Tum Saath Ho Jab 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Younis and Jamal sit on the table. Jamal asks the waiter to take the order.
ALtaf says he will get them involved in talking, while they must leave from the other door.
Younis leaves the restaurant, as soon as Imran appears to them saying he is a drunk man. Altaf tells Imran not to think about him, as they have to be accountable only to Allah.
Mariam and Najma come home. Najma asks will he get the place, Mariam forbids her to speak here about it. Najma says she was really afraid of baray abbu, as she drank water.
Younis comes home, he asks why they went there. Mariam says she had to bring something for her bhabi. Younis says she knew he wanted to invite Shrivastav ji. Najma says it was the last date today. He shouts which last date. Mariam says computer’s training’s form, Majid bhai asked. He she overlooked his client for a minor form. It was a client who could bring monetary benefit to home. Mariam says she didn’t want him to be in loss, he may invite his client tomorrow but today her work was important. Younis tells her to go, he doesn’t want to ask anything else. She apologizes, but he tells them to leave. He calls Majid, he tells him that Mariam and Najma are alright.
Nasima comes downstairs worried, and tells them Shabbir’s ammi called her ammi. She was much worried, and tells Mariam to go upstairs. She takes Younis inside, and tells that Naeema’s proposal is in danger. They have known Naeema is two years older than Shabbir and asks for the birth certificate. Younis says he will do something.

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Naeema and Shabbir sit in front of each other. Naeema says he must not have asked the age of girls. Saba tells Naeema that Shabbir is a good man, her prince charming, takes her on drive and thinks her as Katrina. She tells Shabbir that Naeema also considers him Shahrukh. They both apologize with each other, smiling.
At night, Imran walks in the room worried. Najma was also worried that ALtaf hasn’t returned. She asks Mariam will they get the permission, Mariam hopes they get. Imran appears, they come to the window. Mariam says he appears depressed. ALtaf comes and tells them that he denied, Imran says this is why he told him not to make promises. Altaf says it was because of him, but Imran insists on him to tell him. Najma also insists. Altaf says he denied saying Imran drinks in the school, he is angry at him. Mariam tells Imran that the world is like this.
Saba massages Nasima’s head, Younis tells her not to worry. Nasima says the proposal will break immediately, if they know they lied to them.
Younis says he has promised he won’t let her marriage break. Shabbir’s mother has asked for Naeema’s matric certificate.
Najma says to Mariam that they must let Imran and ALtaf find a place. Mariam says they can’t put all the burden on them.
Saba tells Nasima to sleep. Younis asks Saba to go to sleep, and tells Nasima they couldn’t speak about it on her front. He says he will get made a fake certificate for Naeema.
Mariam says there is an empty garage, he was her abbu’s friend. Najma asks is it Ibrahim uncle.
Younis says Ibrahim- Tauseef’s friend has a son, who can get it made. He will talk to him.
Mariam says she will talk to Ibrahim himself.
Mariam asks Ibrahim that she is playing tennis, they wants to play tennis so they want his garage for practice. He says she is a girl, why is she letting her in it. Mariam says it is her dream. She recalls Tauseef was crazy about it. Ibrahim says Touseef was a boy. Mariam says Allah hasn’t kept any distinction in it. They see Younis approaching, telling someone he wants to meet Ibrahim.

PRECAP: Imran asks how will they play here, he leaves saying this place is useless.

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