Tumhari Pakhi 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anuja folds her hand infront of pakhi, pakhi holds her hand and says this hands is made for giving us blessing only, anuja says I am going far from here, lavanya says no you cant go, anuja says no, let me go to bring real anuja back, she says to lavanya that I am proud of you, you handled your family nicely, anuja ask Girish to book her ticket for Chaar dhamm yatra, Girish hugs her and jokes that if you called me son not son In law then I would have booked you tickets, anuja meets veer and says you must be thinking that I am liar and cruel, veer says you are bua for me, she says to him that take care of pakhi and fulfill dream project of anshuman and keep fighting for right, he promises her to complete dream project, all hugs anuja.
in night, anuja is leaving for yatra, all hugs her, Ayan comes there and gives her hand made card, she hugs Ayan tightly, Riya meets her too and cries, anuja sits in car and leaves the house with tears in her eyes.

Scene 2
veer is playing mouth organ in his room, pakhi comes there and ask him to take medicines, Veer says what happened to me? pakhi says i will rub your wound then you will know, he says I don’t like bitter meds, pakhi says you should be thankful that bullet touched your hand, veer says so what you wanted it go in my hand, pakhi says don’t do drama, take these medicines, you don’t listen to anyone, veer says no i listen to my jiji, pakhi says ok i will call her then, veer says no need to involve her, pakhi says you are so much afraid of her? he says I am afraid for you, if she gets to know that I am injured then she will come and take your class, he drinks medicine, pakhi says you love jiji so much that you don’t want to tell her about your injury, he says I feel that we should all live together. veer says to pakhi that sometime is feel that I should remain ill so that all pamper me, pakhi says tomorrow, your jiji, choti didi and nandini sister is coming, he says what? she nods in yes, pakhi says I am sleepy, you also sleep, she goes to bed and sleeps, veer plays mouth organ but seeing pakhi sleep, he stops and sees pakhi sleeping peacefully, he admires her beauty and sleep.
in morning, jiji, nandini and choti didi comes home, veer greets them and brings them in home, jiji says to veer that you got injured and didn’t even tell me, veer says its small injury, Jiji says you don’t say anything, I am like your mother, I feel pain in your pain, she shows him medicines homemade, she says veer that you will get fine with these meds, she says don’t eat English medicines, it makes constipation, Pakhi comes there and greets jiji, she ask pakhi to wear dress which she has brought as shagun for new bride only then she will meet her, veer tensed, looks at pakhi. jiji says I cant see her face without face revealing ceremony (munh dikhayi), veer says whats the need for it, jiji says I was not present at time of marriage but I will do rituals now, jiji says we will do ceremony in sometime, she gives jewelry and dress to pakhi without seeing her face, pakhi goes to change, veer goes to pakhi.

Scene 3
Veer comes to pakhi and is shocked to see her dressed in red bridal dress, she keeps looking at her, he says to pakhi that you are looking beautiful but it was not needed, pakhi says why, they are you family, they will be happy to see me dressed, I am your wife so I can do this much and its about your family’s responsibility. veer says to pakhi that jiji is old thinking, she believes in all rituals, you see in which you are comfortable in.

PRECAP- Lavanya says to jiji that pakhi doesn’t wear does traditional ghagra cholies and all, pakhi comes there in choli only, jiji says she was wearing cloths as she was wife of ashnuman but now she is wife of veer and has to wear accordingly, she says to pakhi that you have to make family of veer, you have to give him heir, pakhi is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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