Tumhari Pakhi 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riya saying Pakhi and Veer that she will make the 30 days cheap and difficult days. She says she won’t let them win the case. She says you will regret a lot and sorry to interfere in your romantic night. She says you will need all passion and love in this hatred. She winks to Pakhi and asks her to enjoy. She leaves. Anuja comes to Pakhi and taunts her. She says Riya’s hatred is heard outside his room, its just beginning, how will you bear her for 30 days, take my advice, choose defeat. She says no? Its fine to go through pain to get peace of death. Veer comes and sees Anuja leaving. He gives coffee to Pakhi and she thanks him.

She says she came to tell us that we will lose this 30 day challenge. He says did she become Jotshi. She says no, she heard Riya. He says I m sorry for what Riya did, like she behaved, it was pathetic. She says its fine, I know she is very annoyed, kids do this. He says its difference in hatred and annoyance, she hates me, you really think she will change. She asks do you also doubt. He says no, I came to know Ayaan hated you earlier and then he accepted you, Ayaan is a kid, Riya is grown up. She does opposite of what I say. She says its her age, we have to do something, we have to find some way to make her walk on right path, its good we know this. She says lets tell her the opposite then, to make her do as we say.

Girish comes to Lavanya. She says you supported Veer and Pakhi, but I m with my mum, like we chose our sides, the wall is between us. He says we are not apart if our thinking is different, we have a right to express opinions, we have two lovely daughters who joins us. Lavanya gets annoyed. He says she is very important for him. Riya says she came here after her love, Girish. She calls him. Girish says Riya called me. Lavanya says now? Riya talks to Girish and says I think my wallet is in your car, can I come tomorrow. Girish says fine, come tomorrow. Riya thanks him and asks about a Ghazal. He says the lines and Lavanya is annoyed. Riya smiles.

Ayaan comes and annoys Riya. Ayaan takes the phone and talks to Girish. Riya asks him to give the phone. Girish says everyone is fine, why did you not sleep. Ayaan says I have to talk to Riya now. Girish says fine, good night. Ayaan asks Riya what happened. She asks him to sleep. She hears music. Ayaan comes to her and asks which song are you listening. He says we will hear it together, give me one ear phone. She pulls his cheek. Ayaan says leave me, don’t do this. She says why and pulls his cheeks. Ayaan shouts on her. She says you too don’t irritate me, you be in your zone and let me be in my zone, else I will pull your cheeks. Ayaan sleeps. Riya throws his card in dustbin.

Its morning, Veer irons his clothes. Pakhi looks on. She says its already ironed shirt. He says the crease gets bad, so I press clothes again. She asks how much time more. He says can’t say, it’s a very serious art. She says great, that ironing people are such big artists. He shows his shirt and she smiles. He says he will press her saree. She says this will make night to iron it. He says its 42 size shirt, it will take time. He says sharing is caring, its good. She thinks he will take time for this, what about business. She makes the clock to ahead time. He shows her time and he runs saying he has a meeting. She says complete your art. He says incomplete art is fashion. Ayaan is angry as Riya is not coming out of bathroom. He starts throwing things in room. Pakhi hears Ayaan shouting and goes to see. She stops Ayaan. Ayaan says he has to go loo. She says if Riya is there, wait for sometime. She says sharing is caring.

Ayaan asks Riya to come out fast. She says come in my room and takes him. Anuja sees this and says Riya and Ayaan won’t adjust ever, I will make them hate each other and stay alone, I will write their fate. Pakhi asks Veer to come out soon, as Ayaan has to go to loo. Veer says fine and comes out. He says is it good to come outside while bathing. Pakhi says see the floor is getting wet. He says yes, and roams. She says stop and stand at one point. He says sorry. She asks is this art too. He says if I did not come out, Ayaan would have done art on this floor. She says chee. He laughs.

She cleans the floor. He says I will do. She slips and he holds her. He asks why do you always slip. Ayaan says he is done. Veer leaves Pakhi and she falls. Ayaan comes out and Veer goes to resume bath. Anuja scolds Maha ji to clean home soon. Anuja asks Sukhi to give the card and thinks to use it against Riya and Ayaan’s bonding. She says she will divide and rule.

Ayaan and Riya have an argument, Anuja fills Ayaan’s ears against Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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