Tum Saath Ho Jab 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

From his window, Imran notices Mariam kissing Najma and smiles broadly. Najma too gets happy that she has been forgiven. The mother daughter duo share a hug and then a big group hug follows. Imran observes it all from his window. He turns and suddenly can see and hear Mehak asking him to play with her. he imagines her circling around him while repeating the same. He has tears in his eyes. He holds out his hands happily but finds her gone. Her voice continues to echo in his head. he looks up sadly.

Bilkish is talking to Nasima about Najma. Younis bhaijaan should take some firm action now or your name will be ruined after all. She agrees to visit them in the evening. Amma tells Bilkish that she is doing wrong by instigating Nasima against Najma. Bilkish doesn’t want her to interfere in her household matters. Amma knows it well that Bilkish only supports the people who have money. Jamaal comes home. They both banter and Jamaal tells them to be quiet. He got tired because of the work (a 20 kg parcel that was to be delivered). He tells Bilkish to get hot water for him. Amma is all sympathetic while Bilkish points out that he will get tired if he works occasionally.

Mariam gives Najma her favourite lunch for school which makes Najma happy. najma hugs her Ammi. Are you still upset with me? mariam declines. look in my eyes and see for yourself. Najma smiles. Mariam wonders whose idea was that (to act as Charlie Chaplin). Najma took Waqar’s pant while Saba had made mustaches using her liner. Mariam remarks that she is naughty just like her Abbu. Najma takes it as a compliment. Mariam recalls that she has to sign on Najma’s diary. A paper falls out in the process. Mariam is taken aback to see the form. Najma herself declines to take part in the tennis competition. She tears the form in small pieces in front of Mariam. Mariam is touched. Najma says nothing is more important in my life than you. They share a hug. Najma agrees to abide by everything that she will say. I wont go against your wish. Please don’t get angry with me again.

Altaf takes a chair and sits beside Imran. Imran too wakes up from his sleep. Altaf demands an explanation. Why did you take Mehak’s name throughout the night? And why are you looking for her in the bottle of alcohol? She dint die because of it. Imran knows it well. But I want to be all engulfed in alcohol so that this life finishes over soon. tell me one reason why I should stay alive. Altaf points out at Mariam’w window. They too have lost the most precious thing of their life still they are living it. you saw yesterday how that little girl made her Ammi smile. She did so much to bring one smile on her AMmi’s face. Imran has no one whom he can make smile or be angry with. Maula mere maula plays. My Charlie Chaplin is gone. I have nothing left with me now. Altaf gives him a big hug.

Rehmat Bi is waiting for the kids. I made tiffin and I have to look for them now. Salman baig teases her about her still being here. Waqar and Fiza greet him. he gives them their pocket money. He calls out for Saba and Najma too. They come there and greet him. saba asks for Rs. 20 today. najma notices Sania’s news clipping sadly. She continues to look at it without blinking her eyes for a second even. She comes out of her thought as her Dadajaan calls out for her. She dismisses when he asks her about where she was looking. She takes her pocket money and leaves.

Mariam picks up the pieces of the torn form from the floor. Next she notices Sania’s photo and talks to tauseef. Your daughter is mad about sports just like you. Nowadays she is a fan of Sania. She keeps all that stuff in the cupboard.

Mariam hears Imran’s voice. He is trying to iron a shirt but the bed is quite far from the plug point. The plug keeps coming out of the socket every second later. Mariam watches in amusement as he tries to pull the bed closer. He finally plugs the iron and keeps a foot over it so that it doesn’t come out again. he stretches and reaches out for the iron. He irons his shirt while standing in that awkward situation, all the while muttering to himself that it is all because of Mamu. Mariam smiles watching him thus. Altaf comes back and laughs seeing him thus. Imran scolds him for disappearing at such a crucial time. Why dint you change the socket yet? Altaf shows him the socket that he had gone to buy. Imran has ironed it now. He moves his leg and his veins pull. Altaf tries to help him. in the process, the shirt falls and Altaf even touches the hot iron by mistake while Imran writhes in pain. Altaf tries everything he can to help his nephew but in vain. Mariam goes from there.

Younis meets Jamaal who is on duty. They taunt each other yet again after which Jamaal heads to do this work.

Najma hears excited murmur and finds all the kids anxiously handing out their forms to their coach and Imran. Afshaah is there too. Najma hears everything from a distance. Imran talks about how passion is very important to pursue anything in life. This passion will take you forward in your life and sports. Passion alone cannot do anything. You all will have to study well too. All the kids nod. Your training wont be easy. Badminton can be played anywhere but you need a proper tennis court, passion and strong arms for it. we will train hard for the same. Coach notices Najma. She joins them. Coach introduces her to Imran. She can be our best player. Coach asks for Najma’s form. He talks to Imran (in lower tones). It must be a financial problem. She was very much tensed for a racket at the time of badminton championship. He tells her not to worry about the racket. Imran has arranged for it from his school. You will get it for free. You can get you form tomorrow. She declines to play tennis as it doesn’t interest her. There is no problem from my home. Imran recalls Younis scolding Najma for watching tennis match. Coach looks at her in disbelief while Imran tells him to let it be. He tells Najma to go to her class in that case. She leaves from there sadly. Imran watches her keenly.

Precap: Saba storms in her house and breaks down. Everyone rushes to her in concern. They all wonder what has happened to her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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