Tumhari Pakhi 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 14th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi cutting the tv connections. Anshuman and Ayaan are angry as their tvs are not working. They call the servants and asks why is the tv not working. Pakhi comes to Anshuman and asks what happened. Maa ji says come here, the tv is working here. Anshuman and Ayaan run to watch. Pakhi smiles. Anshuman and Ayaan watch together and come closer. Pakhi is happy. Maa ji looks at them and does not understand and leaves. Anshuman and Ayaan have a great time together. Ayaan and Anshuman have a talk about the next race.

Anshuman tells Ayaan that he had fun seeing the race with him. Ayaan leaves. Pakhi stops Anshuman and says how was the match. Anshuman says it was nice. She says great, you saw the match together. He says yes, all the tvs were not working. She laughs.

He says you did this. She says I told you you can make kids happy with anything. She says I brought two rude Rathores together and you are not saying thanks. He says thanks. She says say it with a smile. He says Thank you Pakhi and leaves. She sys thanks to you too for being friendly with Ayaan.

Bua comes to Girish with Naina. He says you were right, I should have not told everything to Lavanya, I would have lived that way, but now I can’t live without Lavanya. Bua says a woman forgives the biggest sins, what you did no woman would bear it, but I know Lavanya, she will forgive you. He says no, I have broken her trust, if we don’t have the relation, what will happen. Bua says Naina will bring you close, you see Naina will link you both. Bua tells Lavanya we are your culprits, don’t punish Naina. Lavanya sees Naina and looks at Girish.

Lavanya leaves not taking Naina. Maa ji brings the electrician to repair the tvs. She asks Ayaan to have food. The man says someone has cut the wire, its fine now. She tells Ayaan that Pakhi has done this. She smiles filling Ayaan’s ears against Pakhi. She says you should not be annoyed with your dad, else who will give you pocket money, it will be a loss for you. Ayaan says fine, but I won’t forgive Pakhi, see how I teach her a lesson. Ayaan smiles.

Anshuman and Girish have a talk. Girish says Pakhi did a good job bu calling Ayaan’s friends. Anshuman says I was surprised, I did not think he will enjoy so much. Girish asks did you enjoy. Anshuman says I felt happy seeing Ayaan happy. Girish says then why did you change Big picnic to big punishment. Anshuman says it was for Pakhi. Girish says whats your problem, she is taking care of you and Ayaan, she loves you, what else do you want. Anshuman says yes, I know she is perfect, I know she made good changes, I feel to listen to her, I enjoyed with Ayaan, I felt I missed many things, I felt the bond of father and son, she is very nice, she is selfless, she did a lot and I respect her, but I can’t love her.

She should get love in return but I can’t love her. Girish says this is your love. Anshuman says how can I love her when I want to keep her away from myself, I don’t know. Girish says love increases when you hide it, it becomes pain, accept it, find the answer, else it will be painful for you. Girish leaves. Anshuman gets a call from Mr. Rana. He is shocked and says Tanya is coming in one hour and you are saying me now, I will go and get her, she can’t come here, it will be a problem.

Pakhi is watering the plants. Ayaan adds some soil in the pipe. Anshuman tels Pakhi he is going oit for some important work. Anshuman and Pakhi gets drenched by soiled water. Pakhi laughs. Ayaan says sorry dad, it was not for you. Anshuman says you are laughing, I m getting late. She says what did I do. Ayaan says see what I do next.

Anshuman says Ayaan did this, nobody can save him from me now. He asks the servants to bring Ayaan to him, he says I m going to take bath, till I come back, I want Ayaan here. Pakhi also goes to take bath. He says let me take bath first, I have important work. She says I will come in five mins. He says I will use another bathroom, if Tanya comes, it will be a problem. Ayaan thinks Pakhi is usins this bathroom and thinks of troubling her. Anshuman is having a bath and thinks there will be a problem today. The water goes. Ayaan cuts the water connection. Anshuman says my day is bad today.

Anshuman and Pakhi fall on each other in the bathroom. Tanya arrives..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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