Tumhari Pakhi 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riya coming in the court and saying she is Veer’s daughter. Everyone is shocked. Riya says Veer should not get custody of any child, as he is the worst father. Lavanya thinks she found out about Riya and her father. Riya hates Veer and Lavanya called Riya to meet her. The FB shows Lavanya making a new plan with Anuja and saying even Veer can’t win the case. And she talks to Riya about Veer. She tells Riya that Veer married Pakhi and shows the pic. She says I know you hate him, I found him out, and I realized you were right. She manipulates Riya and fills her ears against Veer. Riya says Veer can see no one happy, he ruins everyone, I m not interested in knowing about him. Lavanya says sorry, let me tell you the complete thing.

Lavanya cries to fool her and asks her for helping him in the court case. Riya agrees and says she will come in court. She says she will give such statement that she will expose Veer. Lavanya smiles. Anuja tells Pakhi that Veer did not tell you he has a daughter and you are believing him. Veer confirms that Riya is his daughter. Pakhi and Girish are shocked. The defense lawyer asks Riya about Veer. Riya gives a bad statement about Veer, saying she did not have any single day when she smiled, she got to tale psychiatric treatments because of him and shows the reports.

She says this man should not be a father, he should not be given the custody. Anuja and Lavanya smile. Anuja tells Pakhi that I told you Veer is with me, all this was decided, he is fighting this case to make you lose the case. Veer says he can explain. Pakhi says stop it and scolds him. The judge says stop this. Pakhi says you ruined my life, you married me for Ayaan’s sake and now wants to take him, you won’t be able to take him. She says Veer can’t take my case. The lawyer says they are not able to agree on anything, what will they take care of Ayaan, now say the decision. Pakhi says he is a cheater, this is fraud. The lawyer asks the judge to say the decision.

The judge says calm down, we will resume after one hour lunch break. Veer thanks him. Pakhi says don’t take decision because of him. Veer holds Pakhi’s hand and takes her out. She says leave my hand. He asks what was she doing inside, they will lose the case. She says you want this, why do you want to take my son, I already lost Anshuman but I m happy with Ayaan, you ruined everything, why did you come. I love Anshuman and can’t think of anyone, I sacrificed for Ayaan and you want to take him, I promised Anshuman to protect Ayaan. She scolds him and taunts him for Riya. He cries and argues.

He defends himself and says he is having a double war with her and Bua, and she says he does not know relations, you are wrong, I value relations more. He says he did not do any promise and keeping it. He says he did not marry again as he can’t give anyone place in his heart. He says sorry and cries turning away. He says Riya’s mum, she got married somewhere else. She says but Riya is your daughter. He asks is Ayaan your son, like that Riya is my daughter. He says I went to London to study to forget my love but I could not. I came back and my parents forced me to marry, but I did not have that strength. He says his love and her husband died in car accident, and then he got Riya, she was seven years old and I felt I have an aim in my life now.

He says I just wanted to make her happy and then all my hopes and love is hers. Girish talks to Riya. Riya thinks maybe Lavanya told him about birthday. Girish talks about Veer and says she is mistaken. Veer says I don’t know why Riya hates me, but I love her a lot, I came here for Riya. Riya says Veer is not my father, my parents died. Girish says then why do you hate her, why did he do your upbringing, you studied well all because of him, he has bear all your expenses. He says he does not deserve your hatred, I have seen love in his eyes, and he is helpless now, I think you are wrong.

Lavanya sees Girish talking to Riya and comes to them. She asks Girish to go as his calls are coming. She sends him. Riya thinks. Lavanya asks Riya not to think this as Girish supports Pakhi and he believes Veer is a good guy. Riya thinks Lavanya got me here for her work, she is supporting her mum and Girish is with Veer. She thinks they are against each other, so she will support Girish and smiles. Lavanya asks Riya to help her. Riya says no, she can’t, as she loves Girish and can do anything to get him.

Veer says what he did with Bua, he told her already, after knowing the truth, I felt your pain as mine. He says I know how it feels to be away from children. He says he wants to hear Papa from Riya of she accepts him and this will complete his life. He leaves. Pakhi thinks.

Pakhi fights the case and confronts Riya. The judge gives a trial to Riya to stay with Veer. Anuja is shocked.

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