Tum Saath Ho Jab 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Imran accepts to the principal, that he is used to drunk. But he respects his profession, and never drink in school. The comitee says that he is trying to use the sourses, to convince trustees. Imran asks them for some time, he will get them the proofs. The board agrees to give him fifteen days, but if he is unable to prove himself innocent in these fifteen days, they will suspend him.
Najma and Mariam goes in the auto, Younis was with a client and watches them in the auto, passing. Younis wonders why they are going there. Najma tells Mariam that she must not get nervous while watching her in tennis. Mariam tells her that she is a wife of a sports teacher. Najma says that now she is a mother as well. She says she must have asked Imran what happened, had she got a phone. She is happy, that no one will be able to stop her now, as Younis isn’t there too. Younis followed her everywhere.
Altaf comes to school. Imran asks why he made the call, the chairman discussed it with all the committee. The peon took his name as well. Altaf says that he must have took his name, in the FIR.
Najma and Mariam were paying the auto, when Najma watches him coming. Mariam turns aroung and is worried watching him. Jamal comes and gets hit by the bike. Mariam hides behind the nearby car. Jamal indulges him in talk, and asks him to drop somewhere. Mariam leaves taking Najma. Younis wonders where have the ladies gone. Jamal sits on the bike, and they go forward.
Nasima talks to her ammi, about Naeema’s wedding fund. Fizza and Waqar come fighting. Fizza complaints that he is snatching her sweets. Nasima asks who bought her this. FIzza says Mariam did, and spits out that Mariam has took Najma for some secret work. Waqar says to Nasima that she is teasing her, for snatching her sweet.
The tennis club manager is ready to take up Najma as special case. He tells her that the monthly fee is 7000/month. They request him, but the manager says they must go to a charitable trust to help her. Mariam says she wants to make her daughter a player, not a beggar. They meet Imran and Altaf outside. Imran asks about the meeting, for manager. Najma asks why he made april fool of her.
Saba comes to college worried. Naeema was annoyed with Shabbir, she goes to call him. She asks Shabbir what is it about age. She invites him to the college. The suspected man takes Saba’s photo, and comes to her but Naeema takes her away.
Imran and Altaf sit with Najma and Mariam. Mariam cries that she is unable to do anything for her daugher’s dreams, there are so many hurdles; the family, the society and now money. Najma asks her not to cry, she doesn’t want to see the dreams her ami can’t fulfilled. Imran is irritated, he says if she cries on all little problems she doesn’t deserve to see big dreams. He asks Mariam, that she will have to face the problems first. Mariam cries that she will fight the society and family, where will she get the money. ALtaf asks where she will get the money. Imran says she will definitely play, he will watch everything. Mariam asks the he will give the coaching, but where she will play. Imran says they will get somewhere in the neighbourhood. Najma fears that Younis will know it, in one day. Mariam says they have no hope. Imran says that the God is found, at the time of night which is darkest.
Younis asks Jamal, where Najma and Mariam have gone. He stops at a restaurant, and suggests to drink tea.
ALtaf says there is a place, he will talk to Sunil Chodhry who has a large back yard. Imran says he is second Younis, Najma warns him to say a word against him. ALtaf promises he will make him up. ALtaf watches Younis, they all hide.

PERCAP: Najma asks Mariam, will they allow. Altaf comes and tells Imran he denied listening about him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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