Tumhari Pakhi 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 12th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman stopping Pakhi from going in water thinking she is ending her life. She says I m not so weak, I feel good to keep my feet in water. She gives him her hand and he holds it. Music plays…………. She says whatever happened because of me, I m sorry. They have an eyelock. Anshuman says its not like that, actually I was feeling sad seeing you, you might be thinking why I was silent, the truth is we have differences, we are completely opposite. He says look Pakhi, when we got married in childhood, we were from same background, but when we shifted to Shimla, everything changed. He says things have changed for us. Dance, parties, wine, this all are a big part of our life, which I can’t change, I m sure you can’t change yourself, you should not, as a person

is known by his culture and trust. I know you are hurt.

He says I don’t want you to change yourself. Since I have known you, I m seeing you like for the first time, I did not bring you here to make you upset, but I had fear that your identity would be finished by coming here. He says how can a person change for others. He says there is still time, its better to live your life than this life. He says I want you to go back in your life, because once time runs out, you will regret. I don’t want you to regret. As here nothing is going to change. He says I care for you genuinely, you are free from my side, no pressure from my side.

Pakhi is upset. Anshuman leaves and walks towards his car. Mara Dhola……. plays………… Its night. Anshuman and Pakhi come home. Bhaisa and Bhabhisa were waiting for them. Pakhi tells Bhabhisa that she went with Anshuman. Bhaisa stops Anshuman and comes to him. He looks at Anshuman folding his hands saying we are going back tomorrow, we will not meet you and your sister again. He says don’t try to make a relation with us again. Bhabhisa and Pakhi look at him. Anshuman comes to know that Mr. Rana came.

Mr. Rana comes and Anshuman welcomes him. Pakhi greets Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana is angry seeing her still in the house. Anshuman introduces Pakhi’s Bhaisa and Bhabhisa to Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana invites Anshuman for the club’s function. He says its your type of party, I m sure you will like it. He asks everyone to come and says it will have good food and wine, it will be fun. He taunts Bhaisa and Bhabhisa. Mr. Rana says I will make a move now and leaves.

Anshuman talks to Mr. Rana outside the house. Mr. Rana says I m doing this for you, to save your image, so that Pakhi should leave you. He says bring her to the party and make her insulted, so that everyone knows that your fulfilled your commitment by bringing her but she does not deserve you. Anshuman tells Mr. Rana how Lavanya insulted Pakhi today at home and Bhaisa’s argument. He says Pakhi’s brother told me that we don’t have to see their faces again.

Pakhi calls Girish. Girish says I was thinking about you. Pakhi says I want to talk to you. They have a talk. Girish says what. Pakhi asks tell me am I doing right. Girish says yes, whatever happened with you today, this is right. Pakhi says I won’t be able to tell Anshuman. Girish says leave it on me. Mr. Rana wishes Anshuman and Tanya’s new start. Anshuman is happy.

Anshuman comes to Pakhi and says I understand what happened in the club in morning, and we have a party tomorrow, we have to go, as we can’t say no to Mr. Rana, will you come with me. Pakhi says I won’t be able to come. Anshuman says its ok, if you don’t want to come. He says I understood what you wanted to say, don’t worry. She asks what is this. He says these are the train tickets for your Bhaisa, Bhabhisa and you. Pakhi is shocked.

He gives it to her. He says I can understand that you have bear a lot here, but nothing will change here, no one can change Lavanya and I can’t go against her. I know your self respect won’t allow this to happen again, thats not possible. I brought you here, it was my fault, your family sent you with me, it was a great thing, but now its enough, stop living like this, this place is not for you, go from here, just go, you are free from every relation from my side, go Pakhi, live your life, as you want, by your wish. Pakhi is stunned by his words.

Bhaisa tells Bhabhisa to keep the saree and he won’t take it with him, he will take only Pakhi wigth them. He says they have hurt my sister, its my mistake, I did think about her. He cries for making such a mistake of trusting Anshuman. Anshuman sees Pakhi upset and is happy. He smiles. He gets hurt as he bumps into the wall. Pakhi runs to him and cares for him. Bairi jiya….. tumpe piya………..Bol dil se…………….. plays…………… Anshuman says I don’t want this and leaves. Pakhi looks on with tears in her eyes.

Anshuman thinks this is the last day today, everyone will be going and then I will be a free man. Pakhi comes to him with tea. He says why are you doing this, you are going tomorrow. Pakhi gives him tea and he looks at her. Pakhi smiles. She sees Bhaisa and Bhabhisa coming. Anshuman says come sit Bhaisa. Anshuman talks to Bhaisa and asks him to have tea. He asks did you finish packing. Bhaisa looks at him angrily. Anshuman says you did not see Shimla, its fine, you can see next time. He says I will go, I have to get ready for work. Anshuman leaves.

Pakhi tells Anshuman that does my wish matter to you, whats your happiness in, in my staying here or going back. All the servants greets Pakhi as she is about to leave from Anshuman’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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