Tumhari Pakhi 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anuja and Lavanya happy thinking they will win the case. Veer comes with Pakhi. Anuja says they are together again. Riya says they are acting. Ayaan shows his certificate and asks Maha ji where is Pakhi. He says yes, she told me she has some work and she will come late. He asks when will she come. The judge comes and says lets continue. Pakhi gets a call and judge asks her to not use mobile. She says she has to take this call as its urgent. She talks to Ayaan and says she will come. Ayaan says he got first prize in quiz competition. Pakhi says congrats, we will celebrate. She says sorry, it was my son’s call, he was excited to give me good news. He says fine.

The defense lawyer tells about Riya’s statement, that Pakhi married to get a father for Ayaan. He says the man who ruined his daughter’s life, can’t be given Ayaan’s custody. He asks Veer to speak up. Pakhi says she wants to ask few questions from Veer’s side. She says Veer is blamed by Riya, I know he loves her a lot and it won’t be easy to cross question her, I don’t know laws, but being a mum, I know whats in her heart. She asks him to permit to question Riya. The judge says fine, its family court, our motive is to find truth.

Pakhi thanks him and says her questions. She asks the lawyer to give her a coin. He says this way she can’t make any decision. She says every coin has two sides. She asks does he have any daughter. He says yes. She asks did you not fight with her till now, scolded her, and restricted her to annoy her and she went against you. He says this happens in every home, they want to be independent. Pakhi says exactly, and he does not have much time to spend with his children. He says right, what you want to show. She says a mum does good upbringing and asks his daughter’s details.

She says you don’t control your daughter, maybe you want her to do Law and she is living her life on her terms. She says her questions are over and he can sit now. She says she wants to question Riya now. Riya comes in the witness box. Pakhi asks Riya till where she studied. Riya says graduation. Pakhi says from Jaipur’s best college and got funding for London’s education too. She asks did Veer beat you, scolded you, or hurt you. Riya says I told this before. Riya says no. Pakhi says who used to drop you to school. Riya says Veer. Pakhi asks did he not celebrate your birthday. Riya says he did. Pakhi asks did you feel he is not doing his duty as a father towards you. Riya says I took psychiatric treatments. Pakhi says yes, as you lost your parents, you saw their dead body.

She says any kid have gone through this, my son also went through this, I have hidden this truth from him for so many days. She asks does she have any relatives. Riya says yes. Pakhi asks why don’t you stay with them. She says Veer did not give you birth still tried to give you the best, best education, facilities, and did upbringing with love, you don’t have any reason to hate him, why do you think he is not a good father, tell me the incident. Riya says she does not have reason, but she hates him. Pakhi says fine, this happens by childhood incidents, you are blaming Veer for your parents’ loss.

She says Veer is her mum and dad now and she is angry on him, she feels she hates him and this got strong in her heart. She says if you realizes anything you don’t have reason to hate him, do you want to try to give him a chance, to know him well, will you see the other side of the coin. The defense lawyer asks the judge to give the decision. The judge asks Riya will she give a chance to Veer. Everyone look at her. Veer says I love you a lot Riya. Girish supports Veer. Riya looks at Girish.

The judge says Riya will be given 30 days trail time to stay with Veer as his daughter, if her decision does not change, then we will see. The lawyer says its Ayaan’s case. The judge says you got this angle, lets solve this case first. Everyone accept the trial period of 30 days. Lavanya says but Riya hates Veer. Riya thinks she loves Girish and she can do anything for him. She says she accepts this too. Anuja and Lavanya are shocked. Veer and Pakhi are happy. Girish smiles seeing Riya. Anuja talks to the lawyer. He says its matter of 30 days, don’t worry, we will win the case. Pakhi meets Riya and says welcome to family. Riya says don’t be happy, it will be adventure for 30 days.

Pakhi asks shall I send someone or you want me to come. Riya says she managed alone and will do on her own, I don’t need your help. Pakhi says fine, I will message address. Veer comes to Riya and she turns. He leaves. Lavanya asks Riya whats this, why did you change this. Riya says Veer should know its difficult to be with him, I will make every day hell for him.

Veer tells Pakhi that we gave 30 days to Riya but don’t know will she agree. Pakhi says she will love you in these 30 days. Riya says I won’t say he is a good father.

Update Credit to: Amena

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