Tumhari Pakhi 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi and Deepika jogging with Anuja. Anuja asks them not to call her aunty. Deepika says I m marrying Prateek, so I tell him everything. Deepika leaves. Anuja stops to tie shoe lace and sees a boy going on the road and his careless mum talking on phone. She stops the boy’s pram. She scolds the boy’s mum for being so irresponsible. Pakhi smiles seeing her. Anuja and Pakhi jog together. Anuja says I liked her purse so I was asking from where she took. Pakhi thinks why is she lying to me, why is she hiding her feelings, anyways, its fine.

Anshuman gets ready and says I got Mama ji’s address, I m going to Udaipur to talk to him. Lavanya says talk to him on phone. Anshuman says no, I want to meet mum and talk to her, you guys take care of Ayaan. Lavanya says don’t worry, we are here. Mama comes to meet them and shouts Rathore. Anshuman and Lavanya are surprised seeing him. He brings some ashes with him.

Everyone look at him. He gives the ashes to them and says this is your Maa. Anshuman and Lavanya are shocked. Anshuman asks him whats this. Mama says your dad has kicked her out of the house calling her characterless, she died the same day, bearing insult. He says I wanted to give this ashes to your dad, but he died before that. He says now you take this. He gives the jewellery out of the ashespot. Everyone are shocked.

Mama says all relations are over today. He says your dad made my sister’s life hell, I m Devki’s brother and I curse you that you won’t find peace in hell. My sister was not characterless. Anshuman and Lavanya cry. Mama turns and Anshuman falls in his feet. Mama says leave my leg. Anshuman does not. He says Mama ji……. I have to give back the respect to my mum, I m sorry for what dad did with her. Mama cries too. Anshuman says you trusted my dad and he broke your trust, I m sorry. Lavanya too apologizes.

Anshuman says a mum has the right on her children and that right was taken away from her, I m sorry. He says I want to meet mum, hug her and apologize to her, but she is not in this world now. Mama says no, she did not die. Anshuman says then whats this. Mama says its for society, the people who have insulted us, this is her belongings which she left, she is not dead. Mama apologizes to Anshuman for acting rude to them. Anshuman asks where is mum. Mama talks to them and says Devki came home, her soul was dead. She cried and her tears dried, she was shattered. Her heart was hurt. Anshuman thinks of the past.

Mama says I asked her many times, but she did not tell me, but then I came to know everything. He says we came to know your dad left with you and Lavanya, she got into trauma. We thought about her second marriage and she did not agree. He says she was missing her children and one day I could not see her pain and I asked her to leave and go somewhere where no one knows her, she left home at night, then we did not get her.

Anshuman says I will find Maa now, I promise you I will bring her back in her home and give her her lost happiness, do you have her pic. Mama says no. She took everything with her. Deepika talks to the agent. She tells Anuja and Pakhi that agent wants us to vacate the house. Deepika says Prateek will call me back and won’t let me do the project. Pakhi says if Bhaisa comes to know I don’t have place to live then………Pakhi says I got job here, but……… Anuja says its our problem, I gave this address to my students.

Anuja thinks and says I have to do something, we can’t leave this house. Mama leaves. Anshuman talks to Girish and Lavanya. Ayaan comes and talks to them. Girish gives them an idea to publish their childhood pics and ask mum to come back to us. Anshuman asks the idea. Girish says we will not give many details. Anshuman says yes, Maa will remember our childhood faces. Girish asks what can we add more with it. Lavanya tells about a Lori. Girish says yes. Lavanya says I have written it, we will print it,lets take new number, so that she contacts us. Anshuman gets happy.

Lavanya shows the ad to Anshuman. Anuja sees the newspaper and reads the ad.

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