Tum Saath Ho Jab 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mariam and the kids greet Rehmat Bi. FIza and Waqar cutely bicker over demanding things when they go out. Mariam points out that they can bicker but they also love each other a lot. Rehmat Bi says how you will handle them if they start fighting suddenly. Shall I come along? The kids say no in unison. The kids bid her goodbye and are about to leave when Younis tells them to wait. He too offers to accompany kids to the zoo. They all go quiet suddenly. Rehmat Bi likes the idea. The kids try to dissuade him but Nasima and Younis stay put. Fiza suddenly starts screaming in pain and holds her stomach. I wont go to zoo. Nasima gets concerned for her. Fiza tells her siblings to go with Choti Ammi. Ammi and Abbu will stay with me. she winks in their direction. They get the clue. Younis and Nasima give them permission to go. nasima gets her Ammi’s call. Younis makes faces. Nasima tells YOunis that her Ammi is going to talk to them about Naima’s alliance. Fiza gets up happily. I am feeling better now. I can go to zoo now. Younis is surprised. Nasima suggests taking her Ammi with them too but the kids deny. Najma says Nani jaan wont like it there. Younis instead tells Nasima to take her Ammi with her. I will stay at home. Nasima asks him to come along too. Mariam reasons that they wont be able to discuss such an important matter at the zoo. You can stay at home and discuss it while I will handle the kids. She finals gets their permission and they all leave. Poor Younis has no option but to sit and wait for his MIL.

Shabnam comes to meet Altaf and Younis just when they are about to leave from their home. She has brought Methi laddoo for Imran. Imran says I don’t eat it but Shabnam is in no mood to relent. Altaf takes it from her saying he will make sure Imran eats them. Shabnam asks them if they are going to garage. Altaf and Imran look at her in shock. How do you know about garage? Shabnam replies that nothing is a secret from her. you (Imran) should stay away from Naima. She will stick by your side on the pretext of learning tennis. I only had saved you the other day. Altaf is confused. She explains that she only had sent Younis at the garage. Imran starts scolding her. why don’t you understand a simple thing? I have told you so many times to stay away from me but you don’t understand. I don’t need your help. Altaf tells Imran to hurry up as they must be waiting. Shabnam gets curious. Imran angrily replies that it is none of her business. Altaf gives her the bowl back and leaves with Imran. Shabnam is all the more interested in finding out the details now. There is some connection between him and Mariam and Najma which he is hiding from me but I will find it out.

Jamaal comes home and greets his Amma. She replies angrily as she is angry. Your wife hasn’t cooked anything yet. He gets an irritated reply from Bilkish too. Amma says she is like this after talking to Nasima. He probes Bilkish who finally tells him that Mariam has gone to zoo with the kids. She dint even ask me. I could have accompanied her. Jamaal sweetly says that she can see all the animals in him only. She asks him if he has ever taken her outside though they have been married for years. He reminds her of every little walk together. She is upset that he has never taken her to zoo. Amma replies that she goes to her house every day. Is it less than a zoo? She calls Nasima a wolf. Bilkish stops her from saying anything against Younis. Jamaal realises that something got burnt. Bilkish hurriedly checks the vegetable that she has been cooking. He still talks lovingly to her and she cools down.

Younis is talking to someone on phone regarding Naima. Saba is reading newspaper. Younis ends the call and is irked with his MIL and Naima. They will make me mad one day. Should I focus on my factory or on your family? Nasima says Ammi has all her hopes pined on you only. Please do something so that Naima’s alliance gets fixed. Younis tells her to explain it to Naima. Shabbir’s relation was called off because of her only. She was caught playing tennis with that drunkard yesterday. Your sister is single today only because of her antics. Saba too supports her Abbu. I too tried to make Khala understand but in vain. She has gone mad over Imran. Younis points out that no one will marry Naima if she will continue to behave like this. people gossip anyways. Nasima gets tearful. I will explain to Naima this time. There wont be any mistake. Please get this alliance fixed somehow. I cannot see Ammi like this. You saw how she was crying today. He tells her to calm down. I will think of something.

Saba notices her photo in the newspaper and is shocked. Younis notices her expressions. Why are you staring at the newspaper? Is there some special news? She denies. he sends her to bring tea and biscuits for him. she picks up the newspaper but he tells her to leave it there only. She obliges. He wonders why the kids back from zoo aren’t yet.

Fiza and Waqar return home just then. Their parents notice their sad face. They tell them how they had to walk a lot today which is why they are tired. Younis taunts them for the same. Nasima goes to get something for them to eat. Younis asks about Mariam and Najma. Waqar says they have gone upstairs directly as they were tired. Younis gets busy on a call. Saba comes back with tea but is shocked to see Waqar reading the newspaper. She instead keeps the tray next to the newspaper. She drops tea on the paper intentionally. Younis gets irked seeing the paper all spoiled. She apologizes to him and then takes the paper with her.

Najma looks at her Abbu’s racket sadly. Please forgive me Abbu. I lost today. how will I play for my country when I lost my first match only? I am sorry Abbu I wont be able to fulfil your dream. Mariam notices her thus. You are crying so much over one defeat. Your Abbu used to lose so many times but he never cried. Win and loss is a part of game but Inshah Allah you will surely lose your next match. Najma denies. I couldn’t even win one set of game against that girl. how will I win a match? There is no point taking part in a championship. She leaves from there sadly while Mariam looks at Tauseef’s racket.

Altaf is pacing in his room. Our hard work failed. How did Najma lose? She was playing so well yesterday. Imran points out that it happens in a game. Even Sachin Tendulkar gets out at 0 at times. Sania Mirza has lost matches too. It is a game. There will be win and loss. She may win tomorrow. Altaf says it was her first match. Look at how upset she is. Imran finds it right. She has seen defeat for the first time but if you will continue to talk to her like this then her confidence will go down. Altaf understands his point. What should we do now? Imran says Najma will play from another club now. It doesn’t matter with which club but I will find something for her.

At night, Waqar and Fiza feel sad for Najma. Everything went for a toss. Najma had practised so well. She was even playing better than Imran. I wonder how she lost. Saba notices their sad faces. What has happened to both of you? You are all sad since you have returned from zoo. Fiza and Waqar lie again that they are just tired. Saba isn’t ready to believe them though. Waqar takes promise from her that she wont tell anyone. Saba agrees. Waqar was about to tell her the truth when their Abbu Ammi come inside. Younis shares how proud he is feeling today. Usman bhai stopped me in the middle of the street to congratulate me over Saba winning the debate championship. A few more people joined in. Nasima too is proud of it. I had sent sweets there intentionally. Waqar and Fiza too want to tell everyone about their Appi’s win. Younis realises that Saba hasn’t shown her certificate to him. Give it to me, I will frame it and put it in the drawing room. Saba lies that it is with Salma. Younis scolds her for being irresponsible. He tells her to bring it tomorrow. Saba nods but is in a lot of dilemma. Where will I get a certificate from?

Precap: Srivastava brings a gift for Mariam. She is shocked seeing the beautiful and expensive necklace.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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