Tumhari Pakhi 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pakhi taunting Veer just like he did and not helping him. He asks her to help him. She teases him by making him get troubled more. She says she will show the right way to him. He thinks of his words. His hands are stuck. He says leave the past and free my hands. She moves the chest. His hands are freed. He reminds her of the meeting with investors. She says oh really, I forgot, anything else. She leaves. Ayaan thinks what to do now, how to help Maa now. A guy comes to him and says Hi, I m Aditya, do you want to participate. Aditya asks him to make him his partner. Ayaan asks why. Aditya says I need a partner in my act. Aditya says I have cleared the selection round and I want partner for final round, we will divide the cash prize. Aditya says give me your number and I will tell you where to come tomorrow.

Its morning, Pakhi prays to Lord and says Vaswani will be giving me blueprints today and I will give him post dated cheque. She thinks she will use Vaswani’s superstitions for her benefit, as if lie is used for truth, then its not wrong. Ayaan comes and prays to Lord and says he is going for the competition to help Maa, I m sure you are on my side, so please help me. Veer stops Pakhi and reminds about the meeting with blueprints and they don’t have it, if the miracle does not happen, I made an apology ready, I don’t think you are tensed, did you get blueprints.

She says did you get password, no account is locked, so how can Vaswani get money. She asks him to go office. He asks where is she going. She says she will get the grass for the horse. He says it means there is hope. She says yes, any miracle can happen. He says I told you all possible options. She says lets see, your plan wins or my trust. She says I will meet you in office and leaves. Maha ji and Sukhi wait in the market for Vaswani’s bahu Poonam. She says we are just acting, so don’t forget your limit. He says he will be in character. She asks will he have slap. He says no. She says find her.

Sukhi sees Poonam and shows Maha ji. Vaswani calls her and she says I will come in 10mins. Maha ji says I will not leave you till 1 hour. Maha ji and Sukhi act like husband and wife and come to her. Pakhi comes to Vaswani and says she brought her cheque. He does not see her and closes her eyes. She asks see the cheque. He asks her to wait for 5mins. She says she has the meeting. He asks her to sit. She says no, I have to go, why are you not seeing him, as you have not seen Poonam’s face. He says yes, she will come.

Vaswani calls Poonam and asks her to come fast. Sukhi bumps into Poonam and Maha ji creates a scene as Sukhi gets hurt. They make Poonam busy there for some time. Maha ji says call the police. Poonam says you can’t blame me, I will go home. Maha ji holds her hand and stops her. Pakhi says if my investors go, it will be unlucky for me. Poonam argues with Maha ji. The kids tease Sukhi and he runs. Poonam says see they are cheaters, come to police station now. Maha ji says I thought his bone broke but it did not.

Pakhi asks Vaswani did he not make blueprints ready. He says no, he made it and he will give her. Vaswani gives the CD to Pakhi. She says see the cheque, its not table. She stops seeing Poonam come. Vaswani stops Pakhi seeing Poonam first. He says he will see cheque first. Pakhi closes her eyes. He sees the cheque and is shocked. Vaswani says whats this, I can’t see and gets specs to see. His glasses breaks. Poonam comes and says its such a bad sign.

Vaswani says I think I will keep puja, I will deposit this cheque on 11th day. He says he trusts Pakhi and Anshuman, you can’t cheat me, you take this blueprint and go. Pakhi feels bad by his trust and thinks about Anshuman’s words about her. She thinks Vaswani is trusting me and I can’t become the reason to defaming Anshuman. Pakhi apologizes to Vaswani as she did not wish to cheat him. She says the cheque is post dates. Vaswani scolds her. She says she won’t give him the CD, why does he make use of her helplessness, he increased the rate. She gives good lecture to him and says you are related to only money. She says you are ready to use cheque after 10 days as the glass broke, but you are not listening when I m saying the same. I did not wish to cheat you, so I told the truth. She says its my promise that you will get the money on 11th day.

Pakhi brings the bluepints while Veer was apologizing to the investors. Pakhi tells Veer that she did it being smart.

Update Credit to: Amena

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