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Teacher teaches noun in the class while Najma is looking out of the window. She observes her thus and asks her about noun. Najma is unable to answer. Teacher asks her what is she looking it. Najma answers – dream. The teacher also looks out curiously and observes some kids playing badminton. You too want to play badminton like your dad? Najma nods. But she doesn’t have a racket as she doesn’t have an Abbu. Teacher feels sad for her while Najma wipes her tears. She sits down on teacher’s insistence and repeats her words sadly.

Altaf goes to buy stuff for his home for cleaning purposes. He burps while the shopkeeper is showing him sum cups. Mariam comes to the same shop to buy a badminton racket. Altaf tries to bargain for the prices but in vain. He tells the shopkeeper

to pack the stuff and notices Mariam. He greets her and notices the badminton rackets. Do you play as well? She denies. She chooses one and the shopkeeper agrees to put it in Younis’s account but she declines. She has brought cash. Altaf is happy to know that they can get stuff on credit too. Mariam leaves to go. Altaf can sense that she is upset with him as she had to hear so much from Nasima at home. She tells him that it is ok and begins to go. He tells her not to make any wrong opinion about Imran. He was quite angry in the morning when he said all that. He was just tried. Otherwise he has a very good heart. You heard the wrong news about murder. She nods and goes from there.

Najma, Fiza and Waqar run a race to home and Waqar comes third. Fiza teases him about it. Nasima hears the commotion and is all concerned for mostly Waqar. The kids sit down to eat something. He lies that he won from lot many people today (in the badminton game). Fiza catches his lie. Even the sports sir was angry with you. He doesn’t even know how to serve. Nasima tells her to be quiet. She is worried for Waqar. He has been told to practise at home. No one here helps me for it. She complains to Younis regarding it who knows no one can do anything as his focus keeps changing from hockey to badminton to anything. Nasima tells him to help her son today. He has lots of work to do. Najma offers to help Waqar but Nasima warns her not to touch the racket at all. Nasima requests Younis sweetly. Waqar tries to avoid going upstairs to get the racket. Fiza understands well that he will start sweating because of the exercise. Nasima calls her rude and tells her to go get it.

Younis and Waqar go outside to practise while Najma notices them from far. She is very sad to see them thus. Fiza laughs at Waqar’s style of playing. He is not even moving an inch. Najma asks about her mom. Nasima replies that she would be roaming around somewhere as she cannot sit at home. She continues to praise Waqar even as he plays badly. She actually chides Younis for not playing well.

Mariam hides the badminton racket that she has brought for Najma. Nasima asks for her dupatta and Saba’s suit. Mariam gives the bag to her and starts going inside when Nasima stops her. She can see that Mariam is hiding something in her dupatta and gets curious. Her attention is diverted as Waqar calls out to her that he has made his Abbu lose. Mariam again tries to go but Nasima’s curiosity is still put. She is about to touch her hand to see when someone knocks at the door.

It is Azhar. He has come from the factory with the samples for YOunis so he leaves with him to check it.

Waqar is worried as he might be scolded in the school again. Najma offers to help yet again and this time Nasima relents. Najma is really pleased to hold the racket in her hand.

Altaf finishes cleaning their new house. He tells Imran that its all sorted now and I haven’t used anything that belongs to our neighbours. I have found some scrap stuff as well. Someone has said it right that a woman plays a major role in setting up a home. A woman is needed in this house as well now. I am tired of cooking. Either get me married or you marry yourself. Imran throws the liquor bottle angrily. Altaf sits down beside him to explain it to him. till when will you run away from life? Believe me move on in life as it is very beautiful. It is God’s grace. Imran would have accepted it nicely if I would have been blessed that ways. There is nothing in my life. Only a past and memories which only hurt me! Nothing is left now.

Younis likes the samples. He only wishes that they get the order now. He tells Azhar to leave them here. I will show it to the party. Azhar nods. He tells Nasima to bring tea and goes to change as he has to go out. Najma hides the badminton racket behind her as he walks past her.

Nasima keeps the tea cup over the samples. Waqar’s shuttlecock falls near it. she tells him to play carefully. Najma hits it hard while playing and it hits the tea cup. Tea spills over the samples. Najma and the kids get worried. They notice Younis coming back. He is speaking to someone on the phone regarding the samples. He is shocked to see what has happened with the samples. The kids are very much worried as he turns to look at them. Najma hides the racket behind her hastily.

Younis asks the kids who did this. He scolds Waqar for it but he tells him that Najma has done it. Mariam hears the noise and comes down. Nasima joins them too. Najma tells Waqar that he should have hit it back from there but he simply moved aside. Nasima tells her to be quiet. You ruined everything and are blaming my son now. younis is angry that the shot was so hard that it hit the tea cup kept inside. Najma explains that she did it only once. Bhaijaan moved aside instead of countering the shot. Ask Fiza. She begins to agree but Nasima stops her. younis wants to know why Najma touched the racket when he had told her not to. She was just helping Waqar in his practise. I had asked Badi Ammi. Nasima has agreed to it for Waqar’s sake. Younis is angry. He notices Mariam and goes to talk to her while Nasima sends her kids inside. Why are you just watching everything from a distance? Why don’t you handle your daughter now? Mariam apologizes to him on Najma’s behalf. He is upset that the order would slip away from his hands now because of Najma. Nasima wants to know who will pay that money now. That is the money that comes in this house and because of which you both survive. Najma apologizes to them for the loss. I dint do it intentionally. Younis warns her that he doesn’t want to see badminton racket in her hand after today. He tells Mariam to explain it to her. najma runs upstairs in tears with Mariam following her.

Imran refills his glass and is looking out of the window. He notices Mariam consoling Najma. On the other hand, Altaf is talking to his imaginary Sridevi in Malyalam. He is a very big fan of her and had gone to Mumbai to marry her after watching her film, Chandni. Imran recalls it too as Ammi wanted to beat him because of the same. Altaf boasts about himself that he learnt Malyalam in the one month that he stayed there. Imran asks him if he is married now. Altaf accepts that he lost as he learnt the wrong language. She is a Tamilian. Imran goes back to look at Mariam and Najma once again while Altaf continues to talk about Sridevi and his craze for her. maula mere maula plays. Mariam and Najma are happy and playing games amongst themselves. Imran watches them intently.

Precap: Saba tells her Ammi that Abbu has got racket for Najma too. Nasima comes to ask Mariam about it. She asks Najma about the racket and she produces a broken racket from her bag which shocks Mariam.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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