Tumhari Pakhi 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pakhi, Riya and Veer comes home, Riya ask where is Ayan, she calls out for him but he doesn’t come, Riya says I will go and see him up stairs, Maid comes and says that Ayan has gone out with Anuja, she was saying to Ayan that she will take him to you people, Veer is shocked and calls Anuja but her phone is switched off, Riya brings letter which ANuja had left for Pakhi, Pakhi read the letter, it says that Pakhi I have given you love, respect everything, remember when Anshuman threw you out of house, I gave you shelter, I gave you your husband, your son back, what I asked from you, I asked my son Aryaman from you but you didn’t listen to me, you gave me alot of pain and now you will feel pain, i am taking your son away from you, you wont get to meet ayan now, shout, scream but you wont be able to meet Ayan forever, you have son but you wont get your son now, you will be childless now, Pakhi shouts Ayan.
Anuja comes to travel agency, Ayan ask wy we are here, anuja says I am booking tickets, ayan ask where is maa, I want to talk to her, anuja says we became so they went on holiday, I am booking tickets, you want to meet them then wait, ayan says ok and wait, Anuja ask agent to book two tickets for Chennai.

Scene 2
Veer calls minister and says all stations are airport will be checked but it will take time, girish says she can book ticket on other name too, Riya says we should inform police, pakhi says no, what will we say to police that a grandfather kidnapped her grandson, her pictures will publish in newspapers, lavanya says se is criminal, we should keep emotions aside, Pakhi says she is mother, I know se is mother to son who took all happiness of my family, he killed my anshuman, I knew it that this person (aryaman) will take everything from my life so I ignored anuja, I kept going against her to show her right path but my destiny is bad, everything gone wrong, veer says don’t say that, we will not inform police, I have one idea, we will ask newspaper to publish to news that Aryaman is freed from jail, Girish says how will we ask them to publish a fake news, veer says we will inform court, they will help us, first anuja come here then we will see, pakhi says I need my ayan only, she runs from there.

Scene 3
Pakhi comes in room and says what is happening, why mom doesn’t understand me, if anshuman was there, he could have pacified mom, she sees anshuman’s picture and says I know nothing seems fine now but I know everything will be fine as you are with me, your voice in my phone will always give me strength, she plays recording in her phone which has anshuman’s voice, anshuman says in recording that Aryaman is trying to kidnap my son, I also feel that Aryaman is not brother, I went to blood check and found out that our groups doesn’t match, I feel he is not my brother, something is wrong, Pakhi is shocked to hear this, she repeats recording and is stunned, she says I didn’t think about this thing before, I think Aryaman is not his brother, she checks anshuman’s phone and says why blood bank people called him, he must have got to know something from this lab, she call that blood bank, she says to manager that you called anshuman Rathore 3 months back, can you tell me for what you called him? manager says its old thing, we don’t remember, pakhi ask was there on test conducted on name of Anshuman or Aryaman Rathore, manager says yes, Anshuman did DNA test of Anuja Rathore and Aryaman Rathore but he didn’t take report, pakhi ask to tell the result, manager says its confidential, Pakhi says I am his wife, you can tell me, Anshuman is no more, Manager says ok, report is negative, Aryaman’s and Anuja’s DNA didn’t match, pakhi is shocked, she says I need hard copy, I am coming now.

Scene 4
Pakhi comes in lounge and says Aryaman is not son of ANuja, all are shocked, she says he is not Rathore, he is not her son, not brother of anshuman, he is no one to us, Lavanya says how is this possible, Pakhi says I listened the recording of anshuman n which he said that he thinks aryaman is not his brother, he did DNA tests again and got to know that Aryaman is not his brother but a fake person whose face used to match with Anshman, Girish says this is possible, he could have fooled us, Pakhi says the person who can play such a big game can change the reports of DNA, I have lost everything because of this Aryaman but its enough now, I wont let him do fraud with him, he is no one to mom for whome mom is doing all this with us. Girish says I will go and collect reports.
Ayan as anuja what are we doing in hotel, where is mother, I wanna go to her, anuja ask him to wait for while, ayan thinks that grandmother is not telling anything, there is something fishy, he says to anuja that can I go to pee, she allows him, he goes from there, anuja goes out when ayan comes back in room and takes phone to call pakhi but anuja comes there and sees him calling, she takes out wire of phone, anuja comes and says we have to leave for airport, she takes ayan with him to reception, manager ask her to wait for 5 minutes anuja sits in lounge, newspapers are there too on which it is written that Aryaman is freed but anuja doesn’t see it, manager says your car is ready, you can leave for airport, anuja sees newspaper and is shocked to read that aryaman is freed, she thinks.

PRECAP- PRECAP- Anuja puts gun on her forehead, pakhi says what are you doing, Aniuja says I will finish myself, you wont be able to ayan for life, its late now, she loads gun, veer tries to snatch gun from her, anuja fires at him, pakhi shouts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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