Tum Saath Ho Jab 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jamaal and Younis for a change laugh over a memory together. How Tauseef had scared someone with Shameem’s remote? Altaf too starts laughing but wants to know the incident. Salman Baig tells him how there was an old lady. She saw Tauseef changing tv’s channels. She thought that people disappear this way. Tauseef noticed this. Whenever he used to turn towards her with the remote she used to hide for cover. Younis adds that she was scared that she too will disappear. Everyone smiles at the incident. Jamaal is keeping his hand on Younis’s shoulder as he laughs. Younis points out the same to him and Jamaal immediately complies. Altaf finds Tauseef quite a lively man. Mariam heads inside. She thinks about him as she stands in the kitchen. A past incident is shown where Jamaal is saying some shayari to Tauseef and Mariam. It was a really funny one. Tauseef too had done some shayari to answer Jamaal back. They had some really fun moments back then. Flashback ends. Mariam wipes the tear out of the corner of her eye.

Imran too smiles finally. Naima is all flat to see him thus. Mariam joins them back. Altaf talks about Imran. He was quite famous for enjoying free food from all the feasts that used to happen in the locality. He was a master in stealing chicken. Najma smiles. Naima is hearing everything intently. Altaf adds that Imran used to deliver biryani to the house from where he used to steal chicken. Jamaal smiles. Najma remarks to her Ammi that their new neighbour is very much like her Abbu. Mariam is taken aback and gets teary eyed. Altaf wants to tell another incident but Imran sternly tells him to be quiet. They head off to wash their hands as the dinner is done. Everyone enjoys kheer. Jamaal goes to add some more kheer in Imran’s bowl but by mistake drops it on his clothes. Salman baig and Younis call out for someone to bring a towel. Naima wants to do it but Nasima asks Mariam to do it.

Mariam brings the towel and gives it to Imran. He thanks her once he is done. Mariam stands with najma once again. they get up to go. Altaf burps and apologizes for the same. Salman Baig talks to Imran about his decision of leaving this house. If you are doing it because of Najma then don’t do it. she is innocent. Najma gets sad. Imran looks at the mother daughter duo. He recalls Mariam’s words while Maula mere maula plays. He tells them that he is not going. Altaf is shocked while Najma gets happy. Imran looks at them once again.

In their home, Altaf confirms with Imran about his decision of staying back. Will you change your deicison in anger once again? how did this miracle happen? What prompted you to stay back? Imran replies that it isn’t necessary that there is a reason behind everything. Altaf isn’t any more interested in reason anyways. Our neighbours, especially that mother daughter duo, are so good. I loved the food. I am praying to Allah to give us another chance to go there but Imran firmly tells him not to even think about going there again. Altaf agrees. But you too wont talk about going back to Allahabad. Now who will do the unpacking? Imran agrees to help but they decide to do it tomorrow.

Saba is massaging her Abbu’s head. He tells her to do it like she did it the other day. She doesn’t want to do it but he is firm that she has to learn it. Waqar and Fiza fight over AC temperature. Younis takes it and switches off the AC. The room is cool now. She turns to go but he insists her to continue with the massage. Nasima is talking to her Ammi about Imran. She talks about the people who are coming tomorrow to see Naima. The call ends. Everyone is excited to go see the guy. Fiza asks if Najma will come along too but Nasima is against it. Younis too asks her to take it as she will be all alone otherwise. Nasima replies that they will take Rehmat Bi with them and Abbajaan is also going out. Mariam will be all by herself then. Younis agrees finally. Nasima gives almonds to her kids. Saba massages her Abbu’s shoulders on his insistence.

Imran comes out on his balcony. On the other hand, Maria, too is heading for her room when she notices him and stops. Imran too looks at her. she dons her veil and they shake their heads slightly to greet each other. Imran turns to go but hears Najma calling out for her Ammi. Najma too notices him as she comes out. She is happy to see him here. I wanted to thank you for agreeing to stay back or Ammi would have blamed me always. Mariam tries to stop her but in vain. Najma promises not to trouble her in future. He simply walks back inside. Najma wonders what she did wrong this time. Mariam tells her not to trouble him always. Sometimes people don’t want to talk to anyone. najma innocently says she was only thanking him. I dint disturb him. mariam wants her not to disturb him if she doesn’t want him to leave. They go inside as it is time to sleep.

Altaf is cleaning the house. Imran asks for his handkerchief. Altaf wonders if he is going to find another house again. Imran is going to his Principal’s house for some work. Altaf reminds him that they have to unpack and arrange all the packed stuff as per yester night’s promise. Imran remembers it well. Altaf is about to go in when he notices Mariam. He greets her. she covers her head and greets him back. He thanks her for the dinner. You cook really well. Imran goes inside as Altaf tries to make him talk. Altaf continues talking. My nephew has dropped the plan of leaving this area after eating the food cooked by you. It did what I could not do! Imran gestures him from inside about what he is saying. Altaf is not affected. I am only praising you. Altaf jokes about how he had two soda bottles before going for the dinner so that he can eat more. mariam smiles. Imran takes a handkerchief and leaves. Altaf is happy that he is not in an angry mood today.

Waqar is riding his bicycle. He hits his Abbu by mistake. Younis tells him to drive outside as someone can get hurt, just like me. Nasima is all concerned for him. there are so many cars outside. What if something happens to him? younis suggests her to ride it in their bedroom then. Nasima is all negative about what all can happen to her son outside. Younis remarks that the devil’s life is in the parrot.

Nasima tells Mariam that they all are going to her Ammi’s place. Rehmat Bi has already reached there. You take care here. Mariam nods. Najma too wants to see the prospective groom. Nasima declines a little rudely but composes herself. It will be so crowded there. Plus your Ammi will be all alone here then. Younis is ready too. Nasima wants him to talk nicely to the guy. Ammi trusts your opinion. He knows it already. She calls out for Fiza and Saba who come running downstairs. Najma compliments Saba. You look like a princess. Nasima is shocked to see lipstick on their lips. Your Abbu will be angry. She tells Mariam to get something to wipe it off. The kids reluctantly wipe it off. Waqar teases Saba who beats him in return. Nasima comes in between like his saviour. Najma asks Waqar if she can ride his bicycle. He is ok with it but Nasima is not. why are you trying to be equal with Waqar in everything? Which good girl rides a bicycle? She tells Waqar to keep it in the storeroom and also warns Najma not to touch it in their absence. Najma eyes the storeroom sadly.

Precap: Najma is riding bicycle in the locality. She is not able to control it well though. She collides with Imran and they both get hurt. They both bicker as usual. She is shocked to see that the cycle has broken.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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