Tumhari Pakhi 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 14th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanya pushing Pakhi from the terrace. Anshuman, Girish and Lavanya see this and are shocked. Tanya sees Anshuman and is stunned. Pakhi hangs holding Tanya’s leg. Anshuman goes to save Pakhi. Pakhi’s hand slips and Anshuman holds it. Saiyyan……………plays…………Tanya tries to pull him back but he pushes Tanya and saves Pakhi. Anshuman gets angry and is about to stab Tanya with a bottle piece but Pakhi stops him. Tanya is tensed. Anshuman takes Tanya down. Mr. Rana says how dare you deal with Tanya like this. Anshuman says how dare you try to kill my wife. Anshuman shows Mr. Rana his status and reminds him of his poor and fraud past.

Anshuman gets angry on Mr. Rana and asks him to take his junk daughter Tanya with him. He tells Tanya that he is

not blind and can see her truth now. He says there is no comparison in between you and Tanya. Mr. Rana says I will give you one chance. Anshuman says I will beat you if you stay here. Anshuman says he is in his senses. Mr. Rana says you are rich because I made you. Pakhi comes there with Girish and Lavanya. Anshuman removes his suit and throws on Mr. Rana. He says I don’t need this money, I m burdened. Mr. Rana says you are mad, you will lose all business deals. Anshuman says I don’t want your support.

Anshuman says do anything you want. I came up by my hardwork. She says what if all this money goes, I don’t care, I have sold shawls with my father, so I grew up. Mr. Rana says for this girl? Anshuman answers Mr. Rana well and asks him to think about them. Tanya says I love you, think about me. She says it was dad’s plan, I just locked her in room and he said about the heater. Anshuman says Mr. Rana your daughter is not yours also. Tanya goes to hurt Pakhi and Anshuman slaps her. Anshuman says I will see you in jail in my wife’s attempt to murder. Mr. Rana says no law can give us punishment.

Mr. Rana says I can’t take guarantee about you and your family. Anshuman says I will kill you if you dare talk about my family. Anshuman says get out. Tanya leaves with Mr. Rana. Anshuman asks Pakhi are you fine. She hugs him. Girish and Lavanya smile. Ayaan comes home and looks at Pakhi. Ayaan is annoyed and runs to his room as Girish winks him. Ayaan brings the family photo from his room. Ayaan says thanks dad. Everyone have a laugh. Ayaan asks them to kiss him and moves. Anshuman and Pakhi look at each other. Saiyyan……………….plays………….

Girish asks Anshuman and Pakhi to talk. Pakhi says what you did for me, thanks for that. She says I m here as you have given more importance to Ayaan’s happiness than yours. Anshuman says Pakhi, from today tears will be yours but eyes will be mine. Pain will be yours but heart will be mine, smile will be yours and face will be mine, happiness will be yours but sight will be mine. Pakhi smiles. Anshuman says you might be thinking that Ayaan wants you here so I m keeping you, you are wrong, I want you to be here. He says I tried to tell this before but could not say.

He looks at her and says stay here for me,. Saiyyan……….plays…………… Anshuman tells Pakhi that he has changed and she is responsible for this. Pakhi smiles. He says I know if you go from this house, the happiness will go. Lavanya says tell her what you have to. Girish says come on tell it. Ayaan says dad, tell her I love you. Lavanya says exactly. Pakhi is shy. Ayaan says girls of his class tell him I love you daily. He leaves. Girish says Anshuman tell it now. Anshuman says Pakhi and I have gap between us.

Anshuman tells Pakhi that he don’t believe in Lord, but want to say that the Lord will be like her. He says he values her a lot and when he brought her from Chittor, he felt she does not deserve him. He says my love is not till your level. Lavanya says Pakhi loves you, she wants your love with respect. Lavanya says fine, Pakhi will stay with me in my house till you get your feelings clear. Anshuman says no. Lavanya says you want Pakhi to stay with you and you are not telling you love her. She takes Pakhi with her. Anshuman asks Girish whats this. Girish says call me if you feel sad. They leave. Anshuman looks on.

Girish calls Anshuman and says Pakhi left home. Anshuman and Ayaan look out for Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Finally anshuman finds out about taniya,
    Anshuman and pakhi
    Like your pair guys
    Love is in the air
    Good epi

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