Tum Saath Ho Jab 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma tells her Badi Ammi that these exercises help in increasing fitness level. Nasima refuses to do it. Who is teaching you her all this Mariam? Najma says new neighbour but stops. Nasima gets thinking. Mariam lies that Najma saw it on the neighbour’s tv. She learnt it from there only. Mariam sends the kids to finish their homework and leaves from there too. Rehmat Bi is surprised as her pain disappears after trying Najma’s exercises. She tells Nasima to learn it too as it will help her in old age. Nasima tells her to do her work.

Altaf enjoys teasing Imran as he tries to begin cooking. Hope your ego doesn’t affect it wrongly. Imran tells him to give him one hour. eat it as much as you want to afterwards. Altaf begins to go but teases him yet again.

Najma comes to her room. She takes out her notebook and pencil box but is amazed to see Imran cutting onions. She rubs her eyes to make sure if she is seeing it right. New neighbour is cooking? He too notices her from his window and shifts a little. She is surprised. Mariam asks her what she is looking at. Najma says 8th wonder of the world – new neighbour is cooking! Mariam too is taken aback.

Imran mutters to himself that he wouldn’t have to do all this if Mamu would have cooked chicken properly. He thinks of something and moves towards the window again. he calls out for Najma. She answers / questions him well when he asks for her help. Mariam tells Najma not to trouble him. Imran tells Najma that he is cooking today. najma says I can already see that. But do you really know how to cook? He affirms irked with her questions. Mariam tells Najma not to trouble him. ask him what help he needs. Najma obliges. Imran tells her that he is making green chicken but has forgotten its recipe. She enjoys repeating it. he hasn’t made green chicken in years that is why he is asking her. she says she doesn’t know how to cook. Why are you asking me? Imran knows it already. Please ask your Ammi. I have challenged Mamu. Najma taunts him again that he shouldn’t have done that when he doesn’t know how to make it. he tells her to go. I will manage it. mariam stops Najma from saying anything more. I will tell him the recipe. Najma suggests her Ammi to let him taste his own medicine but goes quiet when Mariam reminds her that he is her teacher after all. She relents. Mariam tells Najma to tell him to marinate chicken first. Imran replies that he wasn’t asking her but her Ammi. Najma says my Ammi is standing here only. He goes quiet.

Jamaal tells Bilkish how Shabnam accepted her mistake finally. Bilkish says Choti bhabhi should not have anything to do with that drunkard anymore. Someone knocks at their door. It is Kaiser. He has brought a guy to whom he wants to sell this house to. They are taken aback and try to explain it to him but then talk about the ghosts in the house to scare the prospective buyer. Amma, Bilkish and Jamaal act as a team. The guy leaves from there as he gets scared. All three of them have a laugh over it.

Imran is following all the instructions. Najma tells him to switch on the gas but is unable to see anything. Mariam suggests her to make him pull the gas a little towards himself. Altaf hears the noise and comes to see what’s happening. Meanwhile Najma hides and Mariam and Najma smile over it. Altaf teases his nephew. Imran reminds him that he was supposed to come after an hour’s time. Altaf doesn’t want to sacrifice the chicken, he says but Imran points out that he has already done that himself. Imran sends him out again. Altaf notices Imran looking towards Mariam’s window. I guess you are recalling the food cooked by her. it is good for inspiration. Imran repeats the time challenge. Altaf leaves finally.

Imran calls out to Najma as soon as he is gone. Najma coveys her Ammi’s instructions well to him and even spills what her Ammi reaction upon knowing that he cannot find out what is dalchini. She finally has to come forward as Imran is unable to find it. mariam points out at it. najma taunts him about it. he retorts saying that even she dint know how to play tennis. You are learning it right. She tells him not to compare tennis to green chicken. He tells her to be quiet. Ask your Ammi what to do now. mariam makes her sit and starts guiding him further. Kids come there as they want Najma to play carom with them. waqar notices Imran cooking. The kids enjoy watching him thus. Najma takes them outside.

Bilkish is sure Kaiser will bring another prospective buyer here soon. till when will we scare everyone? Think what will happen to us. I have decided to talk to Kaiser Miyan. He can take his rent from next month onwards. Jamaal is against it. Amma too points out that they haven’t done that in past 2 years. Bilkish is not ready to trust them anymore. We will be on streets very soon otherwise. Amma and Jamaal imagine the worse and agree with bilksih.

Rehmat Bi runs inside the kitchen as soon as she realises that Younis is about to enter inside the house. She brings water for him and offers him tea but he denies. she tries to talk about his advance but Nasima sends her away. she asks Younis if he has said to the client. He nods. He is going to Dubai tomorrow and will be back in a few days and then he will come to meet Mariam. She will have to make a few samples before that. Nasima gets excited. He asks for Mariam. Nasima suggests him to go upstairs only. It will be good for her. he agrees reluctantly.

Imran is doing as told. Nasima tells Younis to talk to Mariam coolly. He reminds her that he isn’t a kid and then heads upstairs. He finds her standing there only even after his reaching upstairs. Do you want to tell me something else? You can give it to me in writing. She leaves from there.

Najma notices her Bade Abbu approaching their room. She excuses herself for a minute and runs to meet her Bade Abbu. Mariam hears it from inside. She gives a few last instructions to Imran and leaves from the window. Najma tries to engage her Bade Abbu in random conversations. He reprimands her for shouting (breaking the rules of this house). Mariam comes there and greets him. he sends Najma to resume playing.

Younis tells her to meet client. There is nothing wrong in meeting him. she agrees. They both hear Imran’s voice suddenly. Its been 7 minutes. younis gets confused. Why is that drunkard shouting? Imran asks Mariam indirectly if he should switch off the gas. Younis continues to talk to Mariam. I will call the client some day. If you can make a few more samples before he comes then you wont have to meet him again and again. she nods. He turns to go but stops. I am still against the women of this house becoming a part of the professional work. I agreed because of Abbajaan but this is just because of the need of the hour. don’t try to forget about this house’s respect and boundaries or even attempt to cross over it. she nods solemnly. Younis leaves from there while Mariam stands there tensed.

Precap: Najma and Imran are doing their practise. Coincidentally, Fiza comes to the same spot.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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