Tumhari Pakhi 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 16th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman agreeing to Tanya. Tanya hugs him and Ayaan sees them. Ayaan asks her to hug him as she hugged Anshuman. Pakhi comes and hears this. Ayaan gets a PSP from her as a gift and thanks her. Pakhi brings tea for them. Tanya talks to Pakhi and says I have decided to write a biography on Anshuman’s life. Pakhi says don’t take my permission, I m only a part of his life. Pakhi says if he does not have any problem, then write. Tanya says I will have to be close to him and be with him all the time. Pakhi says yes, I can understand. Anshuman looks on.

Pakhi says you can write everything true about his life. Tanya says I will leave, its a pleasure meeting you and asks Asnhuman to be with her. Pakhi stops Anshuman and gives the sindoor to Anshuman

and asks him to apply it again as she has a bath. Anshuman does it infront of Tanya and music plays…………………. Anshuman feels off infront of Tanya. Saiyyan………….. plays……………Anshuman gets a call from office and goes inside the house to get his file. Tanya asks Pakhi what did Anshuman promise you.

Pakhi tells her about Anshuman’s gift to apply sindoor in her Maang every morning. Tanya smiles and says you asked him this, you would have asked for an expensive gift. Pakhi says nothing can be more expensive than this, this moment is mine. Anshuman comes back with the file and leaves with Tanya. Tanya and Anshuman are in the office ordering food. She asks about Pakhi. He says she brings lunch daily here. She says your Pakhi is very intelligent. Anshuman says whats this your Pakhi. She says I m joking. Anshuman waits for Lavanya and she comes.

She is happy seeing Tanya and they hug. Lavanya talks about Pakhi and says she did not get Anshuman, so she is after Ayaan now. They laugh on Pakhi and Lavanya says Pakhi said she will leave the house forever if Ayaan does not regard her as his mum. Tanya says why are you tensed, its matter of 15 days. Anshuman says I m worried about Ayaan, I want him to go to boarding school. Tanya says don’t worry, I have come, make Pakhi go away from our life. She brings gifts for Lavanya and Girish. Lavanya sees the gifts and likes the coffee mug.

Lavanya sees Girish’s photo on the mug and is upset. Tanya says you and Girish are a romantic couple and I wish Anshuman and I are also like them. She hugs Anshuman and her lipstick marks are on his coat. Anshuman comes home and Anshuman sees the lipstick marks and hides it. Pakhi tells him about Ayaan’s adamant things. Anshuman gives some idea to Pakhi to deal with Ayaan. Pakhi gets a letter from Magic and Art club. Anshuman says how did you know Ayaan wanted to go there. Pakhi says I read in his slam book. Anshuman is amazed by Pakhi’s efforts.

Its night, Anshuman and Pakhi are together having coffee. She says I tried so hard and spoke to the magic school and fixed it for Ayaan. She says its a good day for us. Anshuman and Pakhi have a sweet moment. Anshuman says this thing is not solid, as this letter came now, Ayaan will misunderstand. Pakhi says I will show him the date, he will understand I was trying for his admission in Shimla’s school and does not want to send him anywhere. She jokes and makes him smile.

Pakhi comes to Ayaan with his hot soup. Ayaan shouts Maa ji, I want chilled cold drink. Pakhi tries to talk to him and gives him the letter. She says we don’t want to send you to boarding school. He smiles seeing the letter. Anshuman sees them. Pakhi says we want you to go where you want in Magic and Art Club as its in Shimla. She says Anshuman and I love you so much. Ayaan tears the letter and Pakhi and Anshuman are shocked. Pakhi asks what are you doing, its your admission letter.

Ayaan says I don’t want this admission as I don’t want to stay in Shimla. Anshuman is shocked. Ayaan says I got admitted in boarding school today. Pakhi says but Ayaan, you hated boarding school. Ayaan says no one told me we have friends at boarding school with a personal room. He shows her the brochure. He says I don’t want to stay with you.

Tanya and Anshuman are closer in the car. Pakhi is walking to the car unaware.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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