Tumhari Pakhi 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi thinking about the password and talks to Anshuman’s pic asking him to help her. Ayaan comes and says he spoke to new baby. He shows rakhi cards which he made for Naina and new baby girl of Lavanya. She laughs. He says he will go after raksha bandhan and then he has maths project. He lies to her as he has to go to give audition. She allows him to go. He says he has to do maths homework. She asks him to do and looks on. She asks what is he writing, and teaches him profit and loss. She changes the SP and CP positions to get the loss.

Girish and Lavanya are happy seeing the baby sleeping. He says lets have dinner. She says but maid left, it means you made it, why. He says I like it, its too romantic and we get a chance to spend time. She says sorry, I got tired with kids. He says I gave an ad for your assistant and very soon we can hire. She asks is this needed. He says Pakhi has Veer, but I m talking about your assistant. He jokes. She smiles and they go for diner. Its morning, Pakhi makes Naina tie rakhi to Ayaan. Veer records everything. Everyone smile. Lavanya makes the small baby tie the rakhi to Ayaan. She ties it on her behalf.

Ayaan says he had cards and gifts for them and shows Lavanya. Lavanya thanks him. Ayaan promises her that he will take care of both his sisters, and share his toys and chocs, and will always protect them. Anuja comes and is happy seeing her family so happy. Lavanya tells about Anshuman, Pakhi hears them and both of them get upset missing Anshuman. Girish takes Ayaan with him to show him presents. Veer leaves. Lavanya talks to Pakhi and says my brother forgot his promise to protect me, but I did not.

She says I brought rakhi for him. They go to Anshuman’s pic and cry. Lavanya thinks about Anshuman. She does tilak to his pic and keeps rakhi near his pic. She does the aarti. Lavanya says happy Raksha bandhan bhai. Pakhi hugs her and they cry. Anuja looks on. Veer comes and gives his hand to Lavanya asking her to tie him the rakhi. He says I got your rakhis in envelops all these years, now when I m here, tie it. Lavanya does the tilak and aarti, tying the rakhi to him.

He says about gift, I m a lawyer, if you need me, I will fight the case for free. Lavanya laughs. Veer says now I have job, when I get money, I will give gift. Anuja says he is joking. Pakhi goes to bring sweets. Veer gives some money to Lavanya. Girish comes to Pakhi and asks can he help. She says no. She asks Maha ji to help. Maha ji says she was keeping rat traps and her hands are not good. Girish helps her. Girish says you are doing everything alone. She says its her duty.

He says Anuja told us what happened after we went, we know you can’t be wrong, the decision you are taking for Aryaman, Lavanya and I are always with you. Anuja talks to Lavanya and tries to convince her about Aryaman. Lavanya says Pakhi is very angry on him. Anuja says only Aryaman can fill in Anshuman’s place. Lavanya says Pakhi will never forgive him. Anuja says Veer will convince her. Veer plays with the baby and whistles.

Anuja and Lavanya smile seeing him. Maha ji says it does not look you are unmarried, you take care of kids so well. She says the girl who marries you will be very lucky. She says yes, see I know cooking, stitching, find someone good, she will be happy with me. Anuja says I will find, tell me how do you want. He says he will adjust. Pakhi brings sweets. Veer jokes and sees Pakhi upset reminding her about Vaswani.

Pakhi gets Vaswani’s call and asks for the money of Rs 3 crore. She says yes, I remember. He reminds her of Anshuman’s dream project and her meeting with investors. He ends the call. Pakhi thinks what to do now, as she has just one day now, she has to send Rs 3 crore to Vaswani anyhow, else the happy township project will end.

Pakhi asks the servants to stop Vaswani’s bahu in the market. Ayaan is not suitable for the audition as he is underaged.

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