Tum Saath Ho Jab 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A garments vendor (Laakhan) is at Baig House. Nasima and Bilkish select one suit for Saba. Younis only talks when he has to bargain about the price with Laakhan. Nasima is quite surprised when Younis asks Mariam to select something for Najma too. Mariam denies but he insists. Bilkish makes use of the opportunity. He agrees seeing he has no option.

Saba storms in her house and breaks down. She cries taking her Ammi’s name. Everyone rushes to her in concern. They all wonder what has happened to her. Saba hugs her mother as she cries. They take her inside. Saba tells her Abbu that a few guys had started to tease her. I shouted and they ran away. my clothes are torn too. He is angry as to why she dint call him when so much was happening with her. She replies that he himself is against giving her a phone. He realises his mistake. A scared Saba hugs her mother again who tries to calm her down.

Najma continues to look out of the window (at Imran coaching the students for tennis) while the teacher is teaching in the class. najma shifts her focus to studies but she cannot help herself from hearing Imran closely and making movements from her hands. Teacher notices Najma looking out of the window. Why dint you take part in tennis? You are very good in sports. You can play way better than everyone else here. You are naturally talented. Najma declines to play which confuses her teacher all the more. you are very much interested in sports. In fact your Abbu was a pro in badminton. Najma diverts the topic so the teacher dismisses it too. She resumes teaching the lesson to her students once again while Najma looks at Imran yet again. she requests her teacher to change her seat. I am not able to concentrate here. Teacher complies but she feels that Najma is running away from her dreams. Najma only wants to stay closer to her Ammi.

Salman Baig and everyone are relieved that nothing wrong happened with Saba. Younis announces that Saba wont go to college from tomorrow. Saba is taken aback. Nasima supports her husband too. What will do you by studying so much? You will anyways get married in a year or two. Mariam says they should let Saba complete her B.A. atleast. Saba too wants to complete her studies. Salman Baig supports her. Bilkish talks about the negative consequences that could have happened today but Salman Baig is sure something like this wont happen again. Saba adds that she would have called Abbu there asap if she had a phone. Bilkish and Nasima like the idea. Nasima tells Younis to get Saba a mobile. He knows she wont be safe with a mobile but NAsima and Bilkish insist. He talks about monthly mobile bill. This time his Abbajaan too talks in favour of the mobile phone. Mariam too requests him for the same. Saba is mature enough. She will use it properly. Saba thanks him as he agrees for it. saba asks for her Ammi’s phone as she wants to talk to Salma about tomorrow’s assignment.

In the balcony, Saba excitedly tells Salma that her Abbu has agreed to get her a phone. The idea was Salma’s. Saba tells her everything. Ammi reacted exactly as we expected. Abbu will get me a phone by tomorrow. she turns and finds Mariam standing there. Saba is in for a shock as Mariam looks at her pointedly. She has heard everything and questions Saba. Altaf was about to greet them but stops as he realises that the situation looks tensed. You lied to your Ammi and Abbu just to get a phone? You should feel ashamed. This is how you respect them? you broke their trust. Forget about me, did you see how worried your parents were for you when they heard your story? Saba agrees she has made a mistake. Mariam points out that she has actually committed a sin. You have played with your parents’ emotions really badly. You realise how Younis bhai will react if he gets to know the truth? Saba panics. Please don’t tell him anything. She admits she got greedy. All my friends have phones. They taunt me for the same. You know Abbu would never have got me a phone otherwise. Please don’t tell Abbu anything. Mariam relents but she repeats that it is a crime to lie to your parents. Altaf nods at the same from his balcony. Nasima comes upstairs, asking for her phone. She is surprised to see Mariam with Saba. Mariam leaves. Nasima is sure Mariam would be thinking that Saba has made a fake story to get the phone. This mother daughter cannot see our happiness. Altaf is shocked. Nasima tells Saba not to think about all this. I have made your Abbu agree to get you a phone after requesting him so much. They leave. Altaf is irked with Nasima.

