Tumhari Pakhi 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 15th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan giving some tips and ideas to Anshuman. Mr. Rana asks everyone to ruin Anshuman and no one should finance Anshuman. Tanya cries. He says I will buy his company shares, I will ruin him. He tells Tanya that Anshuman will come back to her. Tanya says no, now he won’t be mine. He says he will come. She says I don’t know myself, I fell so low, I tried to kill someone. Mr. Rana says forget this. She says I want Anshuman, I can’t forget him, I can kill anyone for Anshuman, if he can’t be mine, he will be no one’s, he will kick Pakhi out. Police comes to them for arresting Tanya. Anshuman comes to Lavanya’s house to talk to Pakhi. Lavanya stops him and reminds him about the condition.

Pakhi smiles seeing him. Anshuman slips and falls on Pakhi. They have an eyelock. Everyone smile. Music plays…………… Saiyyan……………plays…………… Pakhi laughs as Anshuman sits on Naina’s musical toys. Anshuman holds her hand and Lavanya says lets talk. Anshuman says yes, I had to talk something important. He says after thinking a lot, I decided that sometimes we find the solution where there is no problem. He says love happens between two people in courtship. He says we did not had courtship, see our case, courtship was missing in our case. He says we did not get time with each other. He says Pakhi became my wife and Ayaan’s mum, but not my lover, so I think we should give each other 7 days, you are not my wife and Ayaan’s mum, you are my girlfriend and I m your boyfriend, we will get to know whether we are compatible.

He says I felt I respect you and can’t love you, but the truth is we did not date, so now we are boyfriend girlfriend. Pakhi leaves. Anshuman says she is shy. Lavanya says she is annoyed, who gave you this stupid idea, love happens after marriage, Pakhi knows you very well, courtship is not required. She says you want to prove that you can be a lover, I m fed up by this challenges. Anshuman says this is my challenge, I have to decide. She says if you can’t tell you love her, then don’t come here, this is not a good one. She pushes Anshuman out of the house.

Anshuman and Ayaan have a talk. Anshuman says why did I not know that Pakhi can feel bad. Ayaan says my idea was not bad. Girish calls Anshuman and tells him that Pakhi left the house. Anshuman is shocked and asks why. Girish says what was the need to do all this, don’t you love her, what is this joke, she is sad and she left home. Girish says she went to bus stop, go and get her. Anshuman says fine and takes Ayaan with him. They come to the bus stand and look for Pakhi. Ayaan asks Anshuman to show Pakhi’s pic. Anshuman asks a man. The man says I did not see her.

Anshuman thinks did Pakhi go by flight. he says you gave me that stupid idea. Ayaan says lets go and ask that aunty. Anshuman sees a modern girl and shows her Pakhi’s pic. She says I did not see her. Anshuman says I felt like I heard Pakhi’s voice. Ayaan says even I felt Maa’s voice. They turn to see her. Anshuman talks to her and she turns. Anshuman and Ayaan are shocked to see Pakhi dressed in modern clothes.

Anshuman and Ayaan are shocked seeing her and Ayaan says Maa’s double role. Pakhi says I m your girlfriend, lets go, hold my purse. Anshuman looks at her. Ayaan says what happened to Maa. Anshuman says its good. They come home. Maa ji talks to the servants. They see Anshuman carrying the purse and are shocked. Anshuman asks them to keep it inside. Ayaan tells them about dad’s new girlfriend. Maa asks can’t you bring Pakhi back, no one can take Pakhi’s place in this house. Sukhi says its not good to bring someone else. Maa ji praises Pakhi. They are shocked to see Pakhi in short clothes. They become happy seeing her.

Ayaan says she is dad’s new girlfriend, she will go with dad on candle light dinner. Anshuman asks Maa ji to make dinner. Pakhi asks Sukhi to keep her luggage in guest room.She says I m not your wife Anshuman to share your room. Anshuman smiles. Ayaan is happy.

Anshuman and Pakhi spend some time. They go out on a date. Anshuman comes late and she gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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