Tum Saath Ho Jab 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Altaf greets Mariam through his window. He is holding the jar of lemon ginger pickle. I have made it as per your recipe. I will bring it for you in today’s practise. She tells him that they won’t be coming today as no one is at home today. He offers to drop Najma to the garage for practise. She likes the idea.

Naima and Saba are waiting for someone on the road. Saba wonders if they are waiting for Shabbir at which Naima curses him. He will not get married in this lifetime. Naima finally tells her that they are waiting for the man of her dreams, Imran. This is the way to his school. saba tries to remind her about her Abbu but Naima stays put. Allah has signalled me that Imran is made for me. saba tells her not to think of all this nonsense. This is why you are not getting married. Imran stops his bike to attend his Mamu’s call next to their rickshaw only while they are busy fighting. Saba and Naima argue over who told Naima’s real age to Shabbir. Saba shows her Imran leaving on bike. Naima tells the rickshaw driver to follow the bike but the driver tells him that it is pointless.

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Najma and Altaf wait for Imran. altaf can sense that Najma’s mood is off and she is extra quiet today. Imran reaches just then. he asks about Mariam and gets to know that she is at home. He begins the practise and finds Najma all quiet. Her behaviour confuses him. she serves the tennis ball badly for which Imran tells her to concentrate. She tells them that she is feeling bad for Naima. They both assure her that Allah would have found someone for her Naima. Najma gets happy. she starts playing well this time. She suddenly comes up with the idea that Imran is also single right now. Why don’t you marry Naima Khala? Imran is taken aback while Altaf starts laughing. Imran sternly tells Najma not to repeat this nonsense again. he starts coughing badly. Najma and Altaf rush to his side. altaf brings water for him while he coughs badly. He calms down after drinking water.

At home, Waqar and Fiza get bored without Najma as she doesn’t get time to play with them after all her practise and homework. Mariam sits down to play with them. rehmat Bi gives them milk. Srivastava ji calls on the landline. Rehmat Bi picks the call. Mariam tells her to tell Srivastava ji that she is not at home and that he must speak to Younis directly. Rehmat Bi obliges and ends the call. Mariam tells her to say the same thing in case Srivastava ji calls again. rehmat Bi nods. The kids wonder why Mariam lied but Mariam says she does not want to get involved in business matters.

Srivastava buys a cold coffee for Azhar (who works in Younis’s factory). He tries to get info on Mariam from Azhar. Azhar spills that Mariam is a widow and she has a daughter as well so she has to be dependent on Younis. Plus Younis does not like to involve the women on his house in business matters which is why even Mariam is keeping out of it. Srivastava gets thinking.

Altaf brings groceries for their home on loan. Imran tells him against it but Altaf diverts his attention towards jalebi. Altaf appreciates Najma’s idea about Imran’s re-marriage. Imran gets angry but Altaf starts talking about the alliance. You will become Younis’s brother-in-law. He laughs at the idea. Imran remarks that he is no different than Najma.

Najma relates the entire incident to her Ammi. Mariam is shocked at what Najma said. She tells Najma to mind her own business. He is your coach. You don’t have any right to say all this to him. don’t say anything like this again as it can cause disrespect to both Imran and Naima. Najma nods. She sends her to play with Waqar and Fiza as they miss her. Najma leaves. Mariam and Imran notice each other from their windows. They both greet each other. He talks to her about her not coming on practise today but finishes his sentence even before she can tell him the reason. She excuses herself.

Nasima’s Ammi is upset over Abbajaan’s reaction. I dint say anything wrong. Tauseef declined to marry Naima because of Mariam only. Nasima tells her to let bygones be bygones. Think about Naima. Nasima’s Ammi has her hopes pined on Younis. Do something. Give more jewellery to Shabbir’s Ammi if that satisfies her but make it happen. He replies that he has tried everything and every way but she isn’t ready. They have already started talking about his wedding with someone else. Shabbir has flatly refused to marry Naima. Naima and Saba return home just then. Nasima and Younis scold Naima for roaming outside freely when her Ammi is under so much stress. Naima refuses to marry Shabbir. I have decided who I want to marry. They all look at her in shock. Saba takes her inside before she says something wrong. Nasima gets worried that her sister might have lost her mind.

Mariam and Najma are outside. Srivastava greets her on the way. Mariam tries to tell him to talk to Younis Bhai if he has to but he stays put. I will talk to him later but I want to talk to you right now. They try to go but he follows them. it is about your benefit only. Najma gets curious but Mariam refuses to hear him. Younis stops his scooter at a distance as he observes Srivastava talking to Mariam. Srivastava appreciates Mariam’s talent and designs. I want you to join my company. I want you to make designs for me which I will sell in Dubai. I will pay you Rs. 50000 every month for the same. Younis is losing his cool but Nasima tells him to hear Mariam’s reply first. Mariam declines Srivastava’s offer. I am not interested in your or Younis bhai’s business. I am doing it all for Younis bhai and my family. Younis feels happy. Srivastava tries to instigate Mariam again. You are getting emotional. Younis is not going to give you anything. Think about your daughter. He increases the amount and waits for Mariam’s reply.

Precap: Ayaan tries to talk to Saba but she slaps him telling him to stay away from her. Najma, Altaf and Mariam are waiting for Imran at the garage. Imran parks his bike outside the garage and Naima too has been following him. she wonders why he stopped here of all the places.

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