Imran comes home. He finds his Mamu all quiet and upset. Altaf pities Mariam again. He tells her everything that he has overheard in the afternoon. Nasima is a real bad woman. Mariam Bi was explaining to Saba that you shouldn’t lie to your parents but Nasima instead was blaming her only. I felt like telling her everything. Imran says it is their personal matter. Altaf still feels bad for Mariam at which Imran asks him about who she is to him. is she your relative? There are so many people with whom things are going all wrong. Will you fight for everyone? Altaf is feeling bad for his neighbour (Mariam). So many bad people exist in this world. Imran has seen the worse and so has Altaf.

Najma is doing her homework but she is recalling every instruction that Imran had given in the court today. she is all lost in thoughts when Mariam brings milk for her. are you alright? Where is your smile? Najma smiles for her Ammi. Mariam got to know from Fiza that their new neighbour had come in their school today. did he trouble you? Najma denies. mariam notices that Najma’s abg is wet from beneath. Najma explains that water drips from the window where she sits in her class. mariam has been to her class. there is no leakage near your window. Najma has got her seat changed as she gets a view of the tennis court from there. I get really disturbed. New neighbour explains everything so well about shots and grip. My focus keeps shifting every now and then so I got my seat changed. Mariam is literally at a loss of words and pained to feel her daughter’s pain. She recalls how Tauseef was trying to teach her badminton a few years ago though she wasn’t interested. She told him to teach their daughter instead when she is born. Tauseef had agreed. I will make her an international player. Flashback ends. She wipes her tears and caresses Najma’s head. drink milk and sleep. Tauseef’s words continue to echo in her head. she plants a kiss on Najma’s forehead.

Next morning, Saba is talking to her friend about a mobile and its specifications. She gets uncomfortable when Mariam comes there. She tells Saba to forget what has happened. tell your Abbu to get you a nice mobile. Saba thanks her. Najma, Waqar and Fiza are excited too. They shout for a camera phone. Nasima hears the commotion and tells them to be quiet. Saba tells her Ammi about a particular mobile. The cost of the same is Rs. 12000. Nasima points out that this might change his mood of buying a phone altogether. Saba then demands to have a phone with 5 MP camera. Najma adds that that way they will click selfies. Saba warns them all to not even touch her phone. Fiza wishes that no phone comes in that case at which Saba hits her (mildly). Mariam stops them. let the mobile come first. Nasima is irked at her statement. She even taunts Mariam. Don’t fill my husband’s ears against it. He has agreed after a lot of convincing. Mariam clears that she too wants Saba to have a phone. She goes to college all alone so it is a necessity. Younis comes there too. What’s going on? Nasima repeats Mariam’s words. He agrees to bring it in 2-3 days. Nasima reminds him of what had happened yesterday. He agrees to get it today itself. Saba cheers happily but composes herself as he looks at her. Nasima tells him to get a good one to which he agrees. Saba hugs him happily.

Mariam is in the kitchen. She thinks about Nasima’s rude words. Someone hugs her. she mistakes it to be Najma but it is Saba actually. Mariam is surprised to see her in tears. Mariam tells her to be happy. your Abbu will get you a good phone like he said. Saba apologizes to her. mariam has anyways forgiven her as she had realised her mistake yesterday itself. Saba points out that things aren’t over for her Ammi though. Don’t know why she feels that you are unhappy that I am getting a phone. She continues to taunt you all the times which I don’t like. Mariam understands her situation. Don’t worry about it. it is our matter. Saba still feels guilty. My Ammi’s misunderstanding should be cleared or else she will continue to taunt you like this only. I feel like telling her everything. Younis too demands to know it. they are shocked to see him there.

Precap: Mariam comes back empty handed. Nasima asks for the groceries. Just then Imran brings a bag full of veggies for her. Just when she goes to take it Younis enters. He isn’t too happy to see Imran there. Did you (Nasima) call him? Nasima declines. he has come after Mariam. Mariam is taken aback at her statement.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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