Tum Saath Ho Jab 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mariam and Tauseef’s chits (memories) fly over to Imran’s house by mistake as the kids were playing with the box. The kids look at Imran’s house. Najma is sad. Those moments were my Ammi’s. What if she gets to know this? Saba and Waqar fight over the speed of the fan. Fiza suggests asking Imran but Saba remembers what happened at the last time. They are in a fix. We wont get them by asking him for it. we will have to think of something else.

Imran and Altaf are looking at Imran’s daughter’s photo. Imran recalls how she used to run over to greet him when he used to return home. Altaf remembers it all too well. She used to run around while holding your tennis racket in her hand. Imran smiles. She had hit you with it once. Altaf adds that she started crying when she had seen me in pain. Imran misses his daughter. Altaf finds his mood good and tells him about how someone is coming to meet him (Imran) on the next jumma (for marriage). Imran loses his cool as Altaf pesters him for marriage. I have told you so many times that I don’t want to get married and you have invited people home without even asking me? Kids hear him shouting and are worried. Imran walks away from his Mamu in a huff. Altaf calmly explains him that he is doing it for him only. Life moves on and you cannot be stuck with memories all your life. Get married and start your life again. Allah might not fill life in this picture but he will surely fill your life with happiness. Everything will be fine. Mehak (Imran’s daughter’s name) will be back in your life again. Imran repeats his words again. I have grown up and can take care of myself. You don’t have any right to interfere in my personal life. Mind your business. Altaf is hurt by his words. You are grown up enough to take care of yourself then I should go from here. The kids hide as Altaf they notice Altaf going downstairs. They wonder what has happened to him. saba is sure someone has said something to him. They hide again as Imran comes out to look for his Mamu. He too goes downstairs. Saba points out that this is the right time. The door is open. We can rush over and gets those chits. No one will get to know about it. waqar is scared to go so Najma decides to go herself. I have to bring Ammi’s memories back in any case. Kids decide to signal Najma in case they notice Imran coming back. Najma leaves.

Imran stops his Mamu. Waqar is scared what if Abbu gets to know about it. najma reaches Imran’s house and looks around for chits. Waqar continues thinking about the worst consequences of the situation. Saba tells him to be quiet.

Altaf continues to walk while wiping his tears with Imran following him. Younis is coming back with Mariam and is irked to see Imran. Don’t know how he got that house!

Imran apologizes to his Mamu for making a mistake. I lost my cool. Altaf declines to stay with him. Imran wonders if he too will leave him like everyone else. Altaf stops in his tracks. Imran walks up to him and requests him to come home. Altaf relents.

Najma finds a few chits and continues to look for more. Kids notice their Abbu reaching home and get scared. Najma is still inside looking for chits. She hears the signal (Saba whistles) and realises someone is coming. Younis too hears the noise and looks up curiously. The kids hide in time. Waqar is worried about his Abbu’s reaction while Saba hopes that Najma comes back before that. Fiza notices Imran coming back towards his house with his Mamu. Najma is still busy in her task and hears the signal once again. She hides near the fridge a second before Altaf and Imran come home.

Altaf is still feeling bad. He tells Imran to go in and wants to stay outside only. Imran brings a chair for him. You can scold / beat me. I am sorry please sit. Altaf does not want to say anything to him. Imran sits down in front of him. He asks him about Mehak’s photo. Did you like it? altaf swears not to say anything about his personal life anymore. Imran compares him to his Ammi. You scold me just like my Ammi and love me equally too. Altaf replies that I was just showing you a picture, was not forcing you to get married. Imran justifies his Mamu’s stance. I was at fault. He decides to make tea to cheer him up. Najma is in a fix and hides under an open cupboard in the kitchen.

Mariam comes to her room and calls out for Najma. She notices the worried faces of the kids and ask them about it.

Imran cannot find sugar. He asks his Mamu. Najma hears it and thinks of taking it down from him. You first hurt your Mamu and are now trying to please him. najma climbs over and is trying to reach out for the sugar jar. Imran thinks of getting biscuits and again asks him about where they are kept. Najma mistakenly drops red chilli powder’s container in the tea. Imran is heading back to the kitchen. Najma picks the jar and it empties in the tea only. She goes back and hides again. Imran looks up but is surprised to find the sugar jar kept next to the stove only. Unawares he adds the necessary amount of sugar in the tea. Najma is worried as she always messes things when she is actually trying to set everything right.

Waqar requests Mariam to save them from their Abbu. Mariam is getting restless. Waqar finally tells her that Najma is at Imran’s house. Mariam is shocked.

Imran pours tea in a tea cup and takes it for his Mamu along with the biscuits. Altaf is touched by the gesture. Imran remarks that he has made tea for the first time. You will remember it for life. Najma agrees with him in her mind. Someone is surely going to enjoy it and remember it for forever. Altaf takes the first sip and puts it down. Imran requests him to drink it. I have made tea for the first time. You should drink it or I will get angry with you. Altaf is stuck. Najma thinks of stopping him but she notices another chit in a corner and stops. Altaf makes faces as he drinks it. najma is relieved to have found all the chits finally and kisses them. Imran cannot understand why his Mamu is still sad. I dint want to hurt you. I was simply worried because of that girl. altaf takes the tea cup near his mouth when finally Najma tells him to stop. There is red chilli in the tea. Altaf runs towards the washroom while Imran is shocked to see her in his house. He demands for an explanation. I will go and complain to your family members about you. She tries to stop him but her hand hits Mehak’s photo by mistake and it falls on the floor. The glass breaks. Imran looks at it in shock. She tries to pick it but he warns her not to touch it. get lost. She apologizes but his anger is at its peak. Altaf tells her to go. she cannot understand her mistake and Imran tells her to be quiet. Everything is a game for you. Dint your Ammi teach you some manners? She retorts back asking him not to say anything about her Ammi. He raises his hand to slap her but stops as he hears Mariam’s voice. Everyone turns to look in her direction.

She steps in between him and Najma. Is this a way to talk to a kid? You raised your hand on my daughter? He replies that I had warned you today only that you should explain it to your daughter to stay in her limits. Look what she has done! Mariam agrees that her daughter is at fault but it doesn’t give you a right to talk to her like this. You are a teacher. How can you react like this? Till now I couldn’t believe it but now I am getting to believe it that you only killed your daughter. Imran looks at her in shock. She leaves with Najma. Imran’s poem echoes in the background. He recalls his happy moments with his daughter. Maula mere maula plays as he remembers how she had drowned in the water. He, his wife and his daughter had gone on a picnic. He went to take ice creams for them and his wife too excused herself for two minutes. Meanwhile Mehak had gone in the lake to get a ball and had drowned in the process. Imran had ran to save her but it was a little late by then. Flashback ends.

Precap: Mariam and Najma are walking and Altaf tells them that Imran is not a killer. He is a dead man from his heart, walking dead man. Can someone live if his wife, whom he loved more than his life, ran away with his friend? Mariam stops in her tracks. On the other hand, Imran is really disturbed and breaks a bottle angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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