Tumhari Pakhi 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 11th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi recording Tanya and Ayaan’s conversation. Tanya thinks she heard Anshuman’s decision and did all this. She does not tell Ayaan and says we can’t trust Pakhi, she will stay again in this house, I don’t want Anshuman to get angry and kill Pakhi, she will die. Ayaan says I will go to school now, bye. Tanya stops him and thinks how did Ayaan think about the challenge winner matter. She doubts on him. Pakhi hides. Pakhi gives leave to the servants and send them out of the house.

She sees the recording standing in the hall. Tanya comes there with a stick and hits Pakhi. Pakhi gets hurt and falls. Both of them have a fight. Tanya tries to take the recorder. Pakhi takes the chip. Tanya drags Pakhi and hurts her. Pakhi pushes Tanya and says are you mad, come back to senses. Pakhi runs to call Anshuman. Tanya brings a gun and aims at Pakhi. Tanya says give me the chip, else I will shoot you. Pakhi says I will not give you the chip, shoot me.

Pakhi comes to her room and locks. She cries. She says Anshuman….. She calls Anshuman again. Tanya says I will show her she is not safe anymore. Tanya calls Mr. Rana and asks him to come home. Mr. Rana says I m in meeting. She cries and tells him everything. She says if she shows it to Anshuman, everything will be ruined, I have locked her in room, come soon. Mr. Rana comes home and calms down Tanya. He says why did you not shoot her, I did not give you this pistol to scare her, but to shoot her.

Mr. Rana increases the temperature of the room. Pakhi shouts Anshuman and cries. Pakhi faints. Anshuman comes home. Tanya makes Anshuman busy. Anshuman thinks where did Pakhi go. Tanya says lets go out please. He sees Pakhi’s mangalsutra on the floor and is shocked. Tanya gets tensed. He says its Pakhi. A glass breaks. Anshuman runs to see. He sees her locked in the room and is shocked.

He takes her to the room and tries to wake her up. He says Tanya call the doctor fast. Anshuman says get up please. Tanya says the doctor is not reachable, you go and get the doctor. Anshuman leaves. Tanya suffocates Pakhi. Pakhi runs from her and goes to the terrace. Pakhi tells I have the chip. Tanya says I will kill you, who will give the chip to Anshuman then. Anshuman leaves.

He meets Girish and Lavanya at the gate. Anshuman tells them everything. Lavanya asks who is with her. Anshuman says Pakhi. Girish says she is unsafe, lets go fast. They see Tanya pushing Pakhi off the terrace and shout Pakhi….. Pakhiis shown falling…..

Pakhi holds Tanya’s leg and hangs. Her hand slips and Anshuman holds her hand and pushes her up. Anshuman pushes Tanya and breaks a bottle to stab her in anger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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