Tum Saath Ho Jab 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Najma tells her mom that Bade Abbu wants her to remarry. Mariam is shocked and then hugs her daughter. Salman Baig comes to talk to her. Your brother Majid has sent someone for you. The guy will reach here anytime soon. Time and life demand the same for you. Mariam tries to say something but he says it’s been only two years that Tausif left us. Maybe this is a hint of God that there is a life away from memories too. She replies that it is impossible for her to forget him. He reasons that things not just concern her but Najma too. I know that you love her a lot but a child needs both her parents. The guests are about to reach but the last decision will be yours only. She wipes her tears while he leaves after blessing them both. Nasima has brought clothes for Mariam.

Younis greets his guests as they reach there. Parvez has come with his uncle. Jamaal too introduces himself. Younis takes them inside as Jamaal was about to say a sher. Younis introduces the guests to his Abbu. He is irked with Jamaal’s presence as usual.

Mariam recalls her wedding as she had worn a similar coloured lehenga that day. Her SIL comes to tell to wear it. Najma and all the kids come running there. Najma is excited to dance in her mother’s wedding. Nasima tells Mariam to get ready. She has brought some stuff of makeup as well. If you will look good then Parvez ji will like you immediately. Najma wants to see her mother all decked up. Saba likes the cosmetics. Najma wants to go see her new Abbu but Nasima stops her. jamaal’s wife tells her to let it be but Nasima tells them to do it later. Mariam gets thinking. Nasima tells Saba to take Najma with her. she sends the kids to the AC room to have fun, just don’t go downstairs.

Salman Baig talks to Parvez about Mariam. She is my son’s widow. We brought her here as a DIL but she became our daughter after Tausif’s death. I don’t want her to go through any other trouble. Parvez promises that he will make sure that she is happy. They are not so happy to know that Mariam will stay in Moradabad with Parvez’s mother. Younis adds that Parvez keeps coming to Mumbai once a month for his work. Jamaal replies that he has understood it well. Salman Baig asks them directly about what they want. Parvez doesn’t want anything.

All the kids discuss how Najma and Choti Ammi will go to their new Abbu’s house. Saba is excited as she will get a new room then. Waqar is sure he will get the room. He is too sure about it and is about to go talk to his Ammi regarding it but Fiza stops them. Najma Appi will go then who will I play with? Najma assures her that they both can come to each other’s house. I am sure my new Abbu wont say no to it. Najma wants to see her new Abbu but Saba stops her. Najma requests her a lot and finally convinces them all so they give in.

Mariam sits down before the mirror and is in tears. Rehmat Bi has found a net while cleaning the house and wonders who likes to fish in this house. Mariam immediately recalls Tausif as the net was used in the badminton court. Maula Mere Maula plays. She hugs it. nasima comes to check on her if she is ready yet or not. she tells him to throw it aside as it has messed up all her clothes. Nasima tries to take it but Mariam wants to keep it with her as they are her late husband’s memories. Nasima calls it her past. Your future is waiting for you in the guestroom. She throws it away. mariam looks at it and imagines Tausif again. Title track plays. Nasima gives Jamaal’s wife the responsibility to get Mariam ready. Mariam asks her if this guy would be able to shower the same love on Najma the way Tausif used to. Her SIL assures that he has agreed for it after knowing everything. Even Najma was so happy about her new Abbu. She is too excited to meet him.

Najma and the kids watch Parvez from afar. Younis and Jamaal have a tiff as usual (over the food) and Salman Baig calms Younis.

Mariam is being brought downstairs by the ladies while Maula Mere Maula plays in the background. She imagines Tausif standing upstairs watching her.

Najma and the kids continue to watch the guests happily. najma gets accidentally pushed inside by the other kids and they all run from there. Younis is worried to see her there while Salman introduces Najma to Parvez. Seems like he had no clue about it. Salman and Jamaal call it cheating. Mariam hears it all. Younis is ok with it if they have to keep Mariam here. Jamaal tries to reason but Younis shouts on him to be quiet. Younis tells his Abbu that Parvez already has a son. He does not want him to feel avoided. Parvez tells them clearly that he doesn’t want any other child in his home except his son. Younis is still bent upon going ahead with the relation. Mariam declines for the relation right then. Younis questions her about it but she stays put. Nasima tells her to let the men talk first. Mariam declines. it is about me and my daughter so I only will decide. Jamaal supports her while irritates Younis all the more. He tells Mariam to go as he is talking but she has made up her mind. This relation cannot happen. Younis is really angry with her. I and your brother have found this match after a lot of trouble. He tells Nasima to explain it to her. she replies that relations are amanat especially a husband-wife’s relation. They take care of it like anything with all due care and faith. Tausif left us as per God’s wish. But he left his amanat in the form of Najma with me. It was his dream to give Najma a better life / future. I will do anything to fulfil it (even if it includes forsaking her happiness). One more thing, this Mariam is no more a woman but only a mother to Najma after Tausif’s death.

Precap: Jamaal tells Najma that God makes relations. If some relations aren’t formed then you should understand that God doesn’t want them to. Mariam tells Najma that her Abbu is Tausif only. No one can take his place. The new guy’s entry is shown. He moves in the same area where Baig’s live.

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