Tumhari Pakhi 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 18th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi calling Anshuman unromantic. Anshuman says he is very romantic and had 13 girlfriends. Pakhi smiles and tells him that she had a boyfriend. He says you are lying. He does not believe her. She says I had one and fools him. Anshuman gets worried and asks really? She says yes, he was very nice and used to be around him, even my family liked him. He asks then why did you not marry him. She says I was waiting for you, now he might be waiting for me, love is strange. He asks what was his name. She says whats in name. She leaves. Anshuman says she had a boyfriend? He asks her his name. She does not tell him.

She changes the topic and talks about cookies. He asks his name. She says it can be anything. He says I should know about him. She leaves. Anshuman says who is he. Lavanya comes to Girish and says I m ready to sing now. I m ready to release my album. Girish is shocked. Lavanya says people will praise me. Girish thinks what to do now. He says you are a good shoe designer, why do you want to sing. She says I will dedicate my album to you. He says you won’t be able to do. She says the teacher was right, I can’t sing. She cries. He says I mean you sing only for me, not others, you sing well. She says I m doing this for you. Lavanya hugs him.

Pakhi sleeps. Anshuman comes to meet her by the window. He sees her sleeping and smiles. He asks her boyfriend’s name. She talks in sleep. He asks what was his name. She says Rohan. Anshuman is shocked. He says its filmi, nonsense, it does not sound good Rohan Pakhi. Anshuman Pakhi sounds nice. He says Rohan is Pakhi’s past, I m her present and future. He sees her sleeping. Jitna hun mai bandhun khudko……………….plays…………….He comes to her and is about to touch her, but he stops. Bol dil se………..plays………….. He moves her hair and kisses her back. Pakhi senses it. He leaves from the window. She opens her eyes and touches her back. Music plays……………… Saiyyan………………plays…………She looks around and smiles.

Someone comes to meet Girish and asks him to stop Lavanya from singing. Girish puts ear buds in his ears. He says we can’t sleep having this noise. I will take you to court. Lavanya sings. Girish says I have one solution, use ear buds. The man leaves. Lavanya asks why did he come. Girish says nothing, he came to praise you and wanted to meet you, but went. Lavanya smiles and says I need to practice more. She leaves. Anshuman is with Ayaan. Ayaan asks him to help him in homework. Anshuman sees Pakhi. She smiles. Anshuman makes a sentence on Rohan. Rohan is a crack boy.

Ayaan leaves. Anshuman asks Pakhi so its Rohan. He makes fun of him. She says you made me tell in sleep, cheater. She thinks how did she come to know. She says I know cheaters even in sleep. He says now I know your secret. Pakhi asks about his secrets. He says my life is an open book with no secrets. She says now I will find your secret.

Pakhi asks Anshuman to do it. Anshuman steals some chocolates and runs. Everyone catch him. Anshuman comes to Pakhi..

Update Credit to: Amena

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