Tum Saath Ho Jab 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma counts till ten while Waqar and Fiza hide. Mariam is happy to see them playing. Najma starts looking around for her siblings when she hears Altaf and Imran’s voices. She greets Imran. altaf replies in return. You are a very good girl but please stay away from us for your own good or your mother will yet again blame us for something or the other. Mariam hears it from her window. Imran begins to go. najma says I had only come to apologize to you on Ammi’s behalf. Please don’t take her wrong. She is only worried because of me. I promise to stay away from you but please don’t keep any bad feelings in your heart. Salman Baig calls out for her and the other kids. She goes and hugs him happily. he notices Imran and Altaf and they greet each other. Najma tells him not to talk to them as per their promise. She talks about Mariam. Fiza and Waqar join them too. Salman Baig tells Imran and Altaf not to be upset over what the kids say. Altaf doesn’t mind it. najma and Imran look like some childhood enemies. They fight over every little thing. imran looks at his Mamu pointedly. Salman baig takes them all downstairs. Imran notices Mariam standing by the window witnessing everything. He talks a little loudly to his Mamu. Tell them not to worry I too will stay away from them. I only want to say one thing. you need to understand kids too along with giving them love or they often grow apart from their parents. Mariam is taken aback. She is in thoughts as they both leave finally.

Jamaal is busy doing shayari on the tea stall again. a guy sitting there eyes the packet (to be delivered by Jamaal). The guy runs away with the parcel. Jamaal too runs after the thief. He collides with Younis who was coming on his scooter. Younis agrees to track the guy for him but gets angry when he gets to know that Jamaal was busy in shayari again. bilkish has told me that she will shift to your place in case I lose my job again. younis doesn’t mind it. she is my sister, I will take care of her. Jamaal cannot stay without Bilkish. I too will come over to your place. Younis agrees to help him again. younis finally catches hold of the guy. He wants to call police. Jamaal takes the parcel while the guy runs away. younis scolds him again. Jamaal faints on the road itself. Please deliver this parcel also when you have done so much. Younis looks at him frustrated.

The kids are taking care of their Dadajaan. They also wonder why Abbu gets upset so soon. what was Choti Ammi’s fault in this? dadajaan tells them to let it be. Fiza is upset with Dadajaan as he dint scold Abbu today. Mariam and Najma say Bade Abbu is elder after all but Saba and Fiza insist as Younis is still younger to Dadajaan. Abbu got that blazer made secretly. He hid it from you. Dadajaan promises to scold Younis. Najma disagrees with him. bade Abbu loves Abbu this is why he got that blazer for Abbu. You only say that it isn’t a crime to hide things which hurt others. Bade Abbu wouldn’t have wanted to hurt you. Salman Baig nods. Younis knew he was right doing whatever he was doing. His intentions weren’t wrong. Mariam sends the kids to do her homework. Salman Baig too wants to go read his Quran. He picks up Tauseef’s blazer again. while caressing it he can literally feel Tauseef. I wish I could see him wearing this once. Mariam wants to ask him something. Tauseef used to play badminton against your wish. Dint you get angry? He smiles. I was angry but then I realised that I was wrong. It was a different world back then. I was hoping to make my kids doctors, engineers while thinking about their better future. Sports were just a time pass but later I realised that we should do what we really like. He gives an example from some ancient story. She wonders if he thinks that kids should go against their parents if they feel they are right. He only knows thatkids often become liars while obliging their elders but at times such lies protect hearts from breaking. Younis supported Tauseef which was good. He had understood that Tauseef was right. Looks like Mariam has made her mind. Can I keep this blazer with me? I wont let it go away from me this time. He gives it to her. maula mere maula plays as she holds it.

It is night. Najma is really happy to see her Abbu’s blazer in her cupboard. Mariam suggests her to sleep as it is quite late. Najma obliges. Mariam finds Najma tying her hands and feet. Najma doesn’t want to hurt her Ammi. I cannot control my dreams but atleast I can do this much. She tells her against it and is in tears. I know you cannot hurt your Ammi ever. Sleep now. If Abbu comes in your dreams again then play with him all you want to. Don’t think that your Ammi might get hurt. If possible please call me in your dream. I too want to see how you both play. Najma hugs her Ammi happily and then lies down to sleep. Mariam looks at the rope in her hands.

Altaf is irritated with Imran’s habit of thinking too much. You should think of becoming a writer instead. Change your profession you will be successful. It is time to sleep now. You have to go to school in the morning. Imran has decided not to go to Najma’s school to give tennis coaching. Najma wants to play tennis because of me because of which her Ammi is really worried. Maula mere maula plays. I should leave that school. Altaf wonders if Najma’s passion will end this way. Imran has no idea about it.

Mariam paces outside as she thinks of Najma’s dreams / words. Imran’s words echo in her head too about how passionate and capable Najma is regarding tennis. She is in a fix thinking about YOunis too. She comes back to her room to look at a sleeping Najma. Imran’s words continue to haunt her.

Next morning, all the kids look at Imran sadly. He assures them that they can come to his school to practise any time that they want to. Afshaah wants to know his reason of leaving. I promise I wont trouble Najma ever again. coach too asks him to stay back. Imran says I am not going because of you. My good wishes are with you. He follows their gaze only to find Mariam standing there. He sends the kids to the canteen for a treat. They all leave. Imran begins to go too but Mariam stops him. Imran thinks Mariam has come to fight with him again. it is in your family. I and Najma haven’t met so far. I am leaving this school only. I wont be seen around anymore. I wont instigate your daughter anymore as I am leaving. She is taken aback to know this. why? He has no reason to give her an answer. She says you cannot go. I dint come here to fight with you. I have come to take form for tennis coaching for Najma. He looks at her in surprise. She wants Najma to play tennis. I had come here to take form for the same. I apologize for what all I had said that day. He says it isn’t needed. She was scared to see Najma’s passion. Things are heated up in the house over the same topic every other day. He understands it too well. She has finally understood that Najma is born to play tennis only. Allah has sent her to fulfil this dream only. He talks about her society whereas she talks about Allah. There is no one except Allah. They both smile at each other finally.

Precap: Mariam tells Najma that she has filled her tennis form. Najma is on cloud nine. They share a hug.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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