Tum Saath Ho Jab 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Altaf asks Imran to bring food as he is hungry. Bring the khichdi. Imran says I wont let you even touch it if you call my green chicken khichdi. It will be an insult to green chicken. Altaf teases him about it. I will do anything for you if its worth eating. Imran shows him the dish and Altaf is tempted by the fragrance of the chicken. But it should be tasty. Imran challenges him for the same. Altaf tastes it and isn’t ready to believe that Imran has cooked it. I had eaten such yummy food at Mariam Bi’s place and now you have made a similar kind of tasty food. You are great! Imran reminds him of his words. Altaf obliges to be his slave. You reminded me of Ammi today. I dint know that there was such a talent in our house. Now I will send food from here to that house. They too should know that our Imran is no less than a chef. Imran recalls Mariam guiding him throughout as he cooked. He wants to tell the truth to his Mamu. Altaf talks about cookery competition. Imran decides not to tell him anything as he cannot digest anything.

Najma and Mariam discuss how they got saved today. Najma says you helped new neighbor but he dint even offer green chicken to us. He could have done that for courtesy sake. She runs to call out for Imran but Mariam stops her. His Mamu will get to know everything. Najma nods. Its good that now we too know his secret. If he will get arrogant again then I can use it against him. Mariam tells her not to do anything like that. Go get water. Najma goes while Mariam looks at her window with a smile. She recalls how Tauseef had helped her in kitchen once. They both had enjoyed cooking together. Rehmat Bi had covered her eyes as she saw them thus. Mariam smiles at the memory. Najma returns and is confused at her Ammi’s reaction. Are you laughing at new neighbor? Mariam denies. I thought about your Abbu. Najma too wants to know but Mariam tells her to sleep.

Imran is scolding someone (service centre) on phone as he is just giving him excuses but not getting his bike ready on time. Imran angrily ends the call. Mamu you should go and stand at his head. Altaf agrees. But you will have to cook meals once a day from today onwards. Imran tries to back out but Altaf praises him. Imran murmurs that he will have to ask again then. Altaf gets confused but Imran flatly refuses to do it. Imran notices the papers on the table. Zeenat has sent property papers for him to sign. altaf says Asad was calling too. Your mood was good so I thought to talk to you in a while. Imran signs the papers. Courier these today only. Altaf is confused. Imran wants to end this story asap. I don’t want to look back again. He leaves for school.

Najma greets Imran as they both come on their terrace. Najma asks him about the green chicken. Did your Mamujaan enjoy it or not? Imran tells her to speak in lower tones or else his Mamujaan will hear it. It was good. She praises her Ammi for it. He tries to say that it was him who made it but points out that no one becomes a chef by stirring things. You dint even offer it to us. Alteast give some credit to my Ammi too. He tries to excuse himself as he is getting late. She is irked with him for showing her attitude. Ammi and I helped you. He wonders why she is taking credit for it. I will says thanks to your Ammi if I want to. Mariam stops Najma from saying anything further. Imran thanks Mariam for helping him yester night. Chicken was really good. Najma is surprised at his change in words. He tells her not to speak in between elders. Mariam too tells the same to Najma as she continues to talk. You are getting late for school. They all greet each other Allah Hafiz and head off to their respective works.

Shabbir’s Ammi wants the engagement to happen in 10 days time while the marriage can happen in a few months time. Younis agrees to discuss it with his family members and ends the call. Saba says wow as she hears the news which irks Younis. Go to America. Can you not say Masha Allah or Subhanallah? Nasima tells him to leave this and focus on the main issue. He talks against her Ammi and Shabbir’s Ammi. They both are made from the same thing. Whats all this engagement stuff? You get married and your Nikah is done that’s it. Did we have our engagement? Saba says it was different in his time. It was long time back. This is common nowadays. Nasima supports Saba. She relates a few people where things had happened in a similar way. Saba says Naima Khala wants the same thing. Younis tells her to be quiet. Tv is influencing kids wrongly today. Your Ammi will freak out after hearing this. She wants him to agree to Shabbir’s Ammi’s demands as Naima’s relation got fixed after a lot of difficulty. He agrees but wants to talk to Shabbir’s Abbu first. Younis offers to drop Saba to college. She tries to say no but he asks her if he feels embarrassed to go with him or on his scooter.

In her room, mariam is busy making some samples. Rehmat Bi tells her to be careful about herself too. Don’t work so much. Mariam is doing this as Younis bhaijaan’s client can come to meet me any day. Nasima tells Rehmat Bi not to misguide Mariam. Why are you misguiding her? Rehmat Bi tries to reply but Nasima tells her to be quiet as she is already not in a good mood. She tells Mariam about Shabbir’s Ammi’s demand. Mariam too cannot understand why they have to waste so much money in all this. Nasima praises the samples. Take your time and don’t worry about household work Rehmat Khala will take care of everything. Rehmat Bi and Nasima bicker yet again. Threads get finished. Mariam agrees to bring it while on her way to mosque. Nasima tells her to take rickshaw today. Rehmat Bi remarks that Nasima can even get you helicopter too today. Mariam tells her to let it be but Rehmat Bi points out the sudden change in Nasima’s behavior over the order. Mariam is doing it for her family’s happiness.

Najma and Imran are practicing in the backyard. Imran can see Mehak in Najma again. He smiles as he thinks that it is his daughter playing in Najma’s place. Najma gets tired so they take a break. Fiza is looking for Najma. Imran imagines Mehak again and continues to look at Najma and even smiles which surprises Najma. I thought to give you something in return as you are training me so well. You don’t know how to cook so I will ask Ammi to teach you 2-3 dishes. He tells her not to waste time in all that. Concentrate on your game. There wont be any time waste. Break is over lets get back. They resume playing again. Fiza finds Najma’s hairclip on the ground and thinks what if something wrong has happened with her Appi. She continues to look for her Appi and finally finds Najma and Imran practicing badminton. Najma too notices her and gets worried as Fiza stares at her.

Precap: Mariam asks Imran if he is alright. He nods. She gets busy in taking the embroidery threads but by then Imran leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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