Tum Saath Ho Jab 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Parvez asks them if they had called him here to get insulted. Salman Baig talks to him politely. My younger DIL has just shared her decision. The way you have a right to decide about your life, she too has equal rights to decide for her life. Jamaal tells him not to be angry. Let us have food. Parvez is not interested. He leaves with him uncle. Salman Baig sits down sadly. Younis looks angrily at Mariam. What did you do? We got this after so much difficulty. I and Majid want to change your future for good and you rejected this relation? She cannot live without Najma. He is sure things could have worked out in time. She knows that relations cannot be based on lies. Nasima asks her if she got anything this way. Younis wants to know if they don’t have any relation with Najma. His Abbu replies that they all share a relation with Najma but Mariam is her mother. Younis tries to explain but he is in no mood to listen to anything else. Mariam has said no for it so things end here. He sends her to her room and goes to do Namaaz.

A sad Maula Mere Maula plays as Mariam looks at the bangles in her hands. She remembers how her husband had complimented her on their first night. They were so happy together. They were lovers before marriage. He had brought her to the mosque to thank Allah for uniting them. title track plays. Flashback ends and tears stream down Mariam’s face.

Everyone is sad at home except Jamaal who is enjoying the delicious delicacies. Younis is angry at him when he says that they should have told Mariam before. Jamaal yet again talks about food. Younis walks away from there in a huff.

Najma asks about her new Abbu. The kids are sad to know that Choti Ammi wont get married now. Jamaal’s wife blames Najma for it. He left because of you. This relation would have been sealed if this girl wasn’t here. She feels bad. Jamaal explains it to her that God makes relations. If some relations aren’t formed then you should understand that God doesn’t want them to.

Mariam picks up the net and remembers her husband. She hugs it tearfully. Najma comes to her room and is sad that her new Abbu left them because of her. I dint do any mischief. Mariam says she hasn’t done anything. Najma would have found an Abbu if she would have married Parvez ji. Mariam tells Najma that her Abbu is Tauseef only. No one can take his place. She shows her the net. Najma wants to practise using the same net. Mariam has tears in her eyes as she nods. Najma explains the same thing to her that Jamaal had told her. mariam hugs her daughter.

Jamaal comes back and is happy to see that his mom is still sleeping. She is awake. His mother complains to him that his wife gave her something because of which she is feeling drowsy. His wife tells him that his mother has been up since early morning so she would feel sleepy anyways. They both nag each other. Jamaal does not want to get in between two fighting women. Both the women continue to tease and taunt each other (sweetly).

Mariam wakes up Najma as it is morning.

Salman Baig heads to his home. His friend greets him on his way. Salman wanted him to be with him yesterday and is surprised to know that he wasn’t in town back then. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere if I had any idea about it. did it work out? Salman Baig tells him that the guy was ok but he dint want to accept Najma. His friend supports Mariam’s decision. Salman agrees. But I worry for her, I feel a different pain when I see her. his friend can understand his pain but he is hopeful that her happiness will return soon. a truck is heading somewhere and the new guy is in the back too. Salman Baig’s friend is hopeful that another Tauseef will come in Mariam’s life to hold her hand. They hear a honk and wonder who the new guy is. The guy drinks alcohol and his bottle falls on the floor while he is on his way.

Najma closes her ears as she hears the honking of the truck. Mariam and Najma look out of the balcony. Another guy helps the new guy in coming down from the truck. She wonders if that guy is ill or something. She goes to another corner to get a clear view of things with Mariam following her to stop her. The other guy takes the new guy to Shameem Manzil. Najma is curious about the guy as he is unable to walk on his own. Mariam takes her as she has to get ready. Inside the room, Mariam looks for the comb. She looks out of the window and notices that the new guy has come to stay in the house opposite to theirs. She tries to look at him carefully.

Precap: The other guy notices the badminton. He thinks that some other champion might have lived here before. The new guy reads the initials on the badminton – Tauseef. Najma tells Younis that she too is going to take part in the badminton championship like Waqar. Younis is against it. she tries to make him understand that many other girls are participating in sports but he is not interested.

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