Tumhari Pakhi 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone clapping for Anshuman and Pakhi’s dance performance. Pakhi goes off stage. Anshuman is shocked to see Pakhi performing alone on the stage alone on Aaja Dhola…….. song wearing traditional clothes. Girish smiles seeing her. Lavanya, Mr. Rana and Anshuman are unhappy seeing her confidence. Anshuman sees the women joining Pakhi on the stage and dancing with her. Everyone are amazed to see Pakhi’s moves. Everyone clap after her performance ends. Pakhi smiles. Anshuman stares at her.

Bhaisa and Bhabhisa talk to Lavanya and Bhaisa says see what we have taught Pakhi and your entire society is dancing after Pakhi now. Lavanya says you told us that you are taking her with you, but whats this. Bhaisa taunts her and says no one taught you about

values, else you would have understood that marriage is a strong relation and its very tough to change oneself. He says like Anshuman have her permission to go back to Chittor and Pakhi changed herself for Anshuman’s sake. He says my Pakhi stayed in between you all and did not leave her values.

Everyone cheer for Pakhi. Everyone tell Anshuman that you must be proud of Mrs. Rathore. Its the same women who met Pakhi in Lavanya’s party and criticizes her that day. They now praise Pakhi and her beauty. Pakhi taunts them about their values. She says its so easy to get dressed like this and its hard to hold up traditions and values. She says everyone dropped there expensive heals when they came for the dance, its so strange. Bhaisa says Pakhi you have made me proud.

Anshuman looks at Lavanya. Pakhi thanks Girish. Girish says make me have your hand made food if you want to thank me. Anshuman and Pakhi are called on stage to get the trophy for their best performance. Pakhi goes to Anshuman and smiles. They go on the stage Mr. Rana is annoyed seeing them. Anshuman and Pakhi get the trophy. Everyone call out Pakhi Pakhi………. and clap for her. They tell Anshuman that they are Pakhi’s fans from now on. Bhaisa says Pakhi, now its time for us to leave. Pakhi says yes and asks Anshuman to greet them as they are leaving. Anshuman says the car is outside.

Pakhi goes to leave them. Bhaisa apologizes to Anshuman for the arguments. He says now we are sure there won’t be any problem. Bhabhisa talks to Anshuman about Pakhi and asks him to take good care about Pakhi. She wishes they stay together always and greets him. Mr. Rana says Anshuman do you know what she did here. What about your plan, everyone are praising her now, if she can do this, she can do anything, I don’t think you did not plan to send her back, your plan was that the society should accept as Mrs. Anshuman Rathore.

He says let me tell you, you don’t know anything about business and Pakhi is failing you being a simple village girl. He says where did your ego go now, it would have been if you failed once, than failing again and again. Lavanya says Anshuman is trying. Mr. Rana says did you think what will you say to Ayaan, that she is your mum and what about my daughter. He says I don’t care about your family, but if this hurts my daughter Tanya, it won’t be good. Girish smiles. Mr. Rana leaves. Anshuman talks to Lavanya and says my image is at stake, what he told me, he did not see that how much I hate Pakhi, I want her to go from my world.

Anshuman and Pakhi are on the way coming home and he is driving fast. She asks why are you driving so fast. He says because I like fast driving. She says is it, if you are happy. I m happy. She falls on him.

Music plays…………. Pakhi smiles seeing him. They reach home and come to their room. Pakhi calls Bhabhisa and says we reached home, was your train on time. She says tell Bhaisa not to take any tension about anything. Bhabhisa says I kept the saree which Maa ji gave, in the guest room where we stayed. Pakhi says fine, I will see. Pakhi ends the call. Anshuman changes and comes. Pakhi says I have won the trophy, are you happy now, if so, give me my prize. He says prize. She says you are a miser when it comes to your wife.

Anshuman says I was trying to make her realize that my world does not have any space for her. And she made her mark without losing herself. Pakhi comes to him and he says Pakhi, did you wear western clothes before. She says never. He asks then how did you manage. She says when you can do this much for my happiness, that you asked me to leave for my happiness, what did you think, I would go leaving you, its not easy to send me from here. Anshuman smiles and says I know. Pakhi says this is nothing infront of your happiness.

Anshuman says you would have felt strange right. She says yes, I found something strange. He asks what. She says you would laugh when I tell you. He says tells me. She says you will laugh. He says I won’t. She says get up, stand only then I can say. He stands and I saw in party that the women wear backless and deep neck clothes and how people say hi, she asks him how do people hug in parties when saying hi. She hugs him. Bairi jiya….. tumpe piya……. Bol dil se…….. plays………………. Anshuman holds her and is stunned. Pakhi smiles.

Pakhi and Anshuman holds hand and she says even touch conveys a message. He laughs and leaves. Pakhi says from your touch I felt that you are worried, you want to do something which you want to do but its not happening. Anshuman is shocked..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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