles.

Bhabhisa tells Pakhi about her wedding night. Lavanya tells Anshuman to be careful and not get into Pakhi’s trap. Pakhi comes and Anshuman looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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