Tum Saath Ho Jab 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Younis scolds Mariam and Nasima to go out. Shrivastav ji is angry. Mariam says whatever will be designed, will take place in the factory. Abba ji says Mariam only wants to give profit to Younis in business. Mariam and Nasima leave. Najma worried that it is 5 already, Imran must be waiting for them.
Imran thinks about Mariam in the garage. He walks and smiles. Altaf enters and asks Mariam isn’t here. He asks can he see her. Altaf says it will be fun, when she comes. He has brought a bouquet and asks him to give it to her, while he says thank you. He denies, but Altaf says he has brought it. Mariam has helped him a lot, he must take it. Altaf tells him to stand straight, Imran gets angry. Altaf says he won’t be able to do it, Imran is annoyed and asks what he wants him to do. Altaf asks him to do some practice. He tells him to situation. Imran says he thinks he can’t talk to someone with love, he can show it to him. Altaf says ready, and Mariam opens the door. Imran watches her come inside, she asks what is the bouquet for. She asks who is this for. He says flowers have fragrance, she mocks he did good by telling her. Imran says Najma plays tennis, he brought them to make the environment good with fragrance. Imran says his mamu says he can’t talk to someone with love, and he wanted to thank her so. It was Altaf, and asks Imran what has happened to him. Imran says she just came to his front. Altaf turns to see if she has really come here. Imran is angry at them for being late, Altaf asks him to wait for five more minutes.
Nasima is worried, the kids ask Nasima what is the largest mad house in India. Nasima gets angry, Younis comes there. Nasima was annoyed that Younis told her to stay quiet. Younis says she was talking a lot in front of her. Younis gets Shrivastav’s call, and tells Nasima that Shrivastav wants him to get Mariam to office. He had denied. Nasima asks him to care for Mariam, but Younis says Mariam told him clearly that she won’t interfere in business. Nasima’s attention diverts to profit, she and kids insists upon buying a new car.
Jamal comes home, and keeps knocking the door. Amma was asleep, he calls that today he got extra salary. He then peeks through the window, Amma was asleep. He tells Amma he has brought jalebi for her, and wonders if his amma has passed away. He starts to cry, the neighbours gather. He tells them his mother has passed away, though he was waiting for such time but he didn’t think she will leave this way. He says a poetry, Ama wakes up. The neighbours shout that she has turned to a ghost.
Imran comes home angrily, if he is mad. Najma is non serious. Altaf asks why is he angry, on Najma and not being able to meet Mariam. Imran warns him. Najma comes to window, Imran was angry. Altaf tells her they brought flower bouquet for them too. Najma asks why. Altaf says Imran wanted to thank them for proving him innocent. Najma goes to bring Mariam. Altaf calls Imran there, and tells him thanking has no time. Najma and Mariam come to window.
Altaf asks why she didn’t come. Mariam says Younis client came home and it was impossible to come. Imran says it is alright, how she could come. Imran heads to leave, Najma asks him to say thankyou to ami. Altaf also bucks him up. Najma says he is seldom ready to say thanks. Imran says thanks. They ask he will say it like this. Imran says to Mariam that she is really pious, and cares for others. It is about his lost respect, first she helped him monetarily and then this. The world always ruined his respect, for the first time someone gave him respect and it was her, thankyou. He shows the bouquet saying, this is for her. Mariam smiles.

PRECAP: Najma asks where the ring is. Mariam says she had to give money to someone. Imran hears this. Nasima asks Mariam the ring for design.

Update Credit to: Sona

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